The Invasion, Chapter One, Part Two (Sample)

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The Invasion has begun and the last war for mankind is underway. Can a few chosen humans save the world before the dark forces of the Mar'a take our home from us?

Lights In the Sky

‘Get your mother we are…’ he stopped halfway through the sentence when the ball overhead exploded with dazzling white light that shone so bright that Billy had to cover his eyes from the sheer white light.

Suddenly there was a pulse of blinding white light that exploded and shone bright along with a pulse of concussive energy that sent him flying off his feet and through the air as the light pulsed once and as he hit the ground his eyes were momentarily blinded from the after glare and around him he could hear the sizzling of metal as the spider-like things burned and melted, his mind raced and he was dizzy as he staggered to his feet and looked around and saw the ground around him littered with half burned spider things that collapsed on the ground.

They were molten metal yet his gun and every Earthly object that was metal and even the car was still as cool as it would have been before this whole event, he was almost unaffected save for the ringing in his head from the shockwave.

He was surprised to see that the air itself was still glowing even though the white light had vanished into the night and as he staggered forwards still dizzy he could hear the metallic motion of those spider things behind him, he staggered forwards and ran towards the car, his body stiff and in shock from what had happened but he forced himself to move; he saw his father’s shotgun on the ground as well as his keys and picked them up in one sweep before pocketing them and placing the flash-light in his pocket, its light illuminating his leg and he ran towards the house.

He could see his mother inside through the wide open door, for some reason he saw her as an old, rather plump but gentle lady although she was probably neither as old or gentle as he imagined, tonight she was wearing an aqua blue night gown and she was fighting off one metallic spider even though she was still dizzy from the shockwave, her efforts seemed in vane as she wielded a large cake knife; he staggered inside and fired a shot at the metallic beast with his father’s shotgun, the “creature” was blown apart and its form embedded in the wall as well as a bunch of shotgun ball bearings.


‘Mum are you alright?’ he asked.

‘Dad…. Dad he wa… was…taken’ she said through tears and sobs as she wiped away the gray hair from in front of her face continuing to wipe her tears.

‘Come on lets go’ Billy said, a strange sensation had overtaken him as though he had activated some kind of long lost warrior gene he had become surprisingly courageous, at this moment he was not conscious of his actions – it was as if he was being driven by some unknown force driving him to protect himself and his family. He grabbed his mother by the arm and started to pull her away like pulling away a child from a much desired toy at a shop, but his mother stood still frozen in place as she looked outside the window and then he turned and saw it, the sphere of light; it was back!

He tried to pull her but she was stuck fast and then the ball shone brightly and again he covered his eye with his arm as the light shone in and dazzled everything and almost seemed to bathe the house in its pure white light, he just started to think that it was pure evil, but before he had even formed this thought…then, just then… the light vanished… He half expected the same concussive explosion but nothing…only darkness as all the lights flickered for a couple of seconds then failed, he was plunged into utter darkness, he felt around for his mother but she was not there; she was no standing where she had been. In order to free his hands he placed the shotgun on the table and tried the flash-light, but this time it merely flickered momentarily then died, he shook it then banged it against his other hand, but nothing, so he put it away and pulled the shot gun back and placed his father’s one over his shoulder using the strap to keep it in place. He reached down and searched around for his mother, calling out, half hoping he would find her collapsed on the floor in fear, but in his heart he feared the worst at this moment.

But his hand touched something metallic and flat, at first he thought it was the spidery object but then he realised it was his mother knife. He pulled it and placed it in his belt and the moment he did all the lights flicked back on and then he saw something that made him freeze in fear… an alien…

The Alien

It stood about five foot tall and its body was all grey and seemed naked, though it was wearing a skin coloured body glove although he did not know that. It stood at the doorway and watched him, its head was the largest part of its frail looking body and the head was easily twice the size of his own head, but what terrified him the most was the eyes, the big slanted black eyes that seemed to stare right into the depths of his soul and chilled it too the core, he did not know why but for some reason he felt deep down that whatever this thing was, it was not friendly.

Its big black eyes stared at him unblinkingly and it tilted its head to one side before he saw its mouth open. He saw that it had a strange solid row of teeth that formed one spike in the centre and whatever it was it wanted him. It snarled baring its teeth as it charged at him and leapt over the countertop in the centre of the kitchen and slammed into him, its body looked frail but actually carried a weight far stronger and superior then he could possibly imagine. He was hurled back and slammed into the kitchen faucet and broke it with his back, the faucet sprouted water into the air like a small fountain. The pain in his back caused him to moan and groan, but he had no respite because a moment later the alien grasped him by his leg then a few seconds later pulled him by the scruff of his neck and threw him into the air then crashed through the glass door of the kitchen and noticed two spider things upstairs above him.

He winced in pain as he moved and realised shards glass must had embedded itself in his back, then he saw the cake knife nearby, it had been knocked from his hand when the alien had thrown him, despite the searing pain he staggered towards it wincing with every movement, the alien then appeared in the doorway, its movements quirky and as weird as though it was a puppet yet it charged towards him and lunged down towards him, without thinking he pulled the knife and without thinking he held it in front of him and the alien landed on the blade, its neck slit and dark black blood trickled over him as the knife had cut up to the hilt into the alien’s neck.

He half expected it to still attack for a moment instead it flailed wildly under its weight, within seconds it lay dead and after a few deadly seconds he realised that all around him the spider things also collapsed and lay dead as if their commander or controller had deactivated them, many still clung in half poses not moving, some had fallen in mid stride.

Billy breathed heavily as he pulled himself from under the body of the alien, as he got up the pain came back, at that moment he realised that his back was soaked with the water that was still gushing from the tap, his top was soaked with black alien blood and his back was bleeding from the shards of glass embedded in it.

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