The Mancharians’ Planetary Reform (Part 9): Passing The Torch Of Truth To The New Generation

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The Mancharians challenge the conventional wisdom that what parents teach their children with their kind of rearing-methods is the correct manner of doing it. It is not their version of the truth that they should pass on to their children...unless it is one of eternal and universal light. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"The time has come for a collection of questions to be placed before the Mancharians in order to begin work on their second volume under the title "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization." This article {WANTED: Your Questions Placed Before the Mancharians!} show how members of the public can participate and submit their questions for inclusion in Volume Two." - Reni Sentana-Ries

Monday, 21st August 1995 4:28 pm

Good afternoon, scribe. Please begin placement of next document to you and your people. This is the Mancharians coming in to talk about all those idioms, which recreate the narcissist in man undoubtedly. Please proceed with new title heading: "The Narcissist in Creation of Himself." Enter.

The Narcissist In Creation Of Himself

This indeed should be well considered as potential hazard toward that of mankind within his limited concepts of duality of his utmost potential. It saddens us to think that the entire human race - excluding those few memorandums of concise limited endeavours, or rather those of you, who have indeed reached your full potential - thus far have so limited themselves within the design of who they truly meant to be when they arrived in full fledged manhood or womanhood, whichever the case may be. For you must understand here, that not all preceding lifestreams have been manufactured by these ones of narcissist history, to drain or filter out the dredge of their limitless endeavours.
It is to the narcissist, as it is proclaimed to the highest of the high in equivalency, of exactly who to be and how to get there, and what to do with what you have once you arrive. You must be fully aware at this time, that we mean you no disrespect, for every lesson taught is a lesson well learned. In concise fashion it would merit much instruction, if you Ones of this dispute were continually left upon your own vocation for any great length of time. It would, we perceive, to be rather catastrophic in its overall content within your lifestreams. This is not known to be of the shaking quality for they Ones, but rather by their own reasoning left to them to reign for their truce within themselves, to perhaps shelve that aspect of acidity in order to acquit themselves of further mishap.

Being Worthy Within The Circle Of Light

The sinking feeling many of you express to yourselves every morning after sleep has relinquished time, is simply the placebo of monotorium of consequence raining down upon your heads. The fundamental truth found within those of a narcissist quality is simply this: You all are found worthy within the circle of Light, but perhaps in order to abbreviate the entire joyment of life, you have kindly succeeded in acquitting yourself as well as the rest of the population from furthering their devotion to the truth essence through the perceivement of yourself.

New paragraph, please, as we wish to severely now outlay the fundamental arthritis of contextual aberration of the youth of today, and what does it exactly hold in the future for prototypes of display toward the populace of the 90's itself. Display on screen, scribe, "The Youth of Today."

The Youth Of Today

Now we hit, do we not, on the practice of etiquette fashion insofar as your own offspring have sprung into the truce of despair. Look at them as they roll down their sick minds into the contour of what you once held as dear to your hearts. Here, of course, we speak of hope, of morals, of intricate placebo, when you Ones are no longer here to slacken their faint glimmer of hope for a brighter tomorrow.
What indeed have ye Ones done? Does it not escape your capabilities to recognize, that within each one of these desperate souls there lies a background of narcissist parenting? Did it never occur to the one of you, who is faulty in this category, that in order to shift the blame of Earth's situation and responsibility intact onto the weak shoulders of those offspring, of which you yourselves have so fondly created, that entirely falls the blame back unto yourselves? And here we are equally ready to feed to you the pablum of your display upon the credentials of who indeed you suffuse to be at this time and place in your history.

The Practice Of Nurturing Your Children

Indeed do you play out the game of who controls who, when on other worlds it is known and practiced, that those who envelope offspring upon the equipping of their own nuances, or choices rather, will also display a genuine practice of equipping themselves, or rather shouldering, full responsibility for the intricate growth and conduct of that individual, given by consignment to themselves by themselves, in order to maintain in their fullest integrity all those truth practices, that they themselves have qualified for.
You understand then, that what we are simply trying to get across to you is this: No structure, whether it be of family values or business academics, would ever warrant a place of disguise within the medium of corporate consciousness without the mandatory placement of faculties throughout the whole design of etiquette.

On "Guardian Angels"

(Notation: Guardian "angels" are our Higher Selves and do not espouse wings. In addition, our Higher Selves are themselves in progress of evolvement. - Rania)

Mancharians: Simply speaking, we have noticed, that in order for you Ones of the Earthen plateau to offer unto your children the protocols of truth, in order that they entirely believe your discretion in unlimited concise understanding, you must first rank yourselves in the number one placement of non-selfish attitude toward them of a lower or smaller category. In other words, your children will have gratefully succumbed to the knowledge that all parents, who have genuine truth connected to their essence, will never betray them by not teaching them the very morals which they themselves are so apt to display, and that the very people, who have witnessed the procreation from on high, will edit their progress with a less limiting resource structure to help them on.

For you see, your Guardian Angels, as you love to call them, those Ones who have assigned themselves to the lessons of which you have dictated to yourselves, lie in frank observatory until the time of truth has come into your hearts. For in order to truly be of benefit to you Ones in the helping mode toward your lives, you must understand that here is where the nut meets the bolt: You must have reached a level of pure integrity before action cannot be acquitted beyond that of the fifth level of understanding.
The "angels" cannot help you Ones until they have succeeding into leading you into a truth forum, in order that all further instructional patterns leading up to a reprisal of conforment is accomplished without overlaying the predominating rule of the Universe of non-interference of another's decisions.

The Light Of Eternal Truth

COME INTO THE LIGHT! ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE BROUGHT FORTH INTO THE LIGHT OF ETERNAL TRUTH, and you will then succeed in jettisoning yourselves from the mainstream of non decision making in the cause of your own mission to yourself, which you will find will entirely equip you with a Truth of which you can indeed build upon. This is precisely why we come at this time: To make easy for the populace of the planet Earth, and injecture understanding in childlike concepts for the dissecting by its inhabitants!

Mancharians out. Close frequency and record time element if you deem necessary. Good-bye. (5:07 pm). (End quote) (From our book Planetary Reform)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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