The Last Faberge`s The Curse Of Nicholas II

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Yet, another chapter in the book titled "The Last Faberge`

The Last Faberge`s The Curse Of Nicholas II

Ever since the beginning of recorded history events, encounters, and mysterious writings have mystified and eluded explanation. The many mysteries of the world have baffled Scientists and archaeologists for centuries. When Professor Swartz discovered the tomb of Anastasia in Northern Afghanistan little did he realize the scope of what was hidden inside the last resting place of one of the worlds most sought after mysteries. Finding the remains of one of histories most iconic historical families should have been enough. But, what was uncovered after this great find proved to be more mysterious than anyone could ever have imagined.

As soon as Professor Swartz removed the sarcophagus bearing the remains of Anastasia were two stone tablets with hieroglyphic writings. Defying explanation the Professor and his team set out to decipher the tablets even though more questions than answers were forthcoming. Seeking answers to what is now the greatest historical find in history as to who could have placed these tablets right near the resting place of Anastasia, the missing Faberge Eggs and a map to the whereabouts to the wealth of Nicholas II the Professor and his team knew that who ever hid these treasures was soon to come back. Not a minute to waste finding the answers to why and how these tablets are linked to the last of the Romanoff dynasty was the task at hand.

At first the Linguistics expert noticed that these writings are dated far before known historical records. Secondly, it was beginning to look like a map with references to the whereabouts of the authentic Turin Papyrus. A series of clues all pointing to the fact that there was really going to be more mystery to this great find. The Professor knew about the legend of the Turin Papyrus and now he knew that the existing Turin Papyrus was a fake. He never thought that this day he would have within his grasp not only a treasure beyond description but stumbled upon the answer to one of histories most elusive mysteries.

As work began on deciphering the tablets Professor Swartz began explaining just what he knew about the Turin Papyrus. The fact is the Turin Papyrus is an actual treasure map. It is said to be the worlds oldest map from the ancient world. It shows the location of gold and silver mines in ancient Egypt. It also shows the location of where to find the coveted bekhenstone. This map also depicts roads to the Dead Sea port that was used to travel to the fabled Punt. Punt was known as a place where more gold was and most likely still is located. The main source Myrrh and Frankincense was located in and around Punt. Both were used for the embalming of mummies and temple ceremonies.

If the Professor could find where this famed map was before anyone else the possibilities are unlimited for the good of civilization. But, if this map fell into the wrong hands as with the Faberge`Eggs along with the vast treasure of Nicholas II the combined wealth could unleash terror that defies description. The urgency of finding where this fabled map was the Professor sent Marvin Hayard a Rhodes Scholar from Oxford with photos of the stone tablets, the sarcophagus, the famed Faberge' Eggs only leaving out the one map that was too valuable to duplicate to Kabul where he could get more help at the American Embassy. Little did Marvin know that was going to be the last time he saw Professor Swartz.

A day later the Professor and the rest of his expedition were ambushed and killed. The Taliban grabbed the Faberge eggs and the map of Nicholas II leaving only the two tablets lying next to the Professor's bullet riddled body. When no word came from the Professor after several days the American Embassy located Tom Swartz who was teaching at Notre Dame and informed him that his brother was missing.

A week later Tom along with the military escort arrived at the campsite of the Professor in the hope that they would find the expedition and their findings. It didn't take long to realize that the Professor was killed in a terror attack robbing them of the worlds greatest finds. As Tom located the stone tablets he knew that his brother was on to the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. The hidden wealth of the last Tsar of Russia, the fabled missing Faberge` Eggs and now the location of the authentic Turin Papyrus the true map dating back to antiquity only hastened the urgency to find the killers and locate the riches of Nicholas II and the authentic Turin Papyrus.

Now, the race was on to find the worlds greatest treasures before they end up in the hands of an organization hell bent on global domination. With the wealth of the world at their disposal Tom had figured it was the Catholic Church and the Pope were the masterminds behind the terrorist attack on Mecca and now with the treasure of the ages within their grasp would have the means to complete their diabolical plans.


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