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Will a road trip be the girls biggest regret when they pick up a mysterious stranger?

Chapter 1


Kasey, Laurie and Carly have just graduated from high school and are looking for a good time before adulthood sets in and they have to get jobs and go to college. They all decide to go on one last road trip together. But when they stop off at a gas station to get gas and munchies, they pick up a mysterious person standing outside the gas station. Will the girls regret their decision or will all go well?

Chapter 1

“Kasey, you had a great idea going on this road trip.” Laurie told her bestie since kindergarten.

“Well, I thought we needed one last hurrah before we headed off to college and jobs.”

“I’m just glad you invited me along.” Carly told her new best friends.

“Why wouldn’t we, Carly?” Kasey asked.

“Well, you and Laurie have known each other like, forever.”

“What’s that got to do with it?” Laurie asked.

“Well, I’ve only been apart of the trio for a few months…..”

“Don’t worry. You’ll always be our bestie.” Kasey assured Carly.

“Thanks.” Carly told them gratefully.

The girls scrambled into Laurie’s purple VW Beetle and Laurie drove off for their big adventure.

They had been on the road for about 6 hours—Kasey and Carly asleep in the back seat. Laurie noticed the gas gauge was reaching empty and pulled off into the 7-11 that they had come along.

“Why did we stop?” Kasey asked groggily.

“We needed gas, so I pulled into this 7-ll to fill up.” Laurie explained.

“Where are we?” Carly asked, waking up when she noticed they had stopped.

“I’m getting gas and munchies. You two want to come along?”

“Yes.” Kasey and Carly said simultaneously as they hopped out of the Beetle and ran into the 7-ll, while Laurie pumped gas into the Beetle.

When the 3 girls were inside the 7-ll, a shady-looking guy was watching the girls as they paid for their purchases.

When they had come out of the store, the mysterious looking guy feigned a fainting spell as Kasey, the ever-do-gooder, rushed to see if she could help.

A few shakes with Kasey’s hand, and the man woke up.

“What happened?” the man asked, faking the spell.

“Looks as if you fainted?” Kasey told him.

“Gee, how embarrassed this is.” The man said, blushing.

“Well, do you want a ride wherever you’re going?” Carly asked as Laurie shook her head at her, but it was too late. The man happily accepted.

The four of them got into the Beetle and drove off.

The man checked his pack to see if the gun was still there.

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Chapter 2

The mysterious man was fast asleep when Laurie spoke to Kasey about the guy they picked up.

“Kasey, I have reservations about the guy we just picked up?”

“Oh, Laurie, it’s just your imagination running away with you.”

“No, I think there’s something creepy about him?” Laurie said worried.

“Just calm down. It’s just for a few miles.” Kasey reassured her. “Besides, we’re doing a good deed, helping out someone in need.”

“I hope you’re right?” Laurie said as she looked out the window.

Little did the girls know, but the mysterious man was only pretending to sleep. He heard every word they were saying.

Carly got to the spot where the man told them to stop and they woke the guy from his slumber.
“Sir?” Carly said. “We’re at your destination.”

The man woke when Carly shook him, as he continued to plot the girls’ demise, “This isn’t where I said to drop me off!”

“What are you talking about? You said it was just a few miles up the road?” Kasey told the man.

“No, I think I said…a few hour up the road…” the man said, as Laurie began to get worried.

“No sir, …” Laurie said, but the man shut her up.

“I know what I told you girls. Now take me where I want to go!” the man demanded.

Carly got back behind the steering wheel as Kasey and Laurie settled back into their seats. Laurie feared for their safety.


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