The Land of My Broken Dreams

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Since we are still on the Labor month, I would like to experience with you my unforgettable experience in the job that you can surely reflect at all. Read more for my detailed shared experience.

No pain. No gain.

Experience is the best teacher as the most people say. We will not grow with maturity if we are not molded with the mistakes in the past. We fall down, we stand up, and we grow and become mature. Life is a learning process. Everything is a learning opportunity to grow as a person.

Let me share with you my personal experience when I was working somewhere in 2010. At my first impression that time, I expected so much from myself and from my employer. I came that place with dreams and hopes. Everything was fine the first time. I was also motivated to work because of the compliments I received from my co-employees. There was no problem the first time. Due to culture shock, of course it took a lot of adjustments the first time. I have never expected that everything would change just a wink of an eye. I was scolded everyday by my employer and my co-employees as well. Just a single mistake then they could not forget. The salary that they must pay to me by contract was not even fully given to me. I just accepted the reason that I was under contract. What pained me so much that time was the feeling of picking up a single mistake until the stories were made up wrong. I felt so disgusted when my employer approached me one time and said ‘’It is you who was smelling bad.’’ It made me a lesser person. I felt sick. I kept on crying when every day when I went home. I lost my appetite. There was even a time that I used my bank card to insert the machine instead of the train card. That was the time that I felt like withdrawing the job. I had no one to talk with. Until such time I became unproductive and lazy going to work. I just waited the time until my employer would say that they could not extend my working permit less than a year. After that day, I went to the church and cried like crazy. I said to myself: ‘’ My God, why have you forsaken me?’’ I became atheist that time. One day, due to more problems in the home that I stayed, so I decided to go to my home country.

That was the experience that made me learn packs of lessons. It took some time to forget and forgive the people who hurt me. What is important is that I did not act violently at the office. Though they were killing me softly but somehow I have learned how to handle things on my own. I was not physically tortured but they tortured me mentally. The only thing for me to survive that time is to let go that job. It was unhealthy for me. I have learned so many lessons from that experience.

Money cannot buy happiness. This is what I have learned from my cruel experience. What is important for me right now is the love and support from my family. The success that I got from my two teaching jobs after 2010 made me a complete person. Never take grudges to people is one that I have learned. I hope that you learned something from me. Stand still and be like with this website:


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