The Last Faberge`s The Voynich Manuscript

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The search of histories most elusive treasures and stopping world war III depends on the success of the Hardy expedition and two secret service agents.

The Last Faberge`s: The Voynich Manuscript

Was it luck or chance that Tom Hardy never made it to the airport in time to join the Swartz's expedition we will probably never know. But, for Tom a second chance of solving one of histories greatest mysteries and one of today's most hideous crimes is all it took to get him back to the airport in time. It has been two weeks since Tom first got word of the Professors murder and now Tom was starting to pick up the pieces of just why Professor Swartz and the rest of his expedition was murdered in the foothills of Northern Afghanistan. The ill-fated journey in search of the Nicholas II treasure now sparked a renewed interest to find what the Professor found and bring those responsible for the murder of his whole expedition to justice.

Tom Hardy, the last remaining protégé of Professor Swartz now realized the importance of the Professor's work. With the help of Notre Dame's Archaeology Department's Professor Sue Altworth a linguistics expert and Dr. Harry Cohen, professor of Jewish history will retrace Professor Swartz steps in Afghanistan to find exactly what the professor found and had hoped to find.

As they boarded their private jet the excitement of a journey of a lifetime soon turned into a sober realization that they were headed in territory filled with unexpected dangers. Among their belongings was a copy of the Voynich Manuscript where Dr. Altworth soon discovered what the Professor was really looking for. Upon closer inspection of this manuscript from the past two weeks it became known exactly what the Swartz expedition was searching for. And it wasn't just to find the treasure of Nicholas II either. The Yoynich Manuscript now partially deciphered reveled the location of Alexander The Great's tomb.

As their jet soared into the heavens Sue turning to one of the pages in the Voynich Manuscript " Look this is what we are looking for. It reads the Tomb of the Great Alexander lies under three hills of ascending heights each one is ten cubits higher than the next. This is what the Professor was searching for. This Voynich manuscript has been the key all along to finding histories most elusive mystery. The expedition to Northern Afghanistan was just a cover for the real reason why Professor Swartz was actually trying to find." Tom putting down is glass "The head of the Archaeology Department must have known what the Professor was trying to find for he too deciphered this manuscript but feared if word ever got out would instigate a global treasure hunt that would only prove disastrous." In the end it really did prove disastrous for the Swartz expedition.

Little does the Hardy expedition know the dangers that await and what finding the truth behind the murder of Professor Swartz will have on the survival of mankind. It is back in Washington under tight security at Andrews Air Force Base aboard Air Force One that President Smith is meeting with his closet advisors on the latest developments in Saudi Arabia. The recent terrorist attack have brought many Arab nations together where one more attack would send the world into chaos. The disaster in Mecca was stealthy planned, coordinated and executed has now made it clear that there really is no safe haven.

All ready on board Air Force One was the Secretary of State, General Wiscoft and two secret service agents, Lenny and Hugh. As President Smith handed each one a sealed document "People we are on the verge of going to defcon 4. President Boris Sadinski and I now know that the attack on Mecca came from a sub somewhere in the western Indian Ocean. General I am assigning Lenny and Hugh to your staff. You got to find that sub. When you get to Cairo your Russian counterparts will join you. God speed men." With that the three men left Air Force One and boarded a waiting jet bound for Cairo.

As the Hardy expedition landed in Kabul a US armed transport was waiting. Under tight security the three along with five US marines headed toward Professors Swartz last location. Turning to face Sue Tom now putting on bullet proof vest "Just imagine we are on the verge of actually solving one of histories most elusive mysteries. All my life I have been intrigued by Alexander The Great's final resting place and here we are thanks to the Voynich Manuscript which thankfully you managed to decode much of what is written. And, yet there is so much more that needs to be decoded. I wonder how many more mysteries lie just waiting to be solved that this book holds."


Alexander The Great, Nicholas Ii, Russia, Terrorism

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Nikolaj
14th Jun 2016 (#)

Good day!
My name is Nikolai.
To a question about the key to the Voynich manuscript.
Today, I have to add on this matter following.
The manuscript was written no letters, and signs for the letters of the alphabet of one of the ancient languages. Moreover, in the text there are 2 more levels of encryption to virtually eliminate the possibility of computer-assisted translation, even after replacing the signs letters.
I pick up the key by which the first section I was able to read the following words: hemp, hemp clothing; food, food (sheet of 20 numbering on the Internet); cleaned (intestines), knowledge may wish to drink a sugary drink (nectar), maturation (maturity), to consider, to think (sheet 107); drink; six; flourishing; growing; rich; peas; sweet drink nectar and others. It is only a short word, mark 2-3. To translate words consisting of more than 2.3 characters is necessary to know this ancient language.
If you are interested, I am ready to send more detailed information, including scans of pages indicating the translated words.
Sincerely, Nicholas.

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