The Last Lullaby

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They lived a wonderful life together, but now he lays in front of her not able to move. She can still see what he is thinking through his eyes before she finishes her last lullaby for him.

The Last Lullaby

Sing me that lullaby
Please, do not cry
Help me remember the warmth of your arms
Help me remember how it feels
Tell me about your memories of my charms
Tell me how it seems like our life has been on wheels

I can feel my body growing light
And yet, I simply cannot fight
Remember how you ran into me on the street
Remember how I worked so hard to sweep you off your feet
Your eyes so beautiful and true
My mind and heart only for you

See, there is that wonderful smile I know
But please don't cry
Do you remember our first snow
M'lady, time really flies by
It was the day of our first kiss
The feeling of my lips touching yours I will surely miss

Do you remember me playing with you hair
While I held and comforted you after every nightmare
I remember wiping the tears from your face
Then gently giving you kisses in your tears place
Each moment a silently powerful treasure
Because I simply love you without measure

I remember how you got that scar near your eye
I can still feel my fist colliding with your father's mouth
I couldn't stand when he hurt you and made you cry
Hearing him yell at you let me know things went south
Seeing his first blow on your face I gave a shout
All the power I had in that punch said, "She is loved, no doubt"

My body now goes numb but you haven't finished
Please know that when we part my love for you won't be diminished
I will never forget
Our first quiet sunset
Sitting in a tree

I will always strive to hold
Every smile and laugh with no fold
Written on paper was my love for you told
Nervous, I let you read the note to which you were ecstatically sold
Never had you received something so sweet and bold
So now today, after so long, we sit together happy and old

I now listen to your lullaby
As I reminisce about the past
Your eyes now full of tears
"Together we stand with no fears"
"Together our love will always last"
"Together we will never say goodbye..."


Poetry, Romance, Sad, Short Story

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author avatar Mitiria
A young soul that writes from the very core of his heart and mind. Writes Dark, Romantic, Twisted, and even Thought provoking poems. Welcome to his world through his eyes.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Nov 2015 (#)

I would do anything,
For lust,
Will pull you to hell,
Saying that's that.
Would show all,
The game of love.
Saying its a lullaby,
Cutting One Above.

For I give no sleep,
But cause the pain.
Showing the voices,
Driving all insane.
Bringing the fury,
The stomping of feet.
And keep nagging,
Again and again.

Do you see that love,
It just drive you wild.
Showing the reason,
Why Satan Smiled.
Taking all forever,
With baseless moon.
Leaving the world,
In move and swoon.

As she confides it,
Saying that's okay.
I will turn the tides,
You just have to pay.
Just a few diseases,
Show world the life.
Anthem of real lust,
No pain and strife.

For that's the lullaby,
Of that Nightmare there.
Spreading fermentation,
Just everywhere.
Showing rotten heart,
Bearing the Soul.
All lie awake now,
Hard to console.

For all just show it,
Darkness on reign.
Sleep now disappeared,
All going dark and insane.
Singing Lullaby of Satan,
With Wages of SIN.
Who is spreading diseases,
From deep within.

For I hold my little one,
Compose my tune.
Showing the Angels,
Pushing back Moon.
Who shows Satan,
The Lullaby Life.
As I hold my baby,
As the Wedded Wife.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 18th November 2015

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author avatar Mitiria
17th Nov 2015 (#)

Very good. Wild and Dark. Feelings are very well driven.

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