The Mancharians’ Newest Civilization (Session Eight, Part 4): The Masters, Deep Meditation, Intuition, Etc.

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The Mancharians continue to reveal eternal truths and now speak of meditation, intuition, wisdom, eternal life, the "Fall" and highly-evolved beings who have chosen to return to the earthen plane to teach the truth. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"The time has come for a collection of questions to be placed before the Mancharians in order to begin work on their second volume under the title "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization." This article {WANTED: Your Questions Placed Before the Mancharians!} show how members of the public can participate and submit their questions for inclusion in Volume Two." - Reni Sentana-Ries

Return Of The Ascended Masters

132. Director Reni: Thank you. Some of the most noble incarnates, who came as messengers from the Brotherhood, have received the most diabolical treatment imaginable. For instance, crucifixions, burnings, torturings and so on. Seeing that their apparent victimhood is to be now viewed as "voluntarism," can we not say on the other hand, that their volunteering for such treatment was not more than a bad mistake or error in judgment at the time of their martyrdom?

Mancharians: Here we would elaborate shortly upon this rather critiqued epic of Brethrenhood survival. Here we would simply explain it in this format: They have come indeed from the higher realms, not to victimize themselves or volunteer themselves for anything, but bringing the truth and light unto you and your people.
In past generations we have seen the defunct processes of man's mind, which made him to rule supreme over another. Statutory clause or not, here it is expressed that not One which has come down, has shaven the head of himself or herself as to be subservient to another or to a rule or to a religion. This was never to be the case.
Remember, when One is in Rome, One is often subjected to Roman Law. And indeed has not One sacrificed him or herself of a willing nature! This is indeed contrary to all Universal Law, for that would be akin to self-sacrifice or suicide. Suicide is akin to murder of Oneself. And indeed as we know from all truth throughout the ages and indeed even throughout religious denominations, that this is breaking every law of the Creator. Is it not?

Director Reni: Yes.

Mancharians: Proceed.

Going Into Deep Meditation

Director Reni: Thank you for giving us this understanding. The next question is very short.

133. Director Reni: Is there an easy way to go into a state of deep meditation?

Mancharians: Interestingly enough, those who sojourn and are the "older," as you would put it, though in our eyes still infant, the older majority of evolved souls within your planetary structure, do have the means within themselves to understand, indeed, the precepts placed within their own heart's desire.

And here we would simply suggest that those, who are looking for deep meditation, are looking indeed for a deeper truth and should accordingly walk that route or that road that is long and narrow. For it is indeed a steep climb to the top, even the top of the ridge, where they dwell at the immediate bottom in an effort to retain the truth essence and to indeed find themselves within categorized conquest of their natures to perform the truth, to live the truth and be an essence of all truth, as they understand it at that point.

They need simply, and here we give the word, "silence. to listen to that inner voice, that intuition, to pull and push at the intuition so that it would expand. Indeed, as we have said: intuition is the highest state of consciousness in the lower evolution of an individual before connection arises with the Higher Self. Proceed.

Wisdom Vs. Intuition

134. Director Reni: Thank you. Of course, wisdom no doubt is the greatest form of man's manifestation of self discipline and intellect. How in application is wisdom different from intuition?

Mancharians: Wisdom is the full essence of exactly what here do you do with intuition? And here what do you do with the truths of your Higher Self, if there be a connection brought down from the higher resources, of which you can tap into perfunctorily at any time. Wisdom endows herself and dresses herself within many colours and many garments. Wisdom has many levels. As wisdom grows, so in fact does the individual grow. Wisdom is simply the output, the consequence of decision of truth. Once truth is found, and then here again, what do you do with truth? Do you cover it up in a blanket and hide it away? Or do you let it radiate and use it to be standard of your own growth, endowing others with less than superstitious regime? Proceed please.

On Racial Superiority

135. Director Reni: Some individuals, or perhaps the group perception of an entire ethnic race, they see themselves as elevated, more intelligent, or of greater worth than their brethren, who, may we say, are of different skin colour or of lesser status achievement, or of less "noble birth." What are your comments on this?

Mancharians: These here are very fragmented qualities of certain individuals. Certain essences of those individuals seem to not have yet learned those specific lessons. For once they all have these lessons to learn, otherwise how could they possibly understand another? There are those who have not yet performed in the different colours or hues of the rainbows above and upon the Earth as being as yellow, or red, or brown, or what have you. Do you understand?

In many events then you will find individuals whereat within their state of journeyings are very young souls, and they have not yet incarnated within those circumferences or boundaries of diversified nationalities and their traits, and experiencing their characteristics, and One to another, and how does another view them and so on. And then there are others, who do know so well, but here again, these are of an essence other than the norm, shall we speak. Those conquerors or practitioners, and here we refer to practitioners as individuals, who have already practiced those lessons, but to date have not learned them. Proceed.

Eternity And The Fall Of Man

136. Director Reni: Historically speaking, is there such a thing as the "fall" of man or mankind? The concept of fallen man is widely held in Christian denominations.

Mancharians: Indeed. This is one of the most truthful concepts to date, though a little out of the ordinary in general perception. Man indeed is categorized by "falling" and being severed from his Higher Self. Not only that, he has been severed: the female from the male and the male from the female. That is quite a drop from where he once was at, would you not say? Proceed.

137. Director Reni: All religious movements speak a lot about "eternal life." What is the proper understanding of this expression?

Mancharians: "Eternal Life" is the Oneness, the Wholeness of the Creation, the never-ending journey, as we have explained in prior session, if you remember. We told you about the big molecule with the atoms fragmenting, and how they became journeys unto themselves back into the Creator or the Creation, which is One, a whole of itself, of ourselves, for we, the Mancharians, we are the Creator.

You are the people, you are the Creators. So here again, how can you have an end to eternity, whether it be finity or infinity? How can finity exist, except in realms of the wheel, the realms of the incarnational process, where the Higher Self, or the higher evolved mind has not been induced with connection to its lower or physical self? This is the only difference here. Proceed. (End quote) (Taken from recording session: Director: Reni Sentana-Ries; Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez; Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez)

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