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The journalist is covering up the story of an ex-convict where in the later part, the journalist turns to be the child of the murdered couple of the ex-convict.



MARIE LEMINOV: Wife of Sinesio
ANGELICA LEMINOV: Daughter of Sinesio

The apartment of the Leminov in the 3rd floor of the purge tower at 10:50 am. Door (entrance) is at the left side of the stage (facing it) and another door at the right side towards the family’s bedroom. Not far from the entrance is the dining table where Sinesio is reading a newspaper and sitting beside him is his daughter waiting for the food to be served. The kitchen, as the background, is where Marie cooked and prepared the food to be served during lunch.


MARIE: Angelica, honey could you get that one.
ANGELICA: Yes mama.
(The door opens with a cracking sound)
ANGELICA: Ahmm, Can I help you?
(Woman wearing jeans and black shirt appeared)
HELENA: (Smiling) Oh hi there, my names Helena and I am a journalist, Is your daddy home? I would like to cover him a story.
ANGELICA: Oh, yes, come in, papa…papa someone is here to put you on the TV. (Chuckling)
HELENA: Thanks. (Smiling)
(The couple welcomed her)
MARIE & SINESIO: Please have a seat.
(Sinesio and Angelica return to their seats while Marie remained standing)
MARIE: Well, I guess I am going to add one more meal for our dear journalist. Please make yourself comfortable.
HELENA: Oh I will thank you.
ANGELICA: (Sitting beside Helena) my mama cooks very well you know.
MARIE: Angelica honey, don’t flatter mama too much.
(All of them laughed and then Helena started to take her paper and pen out implying the start of the interview)
HELENA: By the way, I am Helena Michovisky a freelance journalist. (She stands and offered her hand to Sinesio as a sign of introduction)
SINESIO: (Stand and shake her hand) and I am Sinesio Leminov, Nice to meet you.
(The two sat down)
HELENA: I heard about your release in the news and since I am really interested on the “Hidalgo’s family murder” case, I would like to cover your story, if that’s okay with you?
SINESIO: (Silence for a second) I-its fine with me. You can ask me anything about it, in this way it might lift my sin a little.
(Marie pause a moment in preparing the food while Angelica felt guilty)
ANGELICA: Papa is not a bad person Ms. Helena; He just did it for my sake. If it wasn’t for me Papa would have not-
SINESIO: Angelica!
(Angelica looks down in fear)
SINESIO: Forgive my rudeness (turn to look at Helena) shall we proceed with the interview?
HELENA: R-right. Ahm, according to the report you rob the family at 6:00 in the evening while they are having dinner in their private house, did you rob them by yourself?
SINESIO: Yes, that’s right. But it was never my intention to murder them. Angelica, my daughter, you see she was ill that time and was an infant back then (His voice trembles). The doctor told us she needed an immediate operation but as you can see were just poor and we could not possibly attained $50,000 immediately, but the hospital won’t start the operation unless we pay the fee. We are so hopeless.
(Marie approached and comforted her husband, laid her hand on his shoulder and Sinesio hold hers in return)
MARIE: Sinesio, dear.
ANGELICA: (Lift her head and stared at his father, feeling worried) Papa.
SINESIO: (Stared at his daughter, trying to ease her guilt by drawing a smile to his face, and then look at his wife passionately) I’m okay.
HELENA: (Feeling uncomfortable) then what happened?
SINESIO: After that I left the hospital thinking of a way to save my daughter, then suddenly I remembered Mr. Hidalgo, I work for him as his driver, I called him and politely ask to borrow an enormous amount of money but he refused me. He told me he used almost all of his money investing for the future; I could just not believe him. He is so rich that is impossible for him to run out of money. I get confused and then I was able to come up with such a ridiculous idea.
MARIE: It was really not his intention to kill somebody. (Staring at Helena with worry)
HELENA: And you didn’t stop him?
MARIA: I did-
SINESIO: She didn’t know what I was going to do that time.
HELENA: So you plan to rob them then after that?
SINESIO: Yes, I sneaked into their house, since I have been working for them long enough I already know the place too well, the same goes with the alarm system of the house.
HELENA: Then you killed them?
SINESIO: No. I mean I did, but believe me I did not intentionally have such idea before I get there, it just happen so fast, Mr. Hidalgo tried to struggle and grab a knife all I do is just try to get away from there after I had the money, then when he tried to kill me I knock him out and before I knew it I already stab him.
