The Invasion, Chapter One, Part Three (Sample)

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The Invasion has begun and the last war for mankind is underway. Can a few chosen humans save the world before the dark forces of the Mar'a take our home from us?


Billy breathed heavily as he pulled himself from under the body of the alien, as he got up the pain came back, at that moment he realised that his back was soaked with the water that was still gushing from the tap, his top was soaked with black alien blood and his back was bleeding from the shards of glass embedded in it.

For a moment he stood over the alien, in the eerie light he could see that at one time it had something embedded into its back, like some kind of dark metallic spider device which was once hooked and inserted into its spine at the back of its neck and going down the length of its bods and across the back its arms and legs, I was also possible to see the alien was dressed as the device had now somehow separated from the body, perhaps a reflex happening at the point of death of the creature. Upon closer inspection he realised it smelt of death and its body showed signs of decay even at this early stage…almost as if… as if something was controlling the alien…preposterous he thought and just assumed it was a cold blooded creature; it was then he realised that he was filthy.

Taking some courage he made his way into the dark upstairs and walked past the spider things, he tried not to touch them as if afraid to reactivate them. He made his way back to his bedroom, pulled off his clothes, took everything out of his pockets and lay it on the bed, he did not turn the lights on in fear of alerting anything that might be in the vicinity, he switched his flashlight to the dimmer Xenon level and checked around the room. He saw one frozen spider thing on its side in the centre of the room and stepped around it as he patched himself up and found new clothing to wear.

Meticulously, he placed everything that taken from his pockets placing them into the new ones and he also took a compass which he kept in his bedside cabinet. Then he took the two shot guns and rifles and reloaded them and slung two shotguns over his back and loaded the hunting rifle and held it in one hand as he took the gun-like flashlight and made his way out of the room, the car key was wrapped around his finger as he made his way down stairs and into the kitchen he looked out of the windows and saw many lights in the sky to the distance, which he judged to be above Regina, the nearby capital city of Saskatchewan; he had a bad feeling that whatever was happening tonight was not good.

Ready for War

He re-entered the kitchen and avoided the alien, walking over the fridge and pulled out two bottles of water placed them in knee pockets outside his trousers, this time he was wearing baggy green, commando style trousers which had four sets of pockets, two at the side and two just above the knee.

He also wore a thick set green shirt and blue sweater over the top; he also grabbed a handful of cookies from the cracked cookie jar and placed on in his mouth, to keep his immediate hunger at bay, exiting he picked up the thick green and black jacket and braced himself for whatever the outside may hold.

He was scared, very scared, in going outside the last thing he wanted was another one of those light things to take him, but he could not stay here, he knew he had to join with other people and take on this enemy that had arrived seemingly from nowhere. He could see the green jeep parked out of the front of the car, a flashlight still on top car where his father had left it before pulling the keys out of his pocket, the flashlight then flickered slightly and shone a beam out across their land, he breathed hard, and closed his eyes for a moment, as he thought about what he needed to do, but the thinking was overtaken by events, he ran till he reached at the car, not daring to look up.

Yet above more light balls raced overhead, one in red and one in blue and they circled as they danced around each other, they were huge and each seemingly the size of an oil truck, momentarily he put down the rifle and franticly tried to place the key in the key hole, yet it would not go in he scratched around the key hole and cursed with each attempt when he could not find the hole; then the key slid in, he turned and the door opened.

Driving Towards Destiny

He hurled his weapons inside and jumped inside himself, slammed the key in the ignition and turned, the Jeep revved and rumbled as it turned on, without even thinking he put the car into drive and took off.

As a farmer’s son he had learned to drive a tractor at the age of four and driving his fathers jeep was far easier than some old tractor, the roads were also smoother that he path the tractor would take across the fields, he drove the jeep forwards and turned hard while slamming the gears into reverse backing away and turning he flicked it into drive then completed the three point turn his father had taught him many times before driving away from his home for what might be the last time, ever.

The flashlight from the top of the jeep spun and fell off and landed on the ground illuminating a bush and tree and a figure appeared from behind the tree, he was dressed in a black body glove and watched as Billy drive away… this big black alien eyes seeing through the night with ease… yet momentarily stunned and unable to take any action against his target.

Billy did the opposite of what most would do, unlike those in the US who upon hearing the faked news reports of war of the worlds back in 1938 by Orson Welles who ran to the hills fleeing for their lives away from the so called alien menace. Billy was driving towards them, for you see there were three factors causing him to choose to run towards the lights that amassed over Regina like some huge alien menace.
One, he had a girlfriend in Regina, two, they had taken his parents and most importantly, three, he was going to get them BACK!

To Be Continued

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