"The Magic Book" Chapter four, "The Black Swan"

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Chapter four of the five part "Magic Book" story, Tom and Ruby are captured. read on to find out what happens next.

Tom begins to read

“Here’s one called the Black Swan, this looks good” said Tom “I’ll read this one” He begins to read.

The deck of the Black Swan was awash with debris from the storm they had just been though, “Make fast me hearties” yelled the Captain “and clear these decks, the storm is on the wane now, we need to get to scull island before midnight. “

Ruby felt a cold shiver of excitement as Tom continued to read.

“We have a man overboard Captain” yelled one of the crew
“Never mind him he’s gone now, and make sure you batten down the hatches just in case we get another storm”
The ship rolled from side to side in the heavy seas as the crew began to tie down all the loose things.

The magic begins

The library seemed to go misty and cold Tom and Ruby felt as if a door had been left open and a cold wind was blowing in, when suddenly there was a a loud rumbling sound, Tom looked at Ruby and then around him, he and ruby were standing on the deck of the Black Swan.

Tom quickly grabbed Ruby’s arm and pulled her under a waterproof canvas lying by an old life boat,
“What’s happening Tom? I’m scared”
“ it’s OK we are safe here, nobody can see us” He looked around and found a hook, pulling it to fix it to a ring on the deck, it tore off in his hands “blast” said “I thought that would stop the canvas from blowing up”. Suddenly a gust of wind blew the canvas away leaving the two of them huddling together on the deck, Suddenly a voice boomed out

” And what do we have here?”

The voice came from a black bearded sailor with a patch over one eye,

grabbing the two children he shouted
. “Look what I found Captain, stowaways, or are they spies from the Kings men?” He pushed the two frightened children towards the captain.
Tom and Ruby stood before the Captain, a huge man, one of his hands was a hook, which he used to stroke his black beard, he leaned toward the two of them, Ruby grabbed a tight hold of Toms arm, the Pirate gave a grunt and a huff.

” what shall we do with them Capt.?”

“Take them below and lock them in the brig mister, I will decide later when we have The Swan ship shape again, now set too you scurvy lot, put your backs into it, or you will be joining Davie Jones” Tom and Ruby were bundled into the brig, and with a growl from the pirate he slammed the cell door and turned the key.

Next in the final chapter of "The Magic Book"

  • What will happen to Tom and Ruby?
  • Will they ever get back to the liberary?
  • is this the end for Tom and Ruby?

  • Find out the answers to these questions in the next and last chapter of this exciting story.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
29th Apr 2011 (#)

You still have me on the edge of my seat Johnny.

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author avatar johnnydod
29th Apr 2011 (#)

Well you wont have long to wait Jerry, hope your not disapointed

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author avatar Songbird B
29th Apr 2011 (#)

Just builds and builds, Johnny! Next chapter eagerly awaited...lol

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author avatar Tranquilpen
30th Apr 2011 (#)

WOW! WOW! Thanks Johnny

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