The Hunt

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My take on a writing prompt about a deer being hunted.

The tale of a hunt in the eyes of the hunted

It was a beautiful morning and the cedar leaves had begun shedding in preparation for the coming winter, leaving the ground adorned in a kaleidoscope of colors ranging from auburn to chestnut. The others had gone off to hunt for fresh dew, leaving me alone in this wonderland which worked out just fine for me. They always insisted on me joining them, telling me it’s not safe to be alone.

That the hunters would eventually get me.

It was all nonsense.

The humans are loud and clumsy; anyone can see them coming a mile away. Besides, if one does in fact sneak up on me, I’ll just run off. There’s no human alive who could catch me.

The sun rays carved their way through the dense overgrowth of the forest, illuminating the forest to resemble something out of a fairy tale. The birds began chirping in harmonious unison and the squirrels came out, darting all throughout the forest in a mad rush to find the ripest acorns.

The scene couldn’t be any more perfect.


Everything fell silent. My ears perked up and uneasiness came upon me. I cautiously looked around, surveying the forest for any hidden danger as the birds took flight and the squirrels scampered away.

Why would they just leave?

Something was up. However, despite scouting the area for a good while, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Maybe it was a branch that fell or something.

I cast my fears aside and went back to my foraging when it happened again. Only this time, the sound was much closer.


My fear resurfaced and I immediately made myself smaller so that I wouldn’t be as noticeable. Hopefully, it would force whatever was out there to reveal itself.

While that didn’t work, my ears managed to pick something up.

“Shit, I can’t see it!”
“Just keep your eyes open.It couldn’t have gotten far!”

My heart leapt.


I had to get out of there else if I stuck around for too long, I’d end up dead. So as long as I could outsmart them, then I’d be fine. If I knew where they were, I’d be able to go around and get past them. This meant that I’d have to be patient and wait for them to make the first move.

Despite every fiber within my body pleading with me to abandon my plan and make a dash for it, I did my best to remain calm and it seemed my patience had paid off:

“I’m gonna go take a closer look, see if I can’t spot the fucker.”

The sound of lumbering footsteps on the sprawled fallen leaves echoed throughout the forest,each step giving hints as to where the hunter was headed. It would only be a matter of time before the owner of the footsteps would show up and sure enough, the brute was in full view.

I bid my time waiting for the hunter to get further away and when he was far enough, I slipped right around him and began making my way out of danger.


A deafening blast rang out and a crippling pain shot through my right leg. Unable to support my body weight, I dropped to the ground and the incredible pain nearly caused me to pass out.

What happened and more importantly, why am I in so much pain?

I looked back to check what was wrong and found a wound with blood pouring out onto the ground.

I'd been hit...badly.

"Dan, I got him. I got the sonovabitch!"

Hearing him say that increased my fear tenfold and with that,my adrenaline kicked in. I didn't want to die and so as long as I could move, I was determined to prevent it.
In spite of the pain, I forced myself to my feet and fled, taking the clearest pathway.

I heard a couple of shouting voices but I didn't stop. All I knew was that I had to get as far away as possible. Even with the settling numbness and fatigue, I kept going.

Through the overgrown shrubs; alongside the riverbank and past the rocky range where the dassies played, I pushed myself to keep going until I collapsed near the foot of the mountain. I'd lost a lot of blood and was very weak.

At this point,my hopes rested on the idea that I had slipped out of the hunters deadly clutches.

Time passed and what was once daybreak had become dusk. I was severely dehydrated and the wound had taken its toll, leaving me helplessly rooted to the spot but despite the huge price I paid, I managed to shake the hunter off my trail.

Maybe if I could close my eyes for a few minutes and get some rest, I could...

"Hey Dan, I think I found him!"

I jolted upright and frantically looked around for any signs of movement when something else caught my attention.

I'd been so caught up with trying to get away that I failed to realise I had lead them straight to where I was.

A neat line of blood from the wound made a trail that followed back into the forest and as I sat there looking on in dismay, I heard crunching footsteps in the distance.

I desperately tried to will my body to its feet but I was all out of energy.

"I see him! Looks like he's hurt bad!"

Hearing that, coupled with the movement within the trees told me all I needed to know.

With a great sadness, I looked to the clouds to witness the fitting scene of the sun setting. The shouting behind me suggested that they'd finally found me but I didn't care because it didn't matter. Despite everything that was happening, at that point all I wanted was to end the day the same way I started it:

With the lasting memory of a beautiful sight.


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