The Last Faberge`s: Beat The Devil

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A race against the clock to save the world from two consecutive coupes. One Russian and one more sinister the actions of a rouge Cardinal.

The Last Faberge`s: Beat The Devil

It is only fitting that in this the 400th anniversary of the Romanoff Dynasty that "The Last Faberge` narrates a probable scenario on what would have happened in a world filled with intrigue and shrouded in mystery some 100 years ago. And, now resurfacing today just as the world is again poised on the brink of calamity the intrigue and mystery continues. When a archeology professor stumbles upon a map that was hidden for over 100 years begins a treasure hunt for the ages. A map that points the way to the hidden wealth of the last Tsar of Russia puts Professor Swartz on the trail hoping to find one of histories most sought after treasures. Would the missing Faberge` Eggs be far behind? A treasure map showing where the whereabouts of the lost wealth of Nicholas II of Russia located somewhere in the foot hills of Northern Afghanistan. A hidden treasure that is beyond imagination waiting to be found. Little did Professor Swartz realize that once this most sacred of all treasures was found the world would be thrust into a cataclysm of destruction. For Professor Swartz the find would cost him his life.

It is this treasure that is going to be used not for the good of mankind but for evil intentions of a ruthless Cardinal who would soon go on to become the next Pope. The clock is ticking. But, the plot thickens when news of a planned coupe the likes of which haven't been seen since the Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917. The long lost grandson of Nicholas II half brother is now planning to over through the Russian President and reclaim his rightful place in history. The stage is set but, first two secret service agents, the head of NSA, and the brother of a college professor must stop Cardinal Sebastian from sending the whole world back into the cave of the Neanderthal.

Late October, Present day Chicago Ill.

It started out like any other Fall day. A slight chill was already in the air. The leaves had turned a bright orange bringing the season into full bloom. As Tom Smith stepped out of his apartment at 106 Fontain Ave. in a high price section of Hyde Park he quickly became aware that this morning something was going to be different. He couldn't put a figure on it but a premonition and a foreboding sense quickly overwhelmed his senses. He knew that this day would forever change his life.

As he shuffled his way through the fallen leaves toward his car, a bright red 2012 Mustang, the car cost a bundle, but, what the heck Tom could afford it. Tom had a pristine job working for the government. As Director of Intelligence for the Southeastern Region, Tom had over 20 years of intelligence gathering working with the FBI and the CIA before appointed head of NSA Southeastern Region. As Tom was about to reach for the door handle he noticed that the leaves around his car appeared as though they were pushed aside. Instead of opening the car door Tom snooped down and looked under the car. There he noticed two plastic explosives primed to explode. Thankful for not opening the door Tom immediately reached for his cell phone and placed a call to 911 and then to Secret Service agent Lenny Wilson

Lenny was already on his way to he café where they were supposed to meet. "Lenny! Tom here, gotta come to my place now!" The urgency of Toms voice sent Lenny to press on the gas. Within minutes both the police and Lenny were standing next to Tom's Mustang. The bomb squad was already setting up to disarm those plastic explosives. "Tom, Let's go inside and check out as to who and why someone would plant a bomb under your car" retorted Lenny. Thinking back Tom could only think of one instance, that e-mail from Professor Swartz. It was a little over three weeks ago that the Professor vanished only to be found two days later with his whole expedition murdered. The only clue was this e-mail. As Lenny was looking out the window while the bomb squad finished disarming the two plastic explosives Tom's computer popped open the e-mail from Professor Swartz. Opening up the attachment that was sent was a duplicate map of some historical significance of what Tom could surmise was a topographical map somewhere in Northern Afghanistan. As Lenny and Tom both kept looking for any sign indicating the whereabouts of the last place the Professor was before his disappearance Tom leaned over "Lenny we got to get on the first flight to Kabul." An hour later both were boarding flight 367 a 747 jumbo jet out of O'Hare.

