The Individual,His Mechanism

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The following Essay is about the powerful Qualities of Human being about his inner self and other spirituality which guides him.

The Mechanism of Human

Man is composed of Spirit and matter . The Spirit is his real Self, the godhead within. The matter in him is in the form of physical body, mind and intellect . Physical body is the equipment which he perceives and acts . Mind is the equipment in which his emotions play . Intellect is the equipment in which his discrimination functions . Being made up of matter, these three equipments are per se inert and insentient . The godhead in man is the life principle which enlivens his material components . It is the sentient principle which lends sentiency to the otherwise insentient matter layers . This life spark which gives life to the inert matter is the real self . It is called Atman (Soul) in Sanskrit language . We are therefore a composite personality with Atman at the core and our body, mind and intellect enveloping it . Our real self is ever at rest, peaceful and immobile . Our matter equipments are those that becomes active and restless . The wise man identifies himself with his inner Self and watches his body, mind and intellect function . He withdraws his personality to his spiritual center, becomes impersonal and lets his equipments operate . If he does that his actions will be perfect . He will turn out real work . That is the key to success in life.


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12th Aug 2012 (#)

unique concept .I think ''soul '' is more suitable than ''spirit '' now you use .just my opinion .thank you for sharing .jk

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