The Mancharians’ Planetary Reform (Part 15): Deviation From The Norm

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Spiritual wisdom in the course of evolution is attained by either experiencing life through individual responsibility or, as the Mancharians constantly share, by reading their words which, while hard for the general run of people to grasp syntactically, contain eternal time-tested truths. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"The time has come for a collection of questions to be placed before the Mancharians in order to begin work on their second volume under the title "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization." This article {WANTED: Your Questions Placed Before the Mancharians!} show how members of the public can participate and submit their questions for inclusion in Volume Two." - Reni Sentana-Ries

Saturday, 2nd September 1995 1:00 pm (continued)

Now, we are to have fun with this one are we not? A little lightness is always of the desiring quality whenever a topic of most sensitive structure is acquitted from within your concept of hierarchy anticipation of yourselves. Proceed lightly with all further documentation.

Man is in the process of a hormonal change, is he not? Hindsight is the best effort put forth toward the recouping of man, is it not? Indeed. For the most part, mankind has often felt himself in a relapse condition toward his own deterrent of a sorts, as the most fundamental of the case studies have shown themselves to be of the ultra norm in this case. In the grave consequence we have prepared an epilogue of man's obvious way of unreforming himself through the grave mistakes year after year, as well as the concurrent strife throughout the centuries.

In this last decade of sorts in your time slot of current events, as you like to call them, man has all but neutralized the effect of the light within his consciousness. You must understand here, that in the event of world catastrophe of which, we might add, man would have foreseen and brought upon himself through the working of his darkened consciousness, he would still have that most precious opportunity to dish out to himself from deep within himself the eliminating fact of his errors. You must understand here, that in order to alleviate his credentials of form within himself, he must first learn to gravitate toward the light - for to do less than that toward his own progression would indeed prove futile in the course of his overall accomplishments, don't you think?

Evolution Is Not A Straight Line

Here is where he as a nation has left unto himself that far reaching legacy of self doubt, of which only he must assume the responsibility for those errors or goodness of his own choosing. Determined above degree, he is able to still lift himself above that endangering spirit so produced by those others of his own kind. Equivocally speaking, here we do simply allude to those most grievous mistakes, of which not only he is responsible unto himself, as well as responsible unto the destiny of those he calls his "own," whether they be in human form or whether they manifest themselves in true trust, though of course - as words may have it - an undertaking must take place effectually within his soul and entire being of just who he is.

Whether he be produced within a national title, or whether a race or culture be drawn here for the performing of his entirety, man must not continue in his strife of spirit, but must now in all accord produce that sacred continuum, in order that he more effectually consign himself into that, which proves more or less of the detrimental error within the realms of his own existential creationary world, of which by way of matter, is solely that which be, that created world of power of which he at best is entirely responsible for.

This we make ourselves most clear on, we suppose, and for the velocity of our own words to you and your people we have so conjured up a facsimile toward that major reproductive consensus of exactly which is the proper road for him to take as a whole at this time, or rather point of reference in his journey.

Love Thy Neighbor

All national ties withstanding, he must learn to separate the sincerity of the "Robed Ones of Darkness" from the simulated structure of Lighted Beings. Answer us not at this time, for we have long since understood the collapse of your creationary doubt forms and of that, which ye have manifested as a whole unto the graven pits of despair, there will be no turning back. Understand we?

Thus we now expend our energy in the task making of informing ye Ones of the tainted plane, that all within our knowledge of realms of existence will indeed be litigated unto your senses in the form of aberrational consignment. Understand here, that we of the utmost highest realm have unequivocally performed our duties to your people in tight restraint, in order to procure an appropriate response from within the hearts and minds of ye Ones alone.


Appropriate indeed is the term of Nostradamus, that one, so sent to begin a continuum of scribing whilst his era was mortified by their conscience alone. Here is the "quote verbatim" indeed, of which we tried to write down to him in some of our own hieroglyphic style prompts: "Betwixt the realm of overlaying darkness there reigns within man's soul that medium of desire, for which he alone is entirely responsible."

The Soul's Glow And Growth

Mere translation, but you do get our point, do you not? Respectfully speaking then, man has traditionally equated himself among those of higher design or quality of reform than what he could actually perform within. This has led mankind throughout the ages to perform within himself that falsity of truth verbatim to an equivalent of detrimental strychnine medical substance abuse. Verbatim here we say to you then, that should mankind ever leave the depths of his own wishes for absolute control over one another, only then will he indeed find himself within the placebo of another conscientious effort toward the reclaiming of his very soul.

