The Mancharians’ Planetary Reform (Part 12): The Collective Consciousness And Parable Of The Seed

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The Mancharians stress the importance of evolving with conscious effort which is done by defining boundaries as man journeys into unexplored terrains with the view to reaching, and thereby remembering, his higher self. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"The time has come for a collection of questions to be placed before the Mancharians in order to begin work on their second volume under the title "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization." This article {WANTED: Your Questions Placed Before the Mancharians!} show how members of the public can participate and submit their questions for inclusion in Volume Two." - Reni Sentana-Ries

Saturday, 2nd September 1995 2:04 pm

Good morning then, scribe, or is it of the latter quality in your timing? Nevertheless, it is we of the Mancharian faction, come once again to serve within the depths of understanding of the neutral zone of mankind's collective consciousness, of which yet has to take its place within the whole of the consensus of neutrality within itself placed within the soul structure of his platonic ability. He dreads the recourse offered to him for obliterating his mind's entire adrenaline capacity. You understand here, that the source of mankind's ability is endowed from "above," as you would so carefully put it, into conjunction with his own strivings. Lightly spoken of is the effect, of which he so stringently experiences within the resource of which he, himself, applies to himself. In other words, here is a typification of merits of the consciousness of mankind as a whole to date.

Enter please, scribe of ours, that mainstream title chapter, of which ye tend at times to elaborate as being of a necessary endowment to this writing. Provide, please, without stringent authority this heading: "The Capricious Nature of Man Alone."

The Capricious Nature Of Man Alone

Artillery fire may best describe that which man has indeed brought upon himself, and here we do not in any way refer to the warring aspect of futility, of which man doth bring down upon his own head from time to time. We find it of great interest here, when we realize from afar, that man, instead of the progressional stream he so alludes to walking toward, instead incapacitates himself midstream into compromisation of his higher works to perform, or, his misdemeanour of authorization betwixt himself or herself, such as the case may be, and all legions of warfare of limitless design. Capability of the mind or nerve centre of the mind, therefore, sends legions of dragons forth in order to benefit his poorly acquired strategic designs.

So here what you end up having is a relapse of memory responses, of which are nonetheless of a detrimental level of his own authority toward himself. There indeed is much to be said of this particular topic, so let us helpfully gain for you the much needed insight, in order that you participate in the continuation of the gathering of much needful insight, to provide yourselves with the proper tools for appendixing the right to waver the cause of the mind molecules for further study along the way of your journeyings. Another significant factor, which mankind so definitely aligns himself up with, is that all too significant structure known as "money, money, and money." If this seems to outline a rather racist content of man toward the detriment of himself, then you allude correctly the complete madness of third dimensional equivalents

The Bright Potential Shrouded

Here the partaking of leaving off the hard times in order to better gravitate toward the fruitfulness of his mind is indeed a real shocker. And the crux of the matter here, is that man has not learned the real significance of lining his wardrobe full of material items, of which he can scarcely wear, without ripping them on every crevice he falls into, and every rock he scrapes himself on.

You understand the futility of logic here? In order that man can possibly find himself the humility of disclosing the entire human concept of material maneuvers, and what and how to perform within that limit, is indeed open to much heady re-evaluation, is it not? Well then, let us complete this organ of producing more literate structure for man to perform on, or at the outset, at least to give himself more of a liberating opportunity of radical reform by following intricately the instructions so sent down to him by those, who have obliterated their material resources and melded them instead into a placebo for more intricate design. Of which brings us out of all categories of placement for only material wealth, but rather the knowing and whereby to do with it, once we have it.

Absorption Of True Knowledge

Is this not the final hour of needy knowledge, before the entire system of monetary abyss crumbles and a new statutory skeleton is meted in its place in an entirely new dimensional theory? There are, of course, limitless possibilities raging within the helixes of man. Intricate study will show, that 9/10th of a percent of man's capacity of brain power will show, that indeed he is of the utmost destructive quality, or rather his own worst enemy, of himself. In order to oppose this regime of man toward himself, we must plausibly try to explain in terminology, of which will be at the least recognizable to the majority of population those long held truths of dictatorial basis, which long passage the evaluation of mankind through time.

In order then to make you understand the seriousness of this "limited time," of which we feel you are strictly unaware of in the underlying sense of the word, which is written by you completely, it is needful therefore to not only provide ye Ones with caution, but to hopefully instruct the each of ye into providing for yourselves that requirement into fifth dimensional theology.

