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Writing has become diluted in the modern era of information overload on the internet; so many things to entertain us with. So many options. So many stories revolving that audiences may struggle to commit to one and see it through. Choose to thrive because of this, not in spite of this.


Writing may seem to be a dying art form. There are many other things that now can omit our love of reading- video games and netflix have replaced the dusty old book sobbing in the corner, lonely and isolated and seen by many as nothing but a relic from the past, not a timeless teacher of our future. Choose to thrive because of this not in spite of this. Technology may have shortened our audiences attention span; this is an audience prone to amusing themselves with 6 second internet videos, and such an information overload could be seen to lower their reception of writing. However there is a way, and it is merely a matter of finding your rhythm.

The Slalom

Despite the plethora of distractions clouding our senses, we must not forget that people will always be in need of a story. The world, like never before, can seem a lonely and unfamiliar place- the internet having the effect of disconnecting our touch with the real world and connecting us to an alienating hybrid of the 'lives' of others, if we so choose to believe what we see. The public may want to believe that they take pleasure in vicarious enjoyment of others lives (facebook, reality TV etc.), but a story out of thin air, grasped from the infinity of imagination, is what the audience truly wants. It is to increase one's sense of self entitlement, of misplaced self-esteem- a parade of façade bloating the cyber avenues we so often peruse that has clouded our judgement of what truly means something to us.


We all have drama, tragedy, inimitable life experiences that shape us. Shaping these into unique people, places, situations is remarkably rewarding. Reality is what we make of it. Why live in the real world we are all so quick to slam when we can make our own. When we lay on our death beds, nothing will comfort us more than the memories of our journeys, the things that 40 years on still make us feel something happy just thinking about them. That is what a writer can be for people. The key to a new experience. The sculptor of perception. The creator of dreams.


If nothing else, writing is self revealing. Ambitions, fears and perceptions squirming beneath our consciousness are released when we create a new story. The world needs new stories, new adventures, new landscapes. Every place is the same, so the only way to experience something new is in the real of fantasy. In the written world where nothing is off limits.


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Hailing from the UK but studying in America, I am a soccer player with a passion for travel, adventure, and the diversity and delicate balance that makes people so unique and richly interesting.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Jun 2015 (#)

Everything has to have a place under our sun. We need arts and science to coexist - enjoy a nice read at our leisure, something to chew on, reminisce - siva

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author avatar brendamarie
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

I do not think writing is dying. Many more people are getting into it these days.

It is the depth of the stories that maybe fading

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