The Letter "E"

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Now that most thing can be done electronically, this letter "E", has preceded lots of words.

The Letter "E"

As one progresses in life and growing both physically and professionally
Demonstrating good life skills, and handling situation with alacrity
To an onlooker they may look on in awe and Oh so admiringly
In the mind may conclude that you made it look so Easy.

As you move around in those performing those action
Each task accomplished with a great deal of satisfaction
They may be some who may say that you work so untiringly
There will make a summation, that you are blessed with Energy.

As those around you keep complaining about the prices and recession.
You decided to make some changes, to cushion this occasion
In doing so you have managed the situation so effectively
Thus showing them all. that you have acted Economically.

Today there has been another dimension to this topic
Almost everything with it is now being made so synchronous
So young and old and so very fascinated by it
Yes they are all fixed on that medium that is Electronic.

Those days of waiting for a response that move like a snail
It is speed that more often now that seems to so readily prevail
So now no problem in getting information is such detail
That is because there is now a well used medium called the Email.

There are now those multinational cop orations, that are now in communication
They can all keep in contact and share their latest information
There for they can keep abreast of each other processes and progress
Can also take care of their customers by the means of Ebusiness.

Then those people who have something to place in an auction
They do no have to sit face all those days of rejection
Happily it can be soted out with the minimum of delay
By putting it on the block at a place called Ebay.

What a way to travel the world in any direction
Can access many places no matter the physical location
So there are happening that could make the head twirl
It is something really fascinating and interesting in this Eworld.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Apr 2011 (#)

that was e lating

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author avatar Songbird B
27th Apr 2011 (#)

E-xtraodainarily E-xcellent as always, Poetic..Ee...I do like your

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