To begin with then, if many do not pass this accomplishment in this particular lifestream, then they merely have had that opportunity to progress at a quicker pace regardless of their ability, and for the next upcoming evacuation after this will find themselves of a more understanding nature - and this is to their credit, is it not? So, in other words, no matter where you stand with yourself at the End of the Age, as all will certainly stand alone, you will have undoubtedly provided yourselves with lessons, of which will prove of the most valuable content in much later existences. This is all beneficial to everyone's growth and conduct, as well as affluent understanding, don't you think here?

Well then, let us now proceed, scribe, with the new subheading here of what to do in order to equip mankind with the necessary tools of understanding, so that he can in fact learn to stand upon his own haunches. Proceed then with appendix title: "Reform Upon the Mind of the Conscious Man."

Reform Upon The Mind Of The Conscious Man

Well then, let us calmly proceed with this short documentary so held in great esteem throughout the galaxies, in every university, and study halls of the great and tedious libraries. Take upon yourself for a short break time, scribe, and return shortly thereafter. We are learning to approach with caution the fact, that a rarity of notoriety is to distinguish the necessity of breathing space among our posterity of past ages. Resume shortly. Mancharians wait.

Man must first strive for contact in the realm of understanding his own hieroglyphical contours of his own mind, of which he has so successfully formatted into the entire system of subconscious behaviour patterns. In order to perform this most significant imbalance into his present day circumstances, he must first allow himself the opportunity of relaying down from his higher consciousness those instructions, of which will begin their releasing power of understanding, freeing him from the bent of his mind into his otherwise scrupulous possibility of ulterior mind design.

Here we have rather complicated the matter, so in order to perform our duty to the best of your understanding capacity, we reiterate solely for your benefit. We do relish working with you Ones, for you are the sole memorandum of future possibilities within the creating factions, and therewith in the greater future be able to provide your own creative designs to clothe the greater expanse of what you term as "universal possibilities."

Reaching For The Higher Self

Now, man on the inset must learn to negotiate the sub surface restructuring within his own cranium, insofar as negotiating the surface of conscious implication of more fundamental crucibles from within to the without, which will, of course, reach into the heights of full conscious ability to enable him to remember for instance, right from wrong. This ability impeaches his remembrance toward the full sanctification of his superior being, otherwise known as his Higher Self. Understand? The rudiments prior to otherworld knowledge is superfledged by his ulterior motives toward himself as well as others, and thereby impedes all of his decision making into the ulterior content of his brain. This is what we could call "fundamental restructuring of brain wave functions," understand ye?

So in other words, man must accompany himself with the gravity of standards of fifth-dimensional concepts by obliterating the negative toward the diminishing of the positive, by entering into a displacement of possibilities contrary to the overall design of his route, en route to further explorations of subconscious rule over the conscious.

In order that he further expand his disposition toward the obvious tactical movement, he must secondly display within his own graphic character those prejudices of cantankerous obsolete fundamentals. In other words, he must seek to maintain a possible influx of higher morals vs. ethics, for the criteria in this method of exposure is sure to obliterate all other exposure toward the dark or negative side of his nature, for the procuring of more meaningful and beneficial conduct, both, toward himself as well as the sole treatment or exposure of himself toward others.

Reaping Your Rewards


The pruning of a desire and the obliteration of consciousness will in fact provide that, which a swollen desert encased with the rainfall of nothing but dry heat would furnish back into the heights of insignificant restructuring for those, who sow such destruction. You understand?

Abundance From The Seed

Well then, to cap off these particular discussions, observe the strands of corn planted in the fields of delightful resources. The way or ground was paved in order to allow fermentation of the seed, is it not? Then the sower came along with his hoe and proceeded to procreate into that soil that which would doubtlessly enter him returns in the following weeks, months, or days, correct? Now when the wheat or rather in our case, corn, grows tall, how many corn do you read as being of the fruit it has produced? Is it not a great deal more than previously planted? For not only are cobs grown in plentiful fashion, but indeed what are the seeds of the plant? Are they not the very particles of corn within the cob which makes up itself?

So you see, this could be considered a parable of instructional value to both you and your kind, could it not? Well then, this will unfold a beautiful truth or concept of delivery into your souls, for the understanding of all precepts of new discovery - for many of your people - will be fortified into benefiting the whole of the third dimensional human race. This is so.

Mancharians out on frequency expired. Good night. (3:01 pm). (End quote) (From our book Planetary Reform)
- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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Yes, but both things grow, good things and bad so we need to plant the seeds of good.

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Thank you so very much, Mark, for both the moderation and always appreciated 'Star!'

How very correct you are, Mark, in your summation. This is why the time of the Equinox is now in progress, because there always comes a time when the 'bad' need completely weeded out from the souls who are working with their higher selves to bloom into higher evolved people.

Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and Reni Sentana-Ries

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