The Hour is Come That the Son of Man Should Be Glorified

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The glorification of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross

The Hour is Come That the Son of Man Should Be Glorified

The throne room was visually stunning, unable to be naturally processed; a white on the whitest white theme was surreal - the gigantic rooms brighter than the sun, reflecting vibrantly off the rainbows arching throughout the structure. They were white - white alternating bands crossing horizon to horizon. The ruby towers were also white; the sea of glass, the floorings, and the billions of palm trees were dazzling white. Intense brilliancy stratified the spectrums and dimensions making it virtually impossible to see. The air was painted white, back grounded by the white smoke of ten trillion burning incenses.
The White Horse materialized through the membranes, and Yahshua floated out, to the thunders of a billion ovations. The applause tuned nuclear as creation fell to their faces giving respect to this mighty being.
He was dressed in full formal attire; his robe of light speckled with blue ribbons of neon moving throughout, while his burnished gold belt glittered brightly against his gilded golden jewel encrusted crown.
Yahshua looked up at the thrones miles above grinning from ear to ear. The One stood in response and clapped furiously, loudly praising Yahshua while the Zoon listed all his accomplishments from the beginning of time. The rendition of Yahshua’s resume went on for hours, as the whole remembered all this mighty being had done for them.
The Zoon vibrated; The One laughed out loud as billions danced in honor of Yahshua. Mariah and Allayah laughed hard as billions snapped their fingers to the music the Zoon produced. The massive ivory ceiling opened, and Jesus was drenched in olive oil, his hair greasy slick from the anointing, as oil dripped copiously off his robe of light onto the mother of pearl flooring. Yahshua laughing transported into the sea of life, as olive oil fell down everywhere like warm rain. Jesus danced furiously as everyone fought to maintain their balance on the slickness. Billions fell on to the floor, twisting and laughing as millions jumped into the air, falling into the sea of life, roaring with joy.
Eight hundred million Seraphim and Cherubim rocketed above the billions, their bodies twisting to the music, blowing their trumpets in perfect syncopation. They enthused a flawlessly intricate sophisticated choreography, their wings beating hummingbird fast, their voices accentuating and complimenting unbelievably complex vocals. And a hundred million harps added a smoky sweetness to the pulsating rhythms.
The Zoon were visually blurred, blue feathers ejecting from their sixteen wings, as their music vibrated the very foundations of The Great House of The One. The polished diamond ceiling exploded into a syncopated light show from trillions of embedded neon bathing the Angels in pulsating ever-changing light. The rainbow transformed into an ocean of swirling colors traveling like free flowing water, liquid bands of colors imbruing and painting the very atmosphere and the fluctuating sea of life. Hundreds of millions surfed the oily slickness holding tight onto each other. Everyone laughed screaming in unrestrained abandonment as the conga line snaked for hundreds of miles, vibrating to the beats.
This was surely the mother of all parties: billions of palm trees twisted in the sensory overload the beasts produced. The air was statically electrified, and the atmosphere rippled and pulsated as the Angels melded joyously with Yahshua; and they danced and celebrated non-stop full throttle for seven and a half days.
The Zoon burst into flight circling the thrones as Yahshua rocketed three miles upward onto the gigantic throne podium. David, who guarded the mercy seat, with his red robe of light glowing bright, knelt down before the Son of God, and uttered, “My Lord…”
Anisce, Amirah, Elias and Yacobah exploded into the air cheering, backgrounded by billions of waving palm fronds. Mariah looked at Allayah ecstatic; this was the purpose of life – to be with The One forever. And they hugged tightly, shifting on the oily slickness, waving their fronds while the Seraphim twisted above, inches from their heads.
The One stood majestically as thousands of holographic cameras swirled around him, forcing the brilliant images into the minds of every Angel everywhere. God floated towards Yahshua in all his glory, aggrandizing rainbows emulating from his person. The One knelt down in front of his Son, with tears of gratitude and said, “My Lord…”
Billions of white petals descended like slow rain. Flowers were falling everywhere, trillions of petals dancing against the whitest white as the rainbow rotated and melted into the background. The One, floated to their thrones. Yahshua then sat down on the right hand of God.
The massive throne podium was engulfed in cubes of lights three hundred miles square, coloring the sea of life far below, and pulsating and melting into the whiteness. David paused enjoyed the panoramic majesty painting the atmosphere, for a long minute. It was truly beautiful.
He reoriented himself and floated regally to the end of the podium; the cubes reacted, followed, and engulfed him. Billions groaned at the beauty of the gigantean light show, but still hushed in expectation of his first words.
As usual, David wasted no times with formalities and began to speak to the sea of life before him. “We stagger not knowing our eternities except for the surety of his love. We often minimize and forget we did not create ourselves, but by default, we all belong to him. Any other thoughts lead inexorably to self-destruction. The battlefield has always been irresolvable foolishness, blinding stupidity, impotent lying secularism, self-destructive passion, and the blackening of billions of hearts.
