The Hidden Night Part-1

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I was going through unfinished stories which I had written, thought I could get peoples views on this piece, Hope that you like it, and please leave a comment if you think anything is good or bad. Criticism is very much welcome.

The Hidden Night Part 1

Every evening starts with that scarlet red cloak covering the horizon; giving that orange giant a bright place to shine, glazing its scorching rays, scarring the clouds, pushing them apart and showering the earth with its life-giving rays, but as soon as this ends does this sin city come to life.

The sunset marks the invasion of the night, the bright lights, the usual high crime rates and the discotheques. This starts bit by bit; the darkening of the sky takes some time and preparation.

The bright neon lights come on with a multitude of colors filling the streets, in this chaotic display lays the hidden red after taste of the Red Light District. The erotic section in the bookshelf of the high street vendors, it is the plague of lust and greed, the world of money. The strip clubs shine in a flurry of reds, carving the existence of prostitution.

The Black market of human trafficking and the Trade of Sex, Red Light district is ‘the Jack of Sex trades’. It is the highlight of ‘urban passion’ and a dark stain on every corrupt politician. Many of the gangs and cartels controlling the flow of hormones and lust throughout the city are gathered here. It flourishes with black money under every table and women over them.

Blatantly in front of everyone yet as invisible as our own free will, and as uncontrollable as the world around us, it is a world expanding at the rate of a virus, infesting the hearts of the youth and future of the nation. Abuse of narcotics is behind every joint, rotting the minds and bodies of all the abusers, filling their minds with the pleasure of the heavens. This consolidating feeling becomes raffled with a barrage of hallucinations and gluttonous hunger. The never-ending chain of profit from this drug producing 'firm' leads all to their demise.

While these apparently encapsulated actions occur in broad daylight, the real clandestine robberies and killings occur in the velvet of the night. Under this very night we live, walk armed beasts roaming the streets with contempt and the intent to kill.

Planning every step with great scrupulosity and dexterity is the mafia. Controlling the city’s political and social standings through force, are the smart, adept and powerful dons. They may sound admirable to their cause but to the society, they are just another hindrance.

Hindrances with extremely large reach throughout the world influence over all, they are the justice for inferiority and Nazi for authority. Through this ruthless night, I live the life of the ‘middle man’ as many refer to it. Serving many of these dons and cartels, ‘I am the Supplier’. The one man, everybody comes to when in need of an edge over his or her competition.

Assassins, Guns, Connections are all my expertise and for this ruthless night, I am the playmaker, the Phantom of the night, and the bearer of life for those with no other means to fight. However this one night isn’t like any other, because tonight, I’m the target.

It isn’t even expected that I shall survive…

The night begins with a silent wind, through these dark alleyways that I loathed so much. It was a hit like no other; the hit was for three different faction leaders. The leaders of every faction were dubious and ruthless bastards, raging on the world for their life. I had to come up with a plan to kill all three of them.


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