"The Magic Book" Chapter three, "The locked book"

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This is part three of the five parts "Magic Book" adventure, In this episode, Tom and Ruby find a book,but its locked, will they find the key?

Ruby finds a locked book

The next day Tom and Ruby were up early and as soon as breakfast was over off they went to the library, Tom still had his ring on and Ruby had brought along her lucky magnifying glass, she always took her magnifying glass with her when she thought there was going to be an adventure.

Tom smiled “I don’t think we will have an adventure today Ruby”
“Well you never know” giggled Ruby “And I want to be ready”
The two of them ran up and down all the steps and platforms
“I don’t find any secret doors or passageways “shouted Tom from across the room.

“Well I’ve found and old book but its locked",
"What about the key thats on the table" said Tom
"Let’s take it down and see if that key on the table fits” shouted back Ruby,
The two ran down, the sound of their feet on the platforms and the screams of delight echoed around and around the room, back on the ground floor Ruby plonked the huge book on the table and grabbed the key.

The book was bound in dark brown leather with a black and gold edge and four metal studs in each corner, engraved on the front cover in gold foil the words
“Ob adventuram vivo”
And the whole thing was held together by an ornate lock.
“I think this is Latin” said Tom “but I can only translate one word and that’s adventure”

Ob adventuram vivo

“See” said Ruby, a shiver ran down her spine “I told you there was going to be an adventure” as she swept the cover with her glass, and read the words again Ob adventuram vivo, she picked up the key and tried it in the lock “It fits, it fit’s, look Tom it fit’s” she turned the key and removed the lock, opening the thick cover, she read the introduction page.

  • “Inside you will find adventures and more
  • Of pirates and robbers on high seas and shore
  • Of magic and history and dragons and mystery
  • With Jungles and cities all there to explore
  • But beware of your hast and of my words do take heed
  • Remember your ring for that you will need
  • To return from wherever you happen to roam
  • Back to the now and back to your home “

“Wow” squealed Ruby “it’s a magic book”

Tom begins to read

“These are just words Ruby, you and your imagination”
“Well its sounds like magic to me, let’s see what sort of stories are inside?”

They pulled their chairs together and opened the next page, it was the index and the book seemed to have many tales of all sorts, a beam of sunlight shone down from the window above them and gave the pages a sort of a glow page, each page was bordered with silver twinkling in the reflected sunlight.

“Which one shall we read first? “Asked Ruby
“You choose Ruby, maybe a pirate story”
“Oh yes” said Ruby clapping her hands together and bouncing up and down on her chair “Let’s have a pirate story”

Coming soon In chapter four

  • How will the story go?

  • Will Ruby get to use her magnifing glass?

  • Just what will the ring do.?

  • Find out next time in

~~~~ The Magic Book Chapter Four, "The Black Swan " ~~~~

For the younger children read Doly Ducktail and her mischievious adventures

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author avatar Jerry Walch
27th Apr 2011 (#)

You've got me hooked Johnny.

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author avatar Songbird B
27th Apr 2011 (#)

Me too, Johnny...Looking forward to the next chapter! You have found the inner child in each of us cynical adults...Great share and Star Page well deserved too...

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author avatar Hugo La Rosa
28th Apr 2011 (#)

Great story, special use of punctuation. Suspense is great in such a short chapter.

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