The Invasion, Chapter One, Part One (Sample)

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The Invasion has begun and the last war for mankind is underway. Can a few chosen humans save the world before the dark forces of the Mar'a take our home from us?

Let Me Tell you a Story...

“When lights fill up the skies and when metal spiders spread all over the Earth, the last World War will begin…and the world as we know it will come to an end…”

The Last Prophecy
By the Oracle at the Edge of the

The Invasion Begins….Tonight

12:29 AM
Mariesville, Saskatchewan

Those damned dogs were barking again, they had been barking for three nights now almost from the moment of darkness and they continued till daybreak, today their barks were turning almost…well sinister!

Billy felt a hand descend from the darkness while he slept, as if that was not shocking enough this was no limp hand, there was clearly something sinister happening, then it grasped his shoulder and pulled him vigorously and his heart was pounding with the shock of the situation as he fought his semi sleep state and almost forced his eyes open in order to see the person standing over him, it is his father with a distinctly worried look upon his face.

‘Billy I think we have wolves or worse’ he said and with those words Billy forced himself to get up, throwing off the covers, rubbing his eyes and yawning at the same time, it was at this very moment that he noticed for the very first time the long stick-like weapon in his father’s hands, held clutched to his side. The blond haired brown eyed boy was strangely different from his dark haired father, with almost every physical feature being the opposite of the older man.

‘Dad what…’ he asked indicating the weapon and his father shook his head

‘Just get dressed son and meet me outside, we will go to the shed and get your shotgun maybe a couple of test shots will scare the little buggers off’ his father said then backed away and opened the door before stepping into the lit hallway outside temporarily bathing Billy in the thinnest slither of light before the door closed with a gentle thud, he was encased in darkness once again. He got up and made his way to the drawers and in doing so passed a window through which the corner of his eye spotted something, perhaps a gray shadowy creature standing in the fields some way off that he had the distinct impression was staring directly at him, but before he could do a double take and look properly back outside the thing had vanished, then for one peculiar moment his heart raced, pounding as he had never heard it before, but after a second or two he convinced himself that it was probably just his imagination responding to his father’s fears.

His heart was still pounding hard for some reason, even-though he had started to calm down and gather his thoughts, he had this distinct feeling, for some reason he could not really understand, but would later learn that this was cold hard fear…

He took off his grey, patterned, pajamas and placed on some blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a thicker green working shirt over the top which he buttoned up to keep himself warm against the cool of this summer’s night, when he opened the door his father almost jumped with a start, it was easy to see he was clearly upset about something and his old blue eyes glistened with what he could only describe as…well secrecy.

His father had always been a good, hardworking, and honest man and he was quite short, some would say almost frail, but he was actually stronger than most men half his age and could fight with the best of them, his face was rounded and covered in a persistent gray stubble which Billy thought that he must work at his stubble in order to keep it looking unkempt.

He wore a pair of blue denim trousers which were held up around his shoulders by elastic straps and buckles. His upper body was covered with a green and blue chequered criss-cross style shirt which was still stained from the previous night’s supper of soup and a jacket of almost an identical pattern and colour, his father’s favorite Billy thought for that split second, he never looked more like a farmer much to the annoyance of Billy, who at school was constantly teased for having two gun loving farmer parents, but deep down he loved them.

Hidden Truths

‘Dad is everything alright?’ he asked

‘Son there is something I gotta tell you…’ he said crouching down and placing a reassuring hand on his fourteen year old son’s shoulder

‘What is it dad’ he asked now getting the feeling that something was either already terribly wrong or was going to turn that way very, very soon.

‘Well do you know this morning, er… yesterday morning I suppose, Old Bessy vanished, well while you were at school we found Old Bessy son.’ He said and swallowed hard as if to keep the tears and pain back, Old Bessy being a cow that was really old and they had taken care of her since she was young, though unlike most cattle farmers the Sirius’s, being them, were fond of their cows and only used them to produce milk.

‘You did!’ Billy exclaimed, almost excited, but then he caught his father’s look of pain and his excitement suddenly fell away, it felt as if someone stabbed him in the chest and tore his heart right out.

‘We found her but she…well son she was all but up near the woods at the end of our fields, we think somebody took Old Bessy and cut her open, mother believes it to be the work of wolves or something, but…’ he said leading Billy to the stairs and they started to walk down to the main floor of the old wood and stone farmhouse which looked as old as it actually was.

‘Wait you said “somebody”, but then you said wolves” Billy said as they walked downstairs and he saw his mother with a look of worry in her eyes waiting at the glass door of the kitchen with a muffin in her hands, he knew this was one from her very favourite home-made recipe, she was holding it as if doing so would give comfort to all.
‘Well your mother thinks it was wolves but I think somebody did this because…well only the heart and brain was removed, nothing else and the cuts were…well too clean’ his father said as they reached the bottom of the stairs and they walked into the kitchen. Billy’s mother was meticulously peeling off the paper from another muffin and she proceeded to slowly nibble it, her hands visibly shaking.

‘Mum is everything ok?’ Billy asked and she nodded her head placing a comforting hand on his and tilted her head and gestured towards the front door where there was his boots standing ready like two soldiers awaiting their marching orders, it was the then that he noticed that his father was already wearing his boots and they were dirty and muddy, he had already been outside and something had clearly worried him because he never wore his boots inside the house, especially not when dirty and yet they were on and he was ready to go.

