The Luckiest Day Of My Life

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A near life and death situation for me with a break-and-enter at a neighbours house.

A True Guard Dog Companion.

One sunny lazy afternoon,I sat on my front stairs sipping on my lemonade with ice cubes and soaked in the warm day,after I finished my over night shift at our local department store.It seemed like minutes only drifted by and our neighbour(Bill)came to my front gate waving a friendly hello.I stood up off my houses front stairs,meeting him at the gate and he says nicely "Hi Susan,I hate to be a pest on this wonderful afternoon,but I need a favour.Could you please watch over my place next door this evening?I'll be happy to pay you $50.00 plus Duke will help you look after the place,its a steal of a deal!"I couldn't help but laugh at his comedic joke,so I said "Sure,why not..what time will you be back?"Bill replies promptly "I'l be going at 6:30 PM,so I should be home no later than after midnight,those meetings at work run a little late."I gave him the "ok" knowing his rottweiller Duke will keep me company until his owner came back.
I arrived at Bill's house around 6:25 PM after I had my dinner earlier. Just as Bill leaves,he goes "I promise I won't be too long...Duke will be happy to keep the robbers away."I gave a big smile and thanked him as he paid me the money and left,locking the deadbolt.By that time,Duke came running up to me smelling my scent,knowing I was there as his routine Babysitter.In all honestly,Duke was a pretty large dog and about 3 years old.You couldn't ask for a better guard dog as he followed me wherever you walked in the house.

I decided to walk up stairs to use the washroom with Duke in tow,walking by my side and suddenly, I heard a loud smash down stairs,like the front bay window breaking into thousands of pieces.I jumped with my frazzled nerves and Duke immediately started barking,running down stairs to see who it was.I was running behind him closely,scared to see who the trespasser was.Without warning,I heard a gun shot fire and a loud yelp,I knew it was Duke that was shot!I yelled frantically "Duke,no!"I bolted around the corner seeing Duke lying on the living room rug,motionless and I screamed with my hands on my face "Oh my God,NO!"The tall intruder wore a black ski mask,gun drawn at me and I froze right up,arms at my sides,too frightened to even take another step.This intruder slowly approached me gun still pointed at my chest,but I kept myself as still as possible.He gradually spoke in a deep voice going "Who else is here!?Answer me!"I managed to stumble out shakily between my lips "My,myself and the dog.No one else."The robber cautiously moved closer to me,gun drawn up to my face now,which made me quiver in my spot of what space was left.He went behind and coiled his left arm around my neck firmly,the gun in the other.I shook beyond belief crying outloud "Please I won't tell anyone you were here,I promise! "The burgular drew a long breath near my face mumbling "hmmm,really.What do you have of value for me?"I didn't know how to answer that question, as it wasn't my house and I didn't know where Bill's safelty deposit box was either.He tightened the grip on my neck even more,causing me to open my mouth for air and my eyes were starting to water,due to lack of air.

He gently whispered in my ear "I've got one piece of valuable right here,start moving to the couch right now and start taking your clothes off."I was so terrified he was going to rape me right here in our neighbours house and there wasn't a thing I could do to save myself!He moved me with his arm around my throat motioning me, towards the leather sofa.I tried to speak out gasping with whispers "please,please don't do this!I can help,find some money..."He tightened the grip on my throat even more grumbling "shut up,just shut the hell up and do what I say!"This guy wasnt playing around anymore and I couldn't describe what was going through my mind at this time of my life.He shoved me face first onto the couch harshly and he yells "Get your clothes off,NOW!"I sat there shaking,trying to take my t shirt off slowly lifting it off my stomach.The cruel law breaker stood there gun to my face from behind,waiting for me to disrobe for his move.

At that second, my eyes were completely filled with tears,thinking it was nothing but a nightmare which it was.I felt something below my feet and it was Duke moving at a timely pace,on the carpet with a small pool of blood around him.I couldn't believe what was about to happen within that second.Another one of our older lady neighbours banged at the front door,bringing the police there(seeing the front window broken in)and the robber turned his head fast to see who it was.Within a flash, Duke bolted right off the floor,lunging at the interlopers hand where the gun was and chomped down on his wrist hard,breaking some veins in his upper wrist,causing him to drop the gun.The guy screamed out in pain as Duke went absolutely crazy jumping,growling and tearing at this guy's wrist and throat,bringing him down in a matter of minutes.The assailant tried to hit the dog repeatedly in the head,but it just made Duke go more wild.
The Police finally busted in kicking Bill's door down and grabbed the thieves' injured bloody hands,slamming him face down onto the soiled carpet.Duke wanted to finish the job by tearing this guy's throat out,but I grabbed him by the collar, as the authorities arrested him.I could not believe Duke was able to save my life,even with a bullet inside, but where was he shot?I managed to wipe my eyes enough to look him over and noticed,he was shot in his left rib cage and Duke had a 1/4 inch hole in his body.The police took the guy to the squad car and came back in for the statement to see what happened.I explained everything, hugging Duke as I talked to the two officers.I never realized how much Duke liked me as a neighbour to protect not only his owner's home but my life as well.I was deeply grateful for what he'd done.After wards,I called Bill on his cell phone to explain what happened and we both rushed Duke to the emergency vet as it was after 10 PM.The doctor told us Duke was really lucky as the bullet just grazed one of his heart vessels and went out the other side of his rib cage.When we got home,I told Bill everything that went on and he said happily "I told you Duke was a good protector,he'll always be by your side."After a few weeks went by. Duke was back to his old self walking around the yard and greeting me at the front door.I'll be forever in his debt.THE END.


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