The Horror from the Closet at Twelve Oakand Street

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The story of how I finally confronted the evil which had been haunting my bedroom closet.

The old mansion

When I was ten my family moved up the hill on Oakland Street from number ninety seven to number twelve. The old house just wasn't big enough to hold our entire family anymore. There were seven of us now. Myself, my sisters, Nancy and Karen who were eight and seven, my two little brothers, Bobby and Brian who were five and four and our parents. Number twelve was one of five new houses which had just been built on the same side of the street at the top of the hill. Ours was the second from the left. They were built on what used to be an expansive front lawn of an old mansion. The mansion used to have a large circular driveway and a long, wide, descending flight of stairs in front of it leading down to Oakland Street where our house now sat. The driveway and stairs were gone now. Only the mansion remained. It had been converted into four apartments.

Our new house

Our new house was thoroughly modern. It had central air conditioning, a garbage disposal, a dishwasher, a built-in smoke detector system and an intercom system. My mother really loved all of this. Dad liked it too. He was able to hold onto the old house and rented it out as two apartments. We kids especially liked it because it was new and we had gained a whole new neighborhood of kids to play with.
All of our bedrooms were on the second floor. Mine was right at the top of the stairs. My parents bedroom was right next to mine down the hall. My sister's was down the end of the hall to the right. My two little brother's had the bedroom across the hall from mine at the head of the stairs. I hadn't had a room of my own since my brother Bobby had arrived. All I had in my room was my bed and a large dresser. The unique thing about my room was that the closet in the front corner led to the attic stairs. I thought that I was the guardian of all the family treasures which were stored up there.

Closet noises

I thought this until I started hearing the noises at night coming from the closet. Dad was a Boston police officer and worked a lot of nights which left me as the oldest male in the house on most nights. At first the noises were small. I couldn't really tell what was making them but, I only heard them at night when everyone was asleep. They only bothered me a little at first but, then I started hearing them more and more. Not knowing what to do I would just remain in bed a little scared and drift off to sleep. Eventually, I told my dad about them. He just said not to worry, that it was probably just the house settling.

From the attic

This house must've been settling a lot. It got to the point where I was hearing the noises every night. They were beginning to really worry me. Finally I decided to investigate. Being only 10 I waited until it was the middle of the day to go up there and look around. The only thing spooky I could find were a couple of old trunks. It being daylight now I was feeling a lot braver so I opened them. Nothing too scary there, just some of mom's old books and some old baseball gloves which dad had used in high school. I felt reassured but the noises continued. I thought that a house this new shouldn't have ghosts or other nasties in it. I decided that I would line up a few knickknacks on the stairs leading down from the attic to try to discourage anything that might want to come down stairs at night. This didn't work because I still heard the noises at night and nothing ever got tipped over on the stairs.

I'm going to open it!

One night as I lay there listening to the noises again the closet door popped open a crack all by itself! It nearly scared me to death. I thought that whatever was in there was coming out to get me. When nothing happened I got out of bed and slowly approached the door. I didn't dare open it anymore so I just quickly leaned on it and closed it. I distinctly heard the latch catch. I stood there and it stayed firmly shut. I just went back to bed although I didn't sleep too good.
I started asking my brothers and sisters if they could hear anything in the attic at night. They just laughed at me. The noises continued. Finally, I'd had enough. I told myself to stop being a coward. I made the decision to confront whatever it was. Next time I heard the noises I was going to get up and open that closet door! I didn't have to wait long.

The Horror!

Soon thereafter, one night, just after I'd gone to my room to go to bed I heard them! Whatever was in there was getting bolder because it was a lot earlier and my bedroom light was still on. This time the noises were even louder. It sounded like shuffling and scratching. It took all the courage I could muster to go over to that door. I reached my hand out to turn the knob but, the noises stopped. Then they began again, even louder now! I reached out again and grabbed the knob! The noises stopped! I turned the knob anyway! The door burst open at me! It came out of the dark, snarling! I recoiled in horror and fell back onto the corner of my bed as it came for me from the darkness of the closet. It leapt right out at me! The most horrible thing I'd ever seen! It went right past me and out my bedroom door! Giggling the whole time! It was my little sister Nancy! I wanted to kill her! I jumped up to chase her down the hall but my mom yelled up the stairs, "What's going on up there? You kids get back to bed!
I swore that someday I would even!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Chip, I have to give you credit where credit is due. You managed to scare me! Halloween night is definitely a good time to read this tale from the closet. Happy Halloween to you!

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author avatar Chip Greene
1st Nov 2014 (#)

Thanks Nancy. Boo!

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