The Horrors of Christmas

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I wrote this back when I was in seventh grade for fun and a teacher had me enter it into the writing competition where I then won honorable mention for it.

The Horrors of Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and under the house, a creature was stirring, far worse than a mouse...
Mother lay peaceful and silent in her own bed, dreaming of events that she had planned all day in her head, and I lay in mine filled with joy and glee for tonight was the night of Christmas eve. Staring up at the ceiling I laid in my bed till I heard an odd thump from above, but then there was a loud bump! I decided to sneak downstairs to get a peek, and that was when I heard a creeek! Slowly opening the door to the large living room, I accidentally knocked over the wooden broom.
A creature was turning, the candle light by the milk and cookies still burning. There was a creepy creature in my house and it was no simple mouse. The creature was a monster straight out of a nightmare, watching from dark closets with an evil stare. Or like something kids dream up living under their bed, one with sharp teeth and eyes glowing blood red. Suddenly, there was a loud thump from above, and a man came down the chimney with a face full of joy and love. It was old Saint Nick standing next to a large sack, and he carried another effortlessly upon his back. The creature grabbed Saint Nick with its huge sharp claws and swallowed him whole with great big smiling jaws. It turned and dashed up the chimney that was so dark leaving me to listen to the echo of my thumping heart.
This was so wrong! The thing swallowed Saint Nick and he was completely gone. I stood speechless as my mouth hung open, my heart nearly broken. Looking down at the red hat and sack of toys, I was suddenly filled with excitement and joy. The creature had eaten old Saint Nick, cleaning his lips with one long lick, leaving in a hurry as I stood looking down at the sack knowing the creature would not come back. So off to my room I dragged the toy bags to sit down on my floor and tear off all the "Made in North Pole" tags.
I'm kinda of happy and a little bit glad the creature with sharp claws and giant, strong jaws, with great long, pointy horns, and teeth small and sharp like little rose thorns that ate Saint Nick and cleaned its teeth using the fire poker as a toothpick. This creature made me happier than all the girls and boys, for now i have all their Christmas toys.
No one ever needs to know about the creepy creature lurking under my house that's far worse than any mouse.


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I am a stay at home mom of two, and I enjoy writing as a stress reliever. I've written a couple of short stories and I'm currently writing a book with a friend.

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