The Mancharians’ Planetary Reform (Part 17): Universal Geography In Understanding Creation

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The Mancharians have integrated a fresh-scribed segment into the old, like a postscript only that it is placed at the beginning of the present writ, and this has to do with the eternal existence of the universe. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

When the universe was first created is a question that cannot be answered in a vacuum for, in the same manner that time does not exist, the universe had no beginning nor end. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

The Anatomy Of Creation

March 23, 2014 4:17 pm (New)

Mancharians: In each envelope lies a cartilage. The cartilage is within a bone and that bone consists of blood corpuscles. And atoms and molecules form the majority of the veins and arteries. And yet how the universe works upon such stymied or seemingly lax daisy principles is yet to be discovered by the scientists who seem more concerned about a breach of faith to the religious doctrine they were all brought up under, than actually finding the truth that every atom, or molecule and cartilage is nothing more than a base utility, shall we say - for plummeting the entire northern caucus of New Zealand into a round-a-bout way of once discovering the badlands - have a high grade salt substance in the underlay as well of their own cartilage of shall we say, ‘junk mail.’

Our universe is underlayed with mucus and jelly-like substance of which chemical is used to form life balls. We call them balls because they encompass one another, each individually. There is no beginning and therefore no ending, yet they were each created as a grain of sand, and one without the other could never discover the principle by scientists that whatever is made has a beginning not, but also has no end.

And this is what is meant when mankind at your level tells in your Bible story book that God has no beginning nor end. Or the universe has no beginning and no end. Because everything created is created with atoms, molecules and so on - atoms and molecules being distinctly round - of also a young vibrant jelly-like substance within its contours.

The Creative Universe At Work

So, you see, there is, in effect, no beginning to the universe in its makings as there is no ending. Yet we have …created nothingness into something tangible, for the universe is full of creationary data and powers which are made manifest by the likes of all of us, bringing into composition the base substances into form by graphing certain elements with other elements to make one form or substance, giving it life through the energy workings of the elements unimpaired of the universe, while we ‘make manifest’ all those other elements, just as baking a cake requires many such ingredients, while making a salad or cookies require yet some of the same and exact compositions, yet differ in texture and material to some extent or the other.

We can tell you, Jamie and Reni, that mankind in itself is made mainly up of a jellylike petroleum substance and is beaconed or elasticized – kept healthy and viable – through the water based substance that it is, with water as its main element, just as it is necessary for yeast to give the punch or lifeline to the flour, sugar, salt and water.

So you, see, these are the makings which occur within the universe, and so we can say the universe is just like a large baking field with all sorts of different and diverse elements and materials to make whatever we like. 4:33 pm

Five Doctrines Of More Ethical Development Of Mankind Alone

Sunday, 3rd September 1995 10:25 pm (continuation from Part 16)

Now here when we speak of doctrines, we do not in the least surmise them to be realized as anything akin to doctrines of a man's faith or whatever it is he likes to term it unto himself. Doctrines here in your linguistical style simply allude to the fact, that like all we reproduce within your own linguistical boundaries, simply serves to realize a fundamental reoccurrence of stigma away from the majority consensus of style. In other words, what we are simply stating here is, that you must gain credence with us by employing those known terminologies in order to equip yourselves unto a common point of reference.

Scribe, break for yourself and wipe the slate clean of static within the mind waves. We wait for you to mature. Proceed when less afflicted with torture to the fingers. Mancharians putting themselves on standby. Out

The First Doctrine In The Power Of Light

Interestingly enough, gravity is your only source of qualifying existential reign upon this planet of yourn. You see, gravitational pull to the Earthen body of less dense material, or fundamental makeup, often alters the microisms within the brain matter material. More often than not then, man is sensively faced, it would seem, with a credence of less afflicting conscience due to his imbalance within the mainstream of more or less pungent platitudes. Understand this ye? But does this in fact of matter have anything to do with the density of mass produced by weight upon the bodily functions of capacity of man? Produced within the endendrins of society, man has lovingly equipped within himself that staunch apparatus of relinquishing all doubt to the greatness, which he unaccustomly holds within himself.

Reposition and continue on the morrow, scribe. Mancharians' frequency closed.

Indistinguishable that mankind alone has the uncanny ability to procreate within himself that unseen desire for more truth, while witnessing in almost joint effort the dissimulation of his entire race.

Higher Self, Your Crown

Tuesday, 12th September 1995 5:35 pm

If mankind would allude to the strict methodology of accomplishing all that, which indeed resurfaces within himself, then he would by fact learn to allude to the Higher Self, of which he is unyet equipped to handle. In other words, dear Ones of the New Mancharian Faction, or rather "Civilization," as we do attribute to the Oneness of Being, rather than the chakralization of being destitutely inferior to one another. Understand we on this message of integrity? You are pronounced already as being on the trail or passage of time toward that unsurmountable mountain, of which you must well equip yourselves to handle all that nonchalant non-science, that you indeed are not gods.

Hear us then, as we bring to ye Ones the methodology of goodness vs. inferior example, by which you may indeed follow ours, if invited to do so. Welcome, indeed!!

New paragraph, scribe. Please enter script of: "The Second Protocol of Espionage Within Yourselves," doth merit toward instead "Our Doctrine of the Ages of Being." (End quote) (From our book Planetary Reform)
- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: The Mancharians’ Planetary Reform (Part 16): The Way To Self-Destruction

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