The Importance of Good Grammar

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Grammar is not taught as well in school as it used to be, but what can this do to our children, and do we need to protest to make a better future for them?

Why is grammar to important?

If you were part of the older generation, you will probably have been taught grammar in great depth, but it is unfortunately an area which most schools are neglecting in modern day teaching. If you were to enter a British primary school, you would see, of course, at least one hour of English per day (as instructed by British Government) but some of this is simply reading stories! Furthermore, by the time the children get to secondary school, English is taught even less! Children are taken from five hours per week to three hours in the lowest case, at the very time when their English should be getting more accurate and sophisticated. More and more schools are concentrating so much on the ‘high tech’ subjects on offer that there just isn’t enough time for the old fashioned English Grammar lessons.
Why is this such a bad thing?

Well, communication is the key to success. If you can’t communicate then you won’t be able to get very far along the career path you choose. If however, you can communicate well, then the sky is your limit! Good grammar can help you write speeches, letters and reports, meaning that you would be much more popular in your workplace and especially with your boss! Letters are important whether they are emails to your friends or a love letter to your partner. If you wanted a job in journalism, you would have to know what kind of words really attract the audience. Nobody wants to read a boring article from someone who knows nothing about grammar or how it works!

I personally feel that grammar should be taught in a much greater depth in schools from a young age. If a child is taught the basics of grammar right from the beginning of starting school then this would build the foundation for a promising future. Take my school for instance. By GCSE level, all we had been taught was the very simple ‘this is a noun’ or ‘this is a verb’ approach. It was only when I begin the A Level course that I realised just how much there was to learn about grammar and how important it could be.
How can I help?

Well, the simple way is to just spread the word! Spread this article to anyone you know who feels strongly and join groups and forums relating to this issue. I believe that if everyone were to pull together, something wonderful could be achieved, and a better world with better grammar could be created.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing world?


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