The Legend of Dark River Forest Part II

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Jake and Shana discuss Cara and the legend of Dark River Forest .

One Year Later

"Hey Jake, no fair." Shana shouted, "We're supposed to be racing, you're cheating."
"And?" Jake asked.
"You were supposed to wait for "Go" and you left on "Ready". Shana glared at him, "I demand a rematch!"
"You never said "Go on go" so what was I supposed to think?" Jake said with false innocence, "I won fair and square, Shana.''
"Fair and square!" the angry girl repeated loudly--you have no sense of the meaning of the word, especially used together in a sentence."
But Jake was barely listening to his friend; he had been distracted by the front page of the town paper, "The Daily Focus", that someone had left on a nearby bench.
Jake picked up the paper, saying, "What's this?"
There was a picture of young woman, he read the caption underneath,
"One year since local woman goes missing."
Shana looked at the page along with Jake, "There was a girl, Cara Washington, she went missing last year. Everyone in town knew Cara, she was a senior at Baker College. She was the most popular girl there. Went to a party thrown by one of her friends at their parent's cabin, and she disappeared. Another friend who also went to this party wouldn't give Cara a ride home later 'cause she had met some guy and she, the other friend, I mean, left with him. She told Cara to "catch a cab." The next morning, Saturday, Cara's parents discovered that she wasn't in bed, and apparently had never come home. Well, they freaked, of course. They called the cops, they searched all over town, the forest, everywhere for like two months or more. They never found anything. One by one, the volunteers that came out to help gave up on the search. The only thing that the searchers found was Cara's purse, and that was empty, Shana said. "Her mother identified it, she had gotten the purse for her last birthday."
"That's sad," Jake said, after she finished.
"It's why I'm not popular, now come on, race you to Pizzas'-U-Luv. Rematch, here I come!'
"I can't believe you haven't heard about this" Shana said to Jake when their food arrived.
"I only been here two months"
"It was national news."
"My dad was stationed in Japan"
"There was internet."
"Why would I look up missing girls in Bakers Canyon ?"
"Because in Bakers Canyon there is a forest called Dark River Forest."
"I didn't know that, I haven't lived here since I was two."
" Whatever. Maybe you should do it, look it up I mean."
"Why ?"
"Curiosity. I mean everyone at school and their parents did it after Cara disappeared."
"This is a strange town."
"Maybe, but wouldn't you like to know the legend of Dark River Forest ?" Shana asked taking the first bite of her pizza.


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author avatar Tranquilpen
20th Oct 2011 (#)

Tricia, you sure have the attributes of a great writer, love your easy flowing dialogue my friend. This great stuff should be shared with a very special group of writer friends of mine. you can read their stuff and share your own work. It' classy but free. You can reach them here at
Thanks again, looking forward to more of this.

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author avatar Tricia-Simone
20th Oct 2011 (#)

Thank you and I will definitely check out that site.

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