Aptitude here is the key, we feel. In order to simply agendazise his favour in procuring all that which is rightfully his by grande inheritance, mankind as a whole must understand the entire significance of exactly what it is he is looking toward and what it is he is striving against, in order to more securely possess that element of recreating his world around from within himself. The gravity affair of your jurisdiction of consigning the greatest favour unto the Universe by way of proclamation is simply not to force any issues, misconstrued toward the total undermining of your people. Understand our words here, dearest Ones of the Earthen plateau? For your very lifeblood, as you put it, rides on the line of your rehabilitation.

See, how the cow sucks from its mother? Does not man owe it to himself to remind himself of the worth he is to the Creation? It has been often stated within your own linguistical practices, that metamorphosis alone remains unto man to be the retroactive equivalent of his own soul's growth unto his creationary existence. Ponder upon their strange terminologies for just a moment here, for prejudice provides naught for a lesser reason unto its own accompanying formatted desire in its ever ending reign for posterity and prosperity of man. This, of course, never negates the ineffectiveness of an overall restructuring of the house cleaning element of despair, for without that negating factor, which produces naught but legendary formations of itself within itself, doctrine or wishes or formation of thought alone would indeed crucify itself in no time at all.

You Are Left With Your Own Choice

So, for the benefit of mankind at large, we wish to proclaim the way out of all his endeavours toward self harm with these writings, of which much is still to be filled in within each line, and perhaps even paraphrased. And this collapse of words will only prove, as in ages past, the more sanctified Ones of your calibre will design new wording to fit the situation in more understandable terms. This is toward the prodding of the mind here, you see? For understandably so, mankind doth most necessarily to inform himself of the gravity of his situation and do something quickly about his error. For should he come to a place in his time where he begins to feel that he is the sole survivor of truth, then woe be to the inhabitants of the Earthen plane, for destruction has already come and gone.

You see, dear Ones of truth, man has simply to be told of his errors, in order that he has a final chance to discover for himself, that continuation of existence upon his next journey of fifth dimensional reform has and will take place for himself as a whole in consensus, or whether or not the steeplechase will have ended at long last with a solid reprise from above. Indeed, indicative of whether or not he will replay to these terms of endearment from the Creator Himself, will leave man within his own responsibility of choice. For who of the population can be said to have never had a choice? You had a choice the day before you were born, but that again is yet another topic of discovery, is it not?

Little Ones, let us now bring to a close this particular session, as you like to term it, and acquaint ourselves with the truth so hidden within the words of this minute text. Adieu. Mancharian faction out. Transmission entirely closed for tonight of today. 7.23 degrees west is the reading for the hemispheric plane. (11:53 pm).  

Let The Light Guide You

1:53 am

Mankind needs to pull himself out of the abyss of departure from the Light, i.e. to extradite from within himself those darkened features of less than radiant desire toward mankind as a whole. The individual upon your plateau of distress amplifies all those unseen emotions, of which only serve to curtail those rudimentary compliments of the fourth to ninth degree of a schism.

With the following posturing, we submit unto you Ones the chasm of despair be put in its place within the human ranks, and on now with a more contoured line of understanding those things, which doth serve to bring about order in replacement for chaos. You must realize that from our point of view, man has longed for all his days to contract back into his system of beliefs that fullest of understanding, of which only he can submit unto himself all that dogma of rationale, could we say. In order then that he might accomplish this trick of fate, he must learn to multiply that which is given freely unto him in a time of grace. In replicated serum, we then state, that until the full tide of the epochs bloom upon the equator of despair, man does have an eventual climax to which he alone as individuals has relinquished to the structuring of higher grace outside of his forum. This is explained in rather simplified motion by we Ones through the posturing of our scribe herewith, through the text of our choice, not his, you see? By example we waylaid the format until this time of our choosing, by fact of multiplying that existence between black and white, or right or wrong, as you so often and aptly put it. New paragraph structure, scribe of ourn.

Sojourning is nothing more than a replicated fashion of years gone by. In other words here, we are simply instructing you, that every lifelong journey is significant in its recourse and justified amply by the fact, that each One of you have undoubtedly returned in an effort to apply true justice unto yourselves by markedly not missing the boat this time. Do you at all realize just how many evacuations you have missed? It would not pay at this time to neglect the real reason, that the each One of you have reincarnated down here for the umpteenth time. LISTEN UP NOW, FOR TIME RUNS SHORT IN YOUR CASE!

New subject heading, little Ones, runs upon the agenda of "Show Up or Else!" Catchy title here we hope, for we anticipate your reply shortly. Mancharians out on nighttime frequency. (2:13 am). (End quote) (From our book Planetary Reform)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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