HELENA: What happened to his wife?
SINESIO: I was afraid that she might tell the police. I-I-I killed her too. (Feeling guilty and tears started to fall from his face) she saw me you know, I don’t have a choice.
MARIA: I hated him that time after he told me what he did. (Closing her fist)
ANGELICA: It was all my fault.
MARIA: Oh, sweetheart, we all know it wasn’t. (Looking at her daughter with care)
ANGELICA: But If I was not sick that time papa would have not done it.
HELENA: You said you hated him? (Stared at Maria, looking confused)
MARIA: Yes I did, but we’re still a family, he’s my husband after all. I can’t get myself to hate him forever. I forgive him after his imprisonment, and I know that he already regret it. So when we heard the government will give him a chance we’re really overwhelmed, me and Angelica.
ANGELICA: I am so happy when we really heard it. (She smiled with joy in her eyes)
SINESIO: I didn’t believe I will have a second chance, I have been imprisoned for 8 years and suddenly this time would come, I… words won’t even come out, I’m really grateful.
HELENA: But I heard that Mr. & Mrs. Hidalgo has a daughter, did you kill her too?
SINESIO: (A moment of silence then he stared at the table) I… I didn’t. I can see my daughter in her.
HELENA: Then she’s the one who told the authority about you? She witnessed the scene and testifies, am I right?
SINESIO: No. She was under trauma that time. It was the footage on the CCTV that put me to jail. I was too careless, I forgot about the security system of the house. Even if I put the guards to sleep I wasn’t able to escape the cameras. I guess I really have to pay for my crime after all.
MARIA: I don’t think that my husband regrets it to let the child live. It was the only right thing he did that day. I wonder where she is right now. I hope she grows up normally.
SINESIO: The past still hunts me, even in my sleep. If only I can go back time, I would have not done it.
HELENA: Oh, your past is still hunting you alright.
SINESIO: Excuse me?
HELENA: Maria, I guess your husband will regret letting the child live.
MARIA: (Scared) w-what do you m-mean?
(Helena takes the gun from her sling bag and stands up then shot Maria and Angelica to the heart)
SINESIO: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? MARIA! .... ANGELICA! (Stared to Angelica then caress his wife and attended to her dead body)
HELENA: I just did what you weren’t able to do. If you’re going to murder an entire family make sure to kill them all. (Pointed the gun to Sinesio)
SINESIO: (Crying while holding his wife) what are you talking about? What did they do to you for you to kill them?
HELENA: Let me give you a hint, my real name is Anastasia Hidalgo, nice to meet you. There only crime is to have a husband and a father like you.
SINESIO: Y-you’re that child.
HELENA: (Crying with anger) I’m glad you recognized me. My dad didn’t do anything bad to you. Yet you still mercilessly killed my parents. That moment when my father told you he invested the money for the future he was not lying. He did invest it, It was all spent for my project, I was merciful you see, I ask my dad to give a sum of money on the charity that I just visited, since the children there are so friendly to me when I visit it, my father rewarded them. However, you were also at fault, when you ask my dad for such enormous amount of money you did not told him about your daughter’s situation, my dad then thought you were going to spend it to build your own house that’s why my father choose to donate it to the charity instead.
SINESIO: (Feeling guilty) I- - - forgive me. (Still crying with guilt)
HELENA: It’s too late.
(Helena shot Sinesio to his heart and left the room)


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author avatar Lady aiyanna
18th Aug 2014 (#)

And Empress Lisa witnessed the whole thing and wrote the whole dialogue and coverage by letting the actual killer live. Well it always pays never to let a journalist into your house without proper credentials and go to their office and give the interview.
None the less, no criminal in the right mind would give an interview of a horrifying double homicide and expect to live. If she didn't someone else would after the article was published.

Its all about the money... And no one cared.... Crims are repatriated to another location and given new identities in cases like this. Unless its David Bain, whose whole family was killed in a murder that rocked NZ....

None the less, Wages of SIN is death but not in stealth and not like this either....

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