"We are here because this mighty being we honor today, wanted us to be here, it can't be simplified any further. He could have created infinite more souls, who would have been our brothers today. We'll never ascertain whom he did not create, but I assure you, The One knows. Who knows who was the first or last created - do you know the number of your construction? We do not, but The One stopped at thirteen billion souls for all time. That's all and that's it.
“Think about what that never constructed person would have been like. Would you have been best friends? Have you ever wondered why The One did not create him? The answer is that you took his place. Why did The One pick you for life over that never constructed soul? Can you tell me what made you more special or more loved than that never constructed soul? Are you beginning to see just how precious you are now, especially after Yahshua’s sacrifice to unveil the blatant obvious?
"I want you to ponder right now the meaning and purpose of your life, and your role in the grand tapestry of all existence. It should be unbelievable gratitude and awe for the breaths we take; for we did nothing to deserve our first breaths. There are many who would have appreciated a first breath, but never had the opportunity to as we have, like that thirteen billion and one never constructed soul. Now Ponder these words - we are the most loved construction in all the universes of The One. And Yahshua has proved to us what was always obvious – The One loves us, even the good and the bad.
“The One will elevated Yahshua because he was The One who accomplished his determination even unto the death. Clothed fully in the flesh, he remained sinless overthrowing the unspoken law, which condemned and fractured us - the dog that bites the Master must die. Yet, he set the example of devotion and love for all of us by proving on the cross that he loves us; there’ll never again be a debate on that immutable because of what Yahshua the Exalted One did, for all eternities.
“We are celebrating our Lord and Master’s return from the flesh, and to venerate the greatness of what he did: to save his brothers. So therefore, we honor The Son of God, Jesus the Christ, the Son of David, Savior of the World, Prince of Peace, Our Passover, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings. He is the Heir of All Things, The Good Shepherd, Faithful and True, Emmanuel, The Chief Cornerstone, Bread of Life, the Bridegroom, the Bright and Morning Star, and now Yahshua the Exalted One.
“We honor our King-Priest for his unsearchable greatness; for he will return our brothers, whom we’ve loved through the backward eternities, back to us. And never again will one tear fall from anyone’s eyes again – for this is the surety and promise to all who love The One.”
David floated to his throne. Smiling widely, Yahshua stood up to meet him, as The One transported to the edge of the massive throne podium amidst riotous cheering. The four beasts flew to him, two on each side, and sat down folding their blue wings as the red smoke from their pores bathed the Foundations of All in a reddish haze.
God looked across the twelve billion square mile room that would be their home until the end of the flesh age. He closed his eyes for a moment thinking of all that happened. He suddenly stiffened in response to the hurricane gale forces buffeting him; he absorbed the love the sea of life projected. It was the Ruach; the winds of love, the winds of the spirit, always invisible, but revealed by its manifestations. His red eyes scanned, as his white wooly hair cascade across his copper complexion.
He began to speak. He sounded like fifty men speaking at once. “I give all honor to Yahshua, for he has redeemed our singular devotion – our family. And I honor his obedience to do the unthinkable, not for me, but for you and all those who rebelled without cause, calling us unfair.
“And for David who returned recently from Paradise, a soul after my own heart, I give him the promise he will always have an heir sitting on a throne somewhere on the earth, as long as the sun, moon and stars rule the skies, in the fishbowl universe.
“As I end this glorious coronation of Yahshua the Exalted One, I say to those who follow Lucifer that he is the living dead. For the law is immutable; the dog that bites the Master must die And to the brotherhood still growling and baring your teeth at us, let me repeat the spoken and confirm it in your heart. You should proceed to the friendship of your Creator. His friendship is secured by living well, by obeying him; which is the law of all that live. I kill and make alive; I tell the brotherhood today; you will surely die if you do not change your ways. I cannot force you to believe, but every soul that earnestly seeks truth will be led to this understanding.
“We don’t want to condemn anyone, but give the rebellious the hope of life unending. And for that purpose, we breathe the hopes you’d chose life and return to sanity. It is not too late; but the Well of Souls is emptying, and if you’re not born again – you name will surely be blotted from my book of life, for I am not an option but a necessity for continuing breaths and life. I will not accept no excuses, explanations, rationales, or repentance then.
“Though the thought itself is high blasphemy, if anything ever happened to us, all Creation would die with the endless universes; the first immutable is there is no life without The One.
For your love, we constructed reality and endless universes, but only for a righteous and moral people; no deviation from that truth will ever be accepted.
“I want those baring their teeth to remember the backward eternities you loved us. Was there nothing desired that wasn’t granted joyfully? Did even one of you ever trip and fall; did even one bite their tongue? Was there ever a word called pain there? “Did one tear ever fall there? Didn’t you drown in absolute luxury in a tokenless society, built on total love, peace, newness, and brotherhood?