‘Dad what’s going on?’ he asked as fear was taking a grip on him

‘I have no idea son but tonight we will take care of it’ his father said as he placed his boots on and his father stepped outside into the summer night and looked around impatiently before stepping back inside and walking over to two flash-light that were laid out on the table

‘Ready?’ he asked and Billy nodded and a moment later a flash-light was being thrust into his hand, this was a high powered model that was shaped more like a futuristic grey gun then a flashlight, almost all farmers and technicians used them because of their duel lights allowing for a high powered LED light and a far reaching low power Xenon light, he switched the flashlight to LED mode and held it almost like a gun in his hand as he walked outside with his father, the air was slightly warmer outside and as they walked the air itself seemed to be buzzing with energy, it felt weird.

The Darkness has Eyes

They walked out into the darkness and there was almost like a circle of light around the house as the lights on the sides of the house illuminated for a distance. They slowed as they reached the boundary between the light and the darkness and they both activated their lights waving the beam in front as they stepped into the dark void beyond. As they walked Billy realised something, he had not heard a sound, ever since he woken the neighbour’s dogs had gone silent and there was no noises, even the crickets and other insects that normally raged buzzed their mixture of sounds at this time of year had all stopped, the night had become deathly still, they walked and shone their lamps in wide arcs they could see the trees and fields nearby. Their LED beams shone like blue beams of light that cut through the darkness like a hot knife only for the darkness to seal back up again a moment later.
Then it happened, as they neared the barn he saw it, just for a moment as they approached the massive barn, it was like an arm or something’s back move behind the barn, and he froze and pointed shining the beam of light in where it had been.
‘Did you see that dad?’ he asked and his father also shone his lamp towards the same spot, but shook his head
‘There is nothing son, probably just a cat.’ He could tell his father was trying to play down what it may be, jus possibly to provide some much needed reassurance, they continued and reached the barn and his father pushed open the door leading inside and gestured for Billy to go in.
‘Your shotgun’s inside get it and maybe we can scare off these wolves’ he said and Billy nodded, he stepped inside the barn and even without seeing he knew were everything was inside. He knew his shotgun was well as many other rifles were laid on a weapons rack at the far side of the barn opposite him. But something inside of him was scared as if of some foreboding doom and so he reached up and tried the switch next to him, he turned it and nothing, it did not work, although half the time nothing inside this old barn ever worked, the light was probably having one of its moments, except at this very moment everything felt so very sinister.
‘The power’s off again’ he said as he shone his flashlight around and walked across the hay strewn barn to the other side and picked up his favourite shotgun which he used for weapons practice and scaring off crows from their hobby cabbage patch they that had. He could.
The shot gun could carry two rounds and he pulled a handful of rounds from a nearby box and stuff them into his pocket before laying down the flashlight and letting its light stream back to the door where he had come in. He pulled open the shotgun and as he loaded two rounds he saw a pair of feet run by the flashlight light, he pulled the open end of the double barrelled shot gun up and looked around. There was nothing. He was about to turn and go when something, some idea popped into his mind and he turned and grabbed two spare rifle clips and pulled a rifle from the rack and placed it over his shoulder using the strap to hold it in place.
He then made his way towards the door and as he did by chance he swung his flashlight from left to right and as he did for one moment he saw some gray thing standing on the other side of the barn but when he moved the light back to that spot it was gone. He stood there for a moment and raised his shotgun in his other hand and looked around the darkness.


KABOOM!!!, he heard a shotgun blast from outside and he turned and ran outside, he kicked open the door and saw his father shooting something down.

At first his brain did not register what his eyes were seeing. It looked like one of those long legged spiders which had long legs and small bodies and they were huge, easily the size of a dog and were metallic.

One pounced on his father before he turned and shot it down, the blast shredding the six legged creature apart in mid-air and his father popped open his shotgun and loaded two more rounds as his son joined him, then Billy saw it, one of those creatures it was leaping up at him, it had six string like legs open as if it were some big hand, he pulled up his shotgun and fired, the shot hit its leg and the force of the shot sent the thing spinning back through the air.

He turned to see another charging towards him across the ground and before he could react its form exploded outwards from the side as his father aimed and shot it down.

‘RUN back to the house’ he bellowed and Billy nodded as he shot down another spider thing, the KABOOM!!! sound echoing in the air, he turned and glanced back as he ran and saw many of the creatures climbing over the barn and out from the darkness, he had never seen their like before.

Then he glanced up as he heard a pulsating whirr and he saw several lights dancing across the sky above him.

He suddenly staggered to one side as one of the spider things grabbed onto his leg and started to pull him back with a sudden and tremendous force, his father turned and rushed towards him and aimed the shotgun at point blank range before firing his weapon incinerating the silver metallic form in the centre of the metal wire like legs that must have been its body and it exploded and Billy managed to pull himself up and fired a random shot into darkness at something metallic and saw the glint of something fly into the air from the shot, and within seconds he quickly pulled open the shot gun and loaded two more rounds, dropping one as he ran, he fired again seeing the ball of light overhead swoop in lower above them, it was pulsing and making so much noise it hurt his ears to hear it.

His father pulled a key from his pocket and ran to the green jeep in front of the house and turned to Billy and said

‘Get your mother we are…’ he stopped halfway through the sentence when the ball overhead exploded with dazzling white light that shone so bright that Billy had to cover his eyes from the sheer white light.

To Be Continued

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