The Karsaz Road Ghost Mystery

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Karachi city of Pakistan is very famous for so many paranormal events and among them, the Karsaz Road Mystery leads on top and it hasn't reached the conclusion.


There are some facts that have made me change my thinking.According to my personal observations, all those haunting, haunted or paranormal incidents are mostly the stories made by the locals in order to keep their children at homes during nights or letting them not to go too far. In some areas, the mafia also plays a vital role such as smugglers, drug mafia or property dealers The paranormal is currently being accepted as a compulsory belief in the lives of many, who believe.
Being skeptical about the Paranormal stuff ; sometimes, does convince me to think about the lady named Tahira, who haunts the famous road of Karsaz in Karachi city of Pakistan.

The Story of a Haunting Lady Ghost

A cabaret dancer, known by the name Tahira, was on her way back to her home, asked for the lift, but the people in the car had bad intentions towards her. They gave her lift but exactly at the old and abundant sewerage pumping station at Karsaz, they stopped the car, pulled her badly, raped and terribly injured her and ran away. She kept asking for some help while in bleeding condition, but no one helped her because that was the abandoned pumping station where no one goes. She died struggling for her life.

From that day on wards, this news has spread throughout the country that if someone is driving through the Karsaz Road (when there's no traffic), he has to take special care in giving lift to a lady.
These sort of stories have often been heard about a driver who died due to terrible fear by cardiac arrest or by an accident.
According to the guards of the bungalows, they have seen a lady, who emerges out of nowhere, haunts that place from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM, and that is the time duration, when she was molested terribly.

There are many articles written on that subject. Some of them might be fake but some of them are real as well.If you ever want to search about that lady, just use web address, and type the keyword Karsaz, and you will automatically get lots of auto suggestions about that ghost. It has much more impact than the Resurrection Mary of Chicago but the factual based story has never been heard in the Middle Eastern, Western, Scandinavian or European World
The story dates back to 1960's era when Karsaz Road of Karachi wasn't that much busy and not well constructed.

The Place from where the Spirit emerges

The pictures of the abandoned sewerage pumping station, which was closed in 70's era, is considered to be the place from where the entity emerges. The local ghost hunters investigated that place and found the solid proof that there is something residing inside the chambers.


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