The Indian Army

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The most active period for the Indian Army was when they fell under the British Raj.This was also a very stressful time for the Indian soldiers.

Indian Army

         The Indian Army

The Indian Army fell under the control of the British Raj between 1857-1947.
Within this period the Indian army fought two world wars for the British.

History clearly shows us the manipulation the British Raj used upon the India.It found a opportunity to use Indian men to build a force big and strong enough to fight world wars.The size of the Indian army during the first world war was one million seven hundred thousand. British Raj also used child soldiers as young as ten years old.Indian men volunteered to join the army in order to feed their families.Economic pressure due to colonisation caused instability in wealth acquisition.One must take into account that India's resources was the benefit of the British economy.Initial exploitation started with the British East India Company which eventually got absorbed into the British government.

The Indian army did not only fight two world wars for the British Raj.There was numerous conflicts that became the battlefields for the Indian battalion.Some of them was the second and third Anglo Afghan war,Anglo Egyptian War,Boxer Rebellion,Waziristan Campaign and this is just to name a few.In the second world war,two and a half million Indian soldiers was used to fight British wars.Indian soldiers fought alongside the British army but was classified according to a rank system which dampen the spirits of many Indian soldiers.The British Raj named it the martial race system which fell away after the independence of India in 1947.Under a new liberated India,recruitment took place without any discrimination.

It is sad as to know how India was used to fight wars that had nothing to do with them.History is here for us to understand the past and how it affected human life.It is also here for us to understand our present existence.

In conclusion some memorable words:

Field-Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck , Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army from 1942 asserted that the British "couldn't have come through both wars if they hadn't had the Indian Army"


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