Next Day, Kabul, Afghanistan

Upon arriving Lenny Wilson and Tom Smith were met by Col. James Parker as well as Tony Swartz the professors only brother. "Nice to see you made it is such short time gentlemen" "You said you had some new information on the disappearance of the Professor" replied Lenny. As they were walking toward transport the Col. turned and said " The Professor some how discovered the whereabouts to Nicholas's half brother as well as a fortune in treasure. We will get to the treasure part later but first this will really shake up the history books. You know history doesn't mention the half brother of Nicholas but the Professor found definitive proof that he not only existed but managed to end up in Europe. The forgotten son of Nicholas's father Tsar Alexander III." You mean to tell us that the last Tsar had a half brother that nobody knew about." questioned Tom. As the four men got into the military humve the Col. continued his story. " Alexei survived the Bolshevik Revolution just because Nicholas never told of his existence and always kept him out of sight. At the start of the coupe in 1917 he managed to escape into Switzerland. He had a son and now his grandson lives in Zurich today. He has been quite the business man acquiring a fortune in commodities. The CIA has been keeping taps on him for quite some time now and didn't think anything of it until recently. A taped conversation with one of the Rothchilds' shed new light on his intentions. For some time he has been stashing away huge sums of money in Swiss bank accounts. We really don't know how much but let's just say enough to start a revolution.

As the humve continued its way toward the last know campsite of Professor Swartz Tom Smith leaned over "Col why wasn't any one else informed of this earlier it has national security risks all over it. Never mind the historical significance of finding out the last Tsar had a half brother that survived the Bolshevik uprising." "Gentlemen let me assure you all of this was going to be shared on a need to know basis. And now it appears we all really need to put our heads together and figure out what this grandson is really up to and find that lost treasure before it lands into the hands of more terrorists." The Col continued as the humve kept going. "Tom do you have any idea of who would have planted that car bomb?" "News sure travels fast. How did you know about it any way" replied Tom "We all got connections Tom" replied Col. Parker. Just then Tom handed over the photo copy of Professor's Swartz last e-mail. As the Col. was looking over the map and then glanced at the humve's GPS reading indicated that they were about ten miles away from the last campsite of the Professors.

As the humve approached the abandoned campsite four armed American GI's came out from behind a bunker on the right. As the GI's came over Col. Parker stepped out. " Any trouble" asked Col. Parker. "No Sir" replied Lt. Grisim. As Lenny Wilson, Tom Smith and Tony Swartz got out of the humve Col. Parker replied "show us the cave that the Professor found" A few moments later they were all standing next to the large sarcophagus inside the caves entrance. Just then Tom motioned to Tony "Tony did your brother e-mail you before he went missing?" "Yea he did" Just then Tom looked at the photo copy and tried to matched the writing on the sarcophagus to the copy only to find the writings on the sarcophagus was obliterated. "Lt has anyone tried to enter this cave since?" Col Parker asked. "Sir, 3 days ago we had to repel a small group of Al-Qaeda operatives. You can be sure more will come" replied Lt. Grisim. The Lt went on "as far as we can tell the Professor was ambushed and betrayed by one of his guides. We found the Professor and the rest of his exposition some 3 miles from here. All were executed from the looks of it. As Tom read the Professors last message "Everyone, from what the Professor wrote he did find inside this sarcophagus the remains of none other than Anastasia the daughter of Nicholas II. How she managed to end up here is quite another mystery in itself. The Professor had also noted that within her entombment was the missing Faberge` Eggs and another a map detailing the entrance inside this cave to the last remaining treasure of Nicholas II.

As they all stool around the last remaining artifact of the Romanoff Dynasty "According to Professor Swartz they were going to Moscow with Anastasia's remains, the Faberge` Eggs as well as Nicholas's treasure. That was the last bit of information the Professor sent." Stated Tom. "Well, gentlemen some where along the way some how people knew of my brothers whereabouts and went to great lengths to take everything that should have gone to Moscow just for the sake of history." As you can see that entrance over there inside is completely empty except for this. Just then Tony produce a gold coin. The treasure was real and it was here." replied Tony. "Now all we have to do is retrace the Professors steps and find out who took it all." stated Col. Parker

Will this small band of brothers be able to find Professors Swartz killers and retrieve the vast fortune in gold? Will they be successful in stopping a planed Russian coupe and a rouge Cardinal from destroying the world? Who is behind one of histories most diabolical scheme? A ticking time bomb about to explode igniting the flames of destruction. The next three chapters of the "Last Faberge` will revel the true identity of the mastermind for global domination. Will he be stopped in time?


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