The Koanther

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long ago, in an achient time lived a gropu of..
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The koanther

Long ago in the anchient world, lived a group of Koanthers. Karl was the king of his group and all the other Koanthers were jealous of him.

Karl and his group went looking for food every day, Karl would always catch the most food as he was a excellent hunter.

One day, the rain just wouldn't stop. Karl said to the group " we all have worked very hard, so as a reward we can just relax at home." So all of the Koanthers went off and did there own things. They all eventually fall asleep.

As nightfall came karl still slept but the other Koanthers didn't, they were off to find some hunters to kill Karl, as they didn't like his leadership. The Koanthers, hidden in the dark, gloom of the night they spoke to some hunters they found. They started to speak to them saying : Kill the Koanther with the shiney black fur and I god, shall reward you with whatever you plead."

The Hunters, confused but ready, set out to find the Koanther's. As Karl awoke he was all alone with all the other Jealous Koanthers no where to be seen.

Till this very day day there has only been grey fured Koanthers, Just like the originall leader, Karl.

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Thanks for the share I enjoyed the read

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