The Mancharians’ Planetary Reform (Part 18): You Have Become A Union Divided

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The Mancharians remind us of our common source, the Creator and the Created alike: One Soul, once magnificent whole, that since splintered into warring factions. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"The time has come for a collection of questions to be placed before the Mancharians in order to begin work on their second volume under the title "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization." This article {WANTED: Your Questions Placed Before the Mancharians!} show how members of the public can participate and submit their questions for inclusion in Volume Two." - Reni Sentana-Ries

Our Doctrine Of The Ages Of Being

Tuesday, 12th September 1995 5:35 pm (continued)

Now, in order to forfeit all consequences of Oneness, ye have in fact altered the total peripheral boundaries of that, which each One would indeed hope to acquire. Understand here, that not all falsification of doctrine alludes to the one-on-one segment of wisdom and understanding by you Ones, no matter what form it has placed itself within. In order that you then progress to the limits of stardom, shall we say, it doth in surmountable fact take a great deal of ethical compounding within your lifestyle.
Modest attire deems ye to be of the sound mind and body. In essence, we do not in any wise speak of your clothing, but rather here, attire of which will proclude the best and highest moderation you could possibly attain at this level of your development. Here we, when we bespeak of that which is not without, but indeed only that which can be found within - the heart source or mediating quality - of which your left against your right doeth beat to a different drum. The fact still lies within you, that merits alone will not produce a sound enough attire toward the intricate joining up of one part of your brain with another. Only expansion of the Chronicles of Life departments can inform within your own coding of DNA particles this, which makes you indeed who you rightfully are.

So off with the illusion that man is independent, and on with the altered fictional recluse of the play. In other words here, we simply are telling ye Ones of the Earthen plateau, that in order to merit yourself a place within those of the higher essences, you first must infiltrate that simplistic quality of "who you are merits much worth," not only toward yourselves, but also toward those others of your higher standards, who have reigned in "heavenly places," as you like to put it, for millennia of your years.

You Are Your Own Redemption

You are the "Special Ones," and for that indicative purpose alone do we heed the Earthen changes, which do soon occur in full force toward the eyeing of ye Ones unto the Day of Your Redemption, or rather our "rescuing" attire high up in your skies on your behalf.
Deem yourselves of the unworthy quality, and you have succeeded once again to condemn yourselves to a lifestream of inevitable destruction of the body, lifetime after lifetime again, until you are faced with the same decision, of which you once again will be asked: "Have you readied yourself for the proximity of lift-off from all planetary destruction? Are you ready to go? We don't have much time! Step forward, please, into that oblong ray of light, which so shines forth! Time is almost up!"

Will then you take our hand, even so, or will you instead continue to back up and say unto yourselves: 'Indeed of what philosophy is this, that I would succumb to One, the rescuing of my soul?'"

The third benediction is of a rather qualifying quality, little Ones, for it induces significant restructuring of your bodily attire - not clothes - for the procuring of ideal status among your brethrenly host of helpers, could we put it thus? Place third doctrinal title as being "The Doctrinal Quest From Above."

The Doctrinal Quest From Above

As so above, is as so below, is it not? You are the realizers of your own creation. So whatever you create within your own realities, with that you will live - merit much or merit little, that has always been the choice of your decisionary process, has it not? For everyone has been fixed with a choice, which overrides all that inflammatory doctrination, of which you have been so overfed with since the coming of your life essence back onto this plane of "recovery." Recovery here being of the shock, which was placed within mother Earth, as she fed ye and found, that instead of kindness being relinquished back into her realm, she found the graffiti, of which was placed in the context of pollutionary artifact along with the necessary changeling of destruction upon her face. You understand?

Nothing worth the effort of substandard living allows for the proclamation of truth unfolded within the creases of development within the character of man. Instead, play the game fairly and relinquish all doubts as to the greatness of yourselves! Therewith abide within sole regulatory surface structure of acclimatizing yourselves into roles of conduct befitting a man of social grace or the arts. Here we do implore the each of ye before the special ride ahead of ye, to engage within the subliminal perimeters of your consciousness, to redeem yourselves by placing gracefully before yourselves that elegant attire of manifesting for yourselves a strict diet of planetary reform!

