The Mancharians’ Planetary Reform (Part 11): The Planet Orpheus--Ties Of Kindred

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The Mancharians introduce the Orpheons i.e. who are inhabitants of the planet Orpheus. They are our relatives but their evolutionary scale is several notches higher than our own. Thus will the Mancharians describe their qualities here. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"The time has come for a collection of questions to be placed before the Mancharians in order to begin work on their second volume under the title "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization." This article {WANTED: Your Questions Placed Before the Mancharians!} show how members of the public can participate and submit their questions for inclusion in Volume Two." - Reni Sentana-Ries

Wednesday, 23rd August 1995 9:05 pm


Orpheus Seven is orbited by a stratus of seven well placed meteorite aggregates. In other words, it is factioned off in your segmented theorygrams as having the most complex type of stratospheric occurrences within its atmospheric dentures. Understand this? Indeed, then let us proceed. In order to facilitate the mondorium of the fullness of the stratospheric content, we have so selected this particular planet because of its high density of gravitation pull, which so subjects its inhabitants also, though they be of an almost replicating dimension to your own, as prime texture. For our equivalency toward your own planet in range of density, perimeters of foliage as well as that most complex matter, which seems to categorize you all into some type of utilitarian complex by density and mass and relationships and the like.

As our brothers have been invoiced into compliance for the particular study endowed by themselves to you as a gift, you might say, this has indeed been of the influencing extravaganza to prove their metamorphic quality of life standard from what it once was, by fact, to what it is now. Understand their good will indeed? Good, then for the higher benefit of the peoples of the Earthen control we now introduce you through we Ones into the homes of the Orpheus 7 group.

Enter, scribe, the appendix for the Orpheus 7 group.

The Orpheus 7 Group

Throughout the century mankind has little acquaintance with the source of his discomfort. It has simply been this: Mankind has waylaid himself from his brothers so far away and has all but a faint recollection of what they once were to him. In order that mankind at all were to understand and come to grips with the ulterior of his consciousness, or Higher Self, in order here to find the correct decision making process come into form within himself, he would have need to waylay himself back into orbit along with his seven other brothers and again let himself begin to unleash the powers of dictational works or words into his forum.

In other words, dear listeners, we of the Mancharians simply are telling you a most repetitious story about your heritage, and where and how you are to regain the necessary status through the liberation of your mind cells to the point where it will be listened upon through your own mouths - those precious truth values of which ye Ones did at one time in past generations, when ye each One were someone of a different name category, or as you love to put it, identity. It is necessary for you Ones to hear not only that of which we are speaking about, but in order to resurface all those thoughts and bring dreams into manifested ability, you must serve within yourselves not to game play with that of which you understand so little about.

Higher-Evolved Brothers

Now, these brothers of yourn, these Orpheons, they have set aside a day in time, as we could put it, in order to help you Ones on your way to becoming more relaxed within yourselves, in order that they may gain a precious foothold in the door of your consciousnesses. You understand here, that the main equivalent of all serious documentation is simply the fact that the proven arbituis (arbiter?) is rarely known in order to be used with the reasoning with the mind of mankind alone. In order then to allow for the time available, which is highly necessary, we must sanction each one of you off into a place of loneliness or sanctuary, or solitude, if you much prefer that word.

We have therefore brought with us the methodology for the gleaming of informational data back to you, in order that you become very well acquainted with the next source of help coming your way - at any time of the day or night - for those of you who have not hindered yourselves into the point of being less than vegetable in your thought patterns. Prepare yourselves then for a little interfacing of the sort, of which is only listed in the categorical accounts of those Ones so far down under your Earth's crust.

Jasphus And Lilliton: Retaining The Human Family Factor

Meet Jasphus and his wife Lilliton. Now they have learned and are also the first volunteers up front, who have so kindly generated themselves to the upfrontedness of this project to help all those of you, who are so willing and entirely willing at this point. Understand? They live in a dwelling, of course, just the same as you, except their dwellings are made up of a fabric akin in your dialogue to nepherous (nuphorus?). This is only the wall coating of course, and the complex design of the outer structure would definitely by your standards "make your head buzz," as you put it.

They have in no way suffered grievances upon those of their neighbours and definitely not toward themselves, each other, you understand? And why is this indeed? What graphic occurrence would substitute the gravity of the situation by ineffectively co-operating indeed? Simply this: They have gone through many incarnations and have found themselves at last to have so well progressed and learned their lessons, that the evidence printed within their corpulus cells, and implanted upon their spirit or energy core, allows them to gravitate one with the other in the purest of harmony.
They still have wife, husband and the child factor in their lives, indeed, but henceforth "extraterrestrial," of which you might call them, conductances toward one of another declare there is absolutely no need to prove favouritism over one another any more than the statutory requirement, of which ye Ones hold so dear upon Earth to aggravate one another. And why exactly is that?

Conquering The Ego

The key here is simply, they have found within themselves the evidence so inscripted upon their DNA to not toy within one another's emotions for the finding of conclusive evidence, that one may be of a greater essence than another. Long ago they have found this to be one of the greatest fallacies ever brought down upon the minds of man. You see, not to control any other one in any form or fashion simply means that they have found within themselves, that there is no longer anything of consequence to prove.
They are what you could definitely not call idealistic, for those of you who so claim to have an unrecompensible understanding of the full or even partial meaning of Oneness - but rather they have found that within their own energy field, that they indeed have learned to generate those essences, or feelings, or emotions of attractive quality toward all those around them.

And how is this, and exactly how did this come into being? Simply, THEY GOT PAST THEIR EGO! It had been spoken often through Nostradamus, that the tenement, who offers far less than he is actually able, relinquishes himself from all the far reaching doubt of which he so includes to entangle himself from time to time. If this indeed is not the accurate formation of a known conclusion, then we travellers from space indeed have learned nothing.

Meditation, Quietness And Discipline

Are we right? So then, in order to monopolize the thoroughfare of the transmitted waves unto you One's very minds, we have considered to unleash a retinue of the most abstract currents in order to provide you with the awakening due to you at this time. But nothing is ever for free, remember that! A price is always to be paid - even in love - especially with love.

Japhus however is honoured to place himself upon the radio waves in order to lift those of you up, who call for a variation in electrical waves in order to heighten your dream states into a conscious endeavour with strange results - results which permeate the very structure of your reasoning - results which by fact submit themselves into playing out the very portion of the game of enlightening the endenrils. You Understand? Meditation here is the key. Quietness here is the second key. Discipline here is the third key. And the fourth key is within you at all times. Connect the dots for the result. Is this well understood? Good night! (7:09 pm) (End quote) (From our book Planetary Reform)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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