“I remember how each and every one of you loved us then, and there existed not one complaint until the birth of evil occurred. I want you to remember you were chosen out of infinite trillions for life - and you are priceless to us. “We as have experienced hurt and betrayal, the baring of teeth, and the birth of evil. And even though we didn’t have to, we as Sovereigns gladly bore the unthinkable for your continuing determination, so we could be loving brothers. But now, you’ll never be able to deny our love for you, because of what Yahshua The Exalted One did on the cross.
“The I am innocent because I wasn’t allowed to pick my own personality defense, will never be entertained as an excuse your rebellion against us. Tell me, what greater monster could exist than those who hate their Creator? My love and mercy shall never rule over veracity, and the truth is the dog that bites its Master shall surely die. Those who follow Lucifer need to recall, reverse, and recapture the immeasurable goodness shown to you, by your continuing breaths – even now, despite your betrayal. And though I’ve said it a billion times – there is no life outside The One.
“There is nothing else my soul wants except to be with my brothers and family forever. And though in, the final universe, you will not remember the dead; our soul will never be complete if one of you chose death over being with us. A part of our soul will mourn you into the eternities. Chose life and live; that is the sincere hope of The One to those who hate me without rational cause.
“But with that hope on my lips, I give my Son a new title for all eternities, though many are calling him that now… without my consent.”
The One paused and smiled at the muffled chuckling breaking out throughout the billions.
“None can live in my house without him, for he paid the steep price, and is worthy to judge the souls he alone created. For those who refuse to be born again, you can now die knowing your executioner absolutely loved you. And with blinding stupidity, you’ve spit in his face rejecting the forgiveness so generously offered. Therefore, I will not accept anyone who does not venerate what Yahshua the Exalted One did. And therefore, I give him the scepter to all the Universes of God, for he has redeemed what we both love deeply. For as I live, every knee shall bend and every tongue shall confess that he is God.
“For if anyone was to write our life story, there would never be a moment we didn’t love you. And even now I say, even with all we’ve gone through, you’re the best thing that has happened to us. And I swear on my holy soul, I want each of you in my life forever…”
Sounding like ten thousand men speaking, The One raised his arms proclaiming loudly, “Kneel all creation before your King, Yahshua the Exalted One; The One who showed you what love truly is – for through him is the only path to eternal life.”
And in one accord, billions fell to their faces, worshipping the Son of God, as The One gave him the golden scepter of his power. Twenty million wooden tables and billions of chairs, materialized into the Throne Room And the whole sat down and ate delightful fruits and vegetables from a billion galaxies with exotic cheeses and bread.
And on the dark side of the moon, the Devil disappeared in a flash of light and stood caged before all creation. The whole looked at this Angel who had created all this trouble keenly, waiting to see what God would do.
Yahshua spoke, “Get behind me Satan; this prison will be your meat until Michael permanently evicts you from the Great House of The One. You will no longer travel my earth with impunity, and will be cursed until the day your lifeless shell is thrown into the lake of fire.”
Truth is treason to any empire built on lies; and the scales of deception fell as the brotherhood listened to Yahaveh’s words. Billions suddenly saw their god as the living dead, a failure, the ultimate con man, and a liar of prodigious proportions. The brotherhood shed tears unable to ascertain the reason for their grief, and wailed pensively for many hours in absolute agony, ruminating on the words The One spoke. And they realized that they stopped thinking because they thought they knew – and that in itself sowed the seed of their deception. And they now saw they were never pets, and though they thought they knew The One – they never knew him
And the brotherhood who followed Lucifer fell to their faces with overwhelming sorrow that they caused Yahshua to die on the cross for their stupidity’s sake: to show them what love truly was. With all their massive intellect, they realized they were only stupid dogs without any understanding, refusing to see the apparent obvious right in front of their faces.
And with tears streaming down their faces, eighty-nine percent of the brotherhood defected for the hope of redemption and eternal life. Their stoic hearts melted, and in one accord the brotherhood entered the Great House of The One projecting massive repentance and sorrow as they remembered the backward eternities or peace, love, and brotherhood – and how great their God had always been unto them.
And great celebrations rocked Heaven for four riotous cycles to honor their return to sanity and The One who loved them beyond rational explanation.
Inside his prison in the Great House of The One, the Devil sat weeping bitterly, for the day would surely come that would be the final tomorrow for him. Even though he was imprisoned, he vowed to use his all his elevated powers to send every soul with him into the lake of fire; for whether Angel or flesh - it was an immutable that misery loved much company…

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14th Feb 2012 (#)

this is totally incredible but so true...amazing your knowing of the higher Beings, the other realms of Light and Darkness...well. very well done..

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