The Last Day of School

Wiladene Keen By Wiladene Keen, 25th May 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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How many of us (and I'm sure it's just about all of us ) can remember back to our last day of lower school? The tears and the promises to miss all of our special friends that saw us through the past year. Hugs for our favorite teachers and of course...the Lunch Lady.

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye!

It was the last day of school and everyone was so excited. The past nine months of the school year had been extremely busy and the countdown for the end of the term had begun immediately after Spring Break was over.

I was especially emotional that morning. I knew that I was more than ready to begin my summer break, but at the same time I was somewhat sad at saying goodbye to the students. I was a very important part of their everyday lives, as they were in mine. There had been many times when I'd been tempted to give them attitude, but as I looked at them on this last day, I was so glad that I hadn't.

Patience had worn thin many days, but here we were now; ready to get out and enjoy or summers, and all of the pettiness and the irritability just seemed to evaporate into thin air.

There were plenty of hugs, and 'I love yous' going around. What was especially sweet was the group of young girls in my granddaughters class; all of them eight-year-old. They got all teary eyed and hugged me tight around my neck. This was to be expected from children so young, but when the middle school kids did the same thing, it was my undoing. They likewise passed hugs to me and some told me how much they would miss me over the summer.

Everyone from students to teachers and administration asked if I would be returning next year. To my surprise they were all happy when I said 'yes'. I received a few very nice parting gifts and the food treats were spectacular that day. All in all, when I finally hugged my co-worker and we promised to stay in touch, I left school that afternoon feeling pretty good. I knew I was special...appreciated and all of the people at my school would be glad to see me again in August.

There's no one more unforgettable than the Lunch Lady!


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