The Invisible Man 8

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About a poor homeless man. He would not hurt a fly but he is cast away because he is ill. His only crime is that he is not part of the normal part of life.

The Invisible Man 8

The Invisible Man has one jewel! Nature
There is no world without the beauty of nature,
So what is left when these gifts have left a bitter man?
Would it be hell, pain, permanent punishment?
Or the deepest darkest prison with no light.
Deep in my dreams I can remember the word kindness,
But it is only a word, one I have never understood nor met,
Would kindness walk hand in hand with nature?
Would it be a different emotion away from hate and revenge?
Was there once a word called gentleness?
From a time that some people cared?
No! There cannot be, because nobody cares,
Another legend from stories long time past.
So what happened to those long gone emotions?
Selfishness has taken up his sword and struck them down,
Did it also cut down the word friendliness?
What would it have been like to have a friend?
Come with me along a road, I built it myself,
Experience fear, black corners, black tunnels, strangeness,
The grass is coarse, trees lining my road are very wrong,
Listen to the whispers, from nobody, nowhere, hissing hate.
Conspicuous, and unwanted, taunts of filth and disgust,
Cold, icy, razor sharp swords lightly cut exposed parts,
I hear mourning, weeping, great anguish, I think it's my own,
I am tired, can't rest, I am too petrified to sleep.
The road is danger, I know some thing unthinkable waits,
For a weakness to show maybe hunger, maybe, compassion,
Evil walks my road silent, glaring bitter revenge at me,
But the real evil is a cowardliness, I cannot escape.


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I am a Poet.
My passion is to write about nature and the history of nature.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
23rd Nov 2012 (#)

At this stage of Invisible's life , he seems to be caught in a long, dark tunnel of despair . He needs to know that someone cares .Albeit only through my pen , I will be such a one , and of coarse , God cares , but he doesn't know that yet .

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