The Hunger

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It's about a girl who is confused with her dream. This poem just came to me. Something triggered it in my brain and I don't remember what it was. I hope you like it. Please comment on what you liked and didn't like

The Hunger

December.22.1997/ April.10.2015
Trisha Barrek Hopkins


A girl is on her knees
She is begging for something she can't have
Her face is pale
Her eyes dim
The hate is stale
In a pool of blood she swims
Yet she has not reached
The one thing she hungers for
She preaches....She begs....
She can only count on fate
Feeling a pain so sore
Through her heart a peg
Goes all the way to the core


She screams through anger
The hunger so strong
The tear falls
Hoping if she begs more it doesn't hang her
Something calls
What could it be
She stays silent
A heartbeat in the echo
Crying she hurries up a tree
From there she can see....Not glad
He's further away with someone
She wants her to disappear
So she can have him for her own
To keep to herself
To have his love
But her heart is all stone
He is a dot in the morning sun now
Far in the distance
As not really there
She sees a cloth....A girl....A glove


In the moonlight
Her eye glistens with shine
But disappears with pain
A sudden fear
So deep she can taste it too fine
In a line so straight
She jumps from the tree with fright
Something or someone follows
This bothers her a lot
She can not see in the darkness
So she remains in the tree in her spot
Wait....She senses it is empty and hollow
She jumps out of the tree
She runs as fast as lightening
She falls.... scrapes her knee
A cloth....So red....A stain


Round the cold heart
The hunger is back
She needs to feed
Or she'll fall apart
She wants that thing so bad
Where after her sweet pain
What she wants only makes her more sad
It is he she can not have
And one with trebling hands claps her cold head
He fans her with his moonlight wings and cries
"My love....My sorrow....You, You are not the one dead
She looks up into the eyes
Of the one who once held her
The one that loved her
The one that gave her kisses to
The one that she knew
Chasing something one can never own
Like dew upon a sleeping flower
There lies a pale soul
She can no longer stand
There is no stone
Just space
Letting the hunger go she faded
Like a cloud which had out drained its rain
But that is not the case
She knew it is love....The bloods only stain


The red glove in her hand
Her face in her lovers arms
Suddenly crying
Nothing there....That's not what she planned
Alone with the hunger
Trapped by the doors
Now the tears are pouring out
She is dying
She can feel it in her pores
No where is where she stays
She can feel the tears rolling down her face
In her heart he will stand
Heartbeats at a slower pace
No one is who she has
She needs him
She runs to him fast
She has done a sin
Now remembering all is in the past
He is just a ghost in the moonlight
She is lost
She has nothing to win
But keeping his love she'll put up a fight
For him she'll do it at any cost



Dream, Girl, Happy, Hate, Hunger, Knees, Love, Lust, Other, Pale

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37, Mother of 2 gorgeous daughters 13 n 10, Found my high school sweetheart after 15 years and now we celebrated our 1yr anniversary aug-27-13. Ill never let him go no matter what. I Love poetry

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