And how exactly are you to accomplish this great feat of the arts? Simply BY ATTAINING A GOD-LIKENESS TO YOURSELF THROUGH THE GOD ESSENCE THAT YOU REALLY ARE!

The God Within

Many are not aware of their god-self, or god qualities, did you know? For substantially fit are those who quietly induce within their greatness that quality of divine growth, by which they can say to themselves: "I have made it in my own realization - I AM ME! Am I not indeed the god essence of all which I create within myself?" Think about this one, Comrades, for we do bequeath to the each of you that solitary consignment of attuning into the march of the ages. Jasmine is the tea, and we relish upon our return all that, which lies within our embodiment of wealth, this being only a strict portion of it toward the understanding of our own goodness of placement within ourselves.

Close for this third portion, scribe, and relinquish command portion back to scribe of the third degree for further upgrading of compliment, for all must learn to attain retrograde from another's accomplishments, for ALL ARE INDEED ONE!

Mancharians out. Frequency closed. (6:14 pm).

The Radical Epic Of Time

Unduly here we have so submitted unto ye Ones of an occurrence in the heightened planes of yesteryear. And of what methodology do we speak? Why, it is nonetheless than of a heightened consciousness, which so dwells within the heightened consciousness of mankind. From here on out, within the fourth but highly possible of the doctrinal occurrence, of which duly does occur from time far past even preceding all those syndromes of which we do allude to, which solely lies within the health perimeters of mankind's uncanny ability to project himself into his past.

So be it unto him then, to refer unto himself all those strange occurrences, which beset him even unto this day. From this day forward to those of you, who do so sombrely read between the pages of these books, do we infer that all subject material be herewith bequeathed unto the radical reform of not only yourselves, but to that of your brother. Intact are those given suggestions, of which are of a radical continuum of an order, which will bring back within your essence all those memories of lives past, to which occurrence is struck, and within this platitude of dreams are herewith unto the each of ye as being strictly of a remembrance of totality of beingness of your own god essence.

The majority of ye, who do so equate yourselves within the dichotomy of resources, do often find yourselves within the equating mode of transportationary fairness to yourselves. For direct beams of light waves or transmission frequencies are sent down to you in order to radically change you into your heightened awareness. Symphonium indeed is an awareness charge encoded with blasts of colour, light, singular voices, and dreams or pictures. Melodic references to lives gone past resonate within the soul scope of your accomplishments unto and within yourselves.

The Light Beckons

Preceding these long tours of duty with us to the time eternal - even before you were as you are - seeking an order of accomplishment, which to you will always provide you with an escape back into the Light at the end of your tour with the darkened forces of Light.

Hypnogenic triodes are in essence all that we are, and in your terminology, for which we have few correct words, you must therefore surmise, that in order to be of the Order, you must perform your lives to the Order, in order that not the One of ye shall miss the Order of the Day. Have we here made ourselves radically clear to ye Ones of our faction? Greatly hoping.

So it is of a symbolic acquaintance, that all following after our mission of indwelling back into the Light those of similar expression, we have attained into a greater or heightened awareness, OF WHICH AT SOME POINT YOU TOO MUST ACHIEVE!

Place this Fourth Doctrine within the radical epic of time.
Place Five in repositioning power of the "Alarm of the Nations Nixt Be." (End quote) (From our book Planetary Reform)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Mar 2014 (#)

this is so incredible...a friend of mine gave me a discussion on physics about electrical charges/transmissions and how they affect the universe and man (am not too able to write what he said) but something inside me knows about it. Then another friend is working with someone using magnetic energy to sustain buildings etc. Me I know about the Oneness and Light and consciousness you so often write about and I do too..thank you for doing this my friends...

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
29th Mar 2014 (#)

Carolina, your interesting comments are always appreciated.

Knowing it to be your birthday today we would also like to say a big and friendly: "Happy Birthday!!!" to you here, also!

We wish you the best of all days and a wonderful year!

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Mar 2014 (#)

thank you so much dear ones...actually March 28 is my birth date but I can incorporate the 29th as well...why not...after all I am multi-dimensional!!!

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
29th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you, Mark, for both the moderation and 'Star!'

Hope that was the last snowfall.

Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and Reni Sentana-Ries

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