The Mancharians' "Gems Of Oneness" (Book 5, Part 10): Animals In Man's Lair

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Do animals have souls? Can't you see them when you look in their eyes? And do plants have feelings and consciousness of the soul? The plant species mimosa pudica, if you touch one, "states" the obvious. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"I have learned from an early age to abjure the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men."

-- Leonardo Da Vinci

June 8, 2014 3:23 pm

Here now, little swans of the fourth to tenth degree. And how do ye all fare-thee? Well?

Uthrania: Yes, Mancharians. We are all very well. Thank you.

Mancharians: Well, then, Jamie boy! Here is the encapsulation of topic concerning the animal kingdom which we have long promised of you to perform in our own wording, eclipsing the mandatory nonsense as taught and erroneously perceived among many such worlds as yourselves have been brought down to formulate your experience of helping through ourselves to “save” man and womankind from continuance in their errors of church, science, and state. So now, to begin.

We are the Mancharians, and we have created each one of you in our light of knowledge, and in doing so have taken on the critical responsibility of educating those of you who have still minds to be added to in conscientious study of reality!

On The Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom, Jamie, Rania, have suffered astrological benefits since their inception of our creative ability, and because this is so, their suffrage has been most beneficial to all humankind below.

How is this so, dear little ones of the astrological plane? By simply being what they are. Non-vicious, non-temperamental, and nowhere to be seen upon worlds such as vicious creations are arranged and perceived.

And how is this applied in conscientious effort in proclaiming our words out to the planet of Angorius, your world, or rather the world where you inhabit for the good upbringing and teaching of others?

By insistence that only the good creation was thwarted by those radical ones whose insistence likewise in another direction twisted the DNA coding of those beautiful and still creatures of our own creation to again, and once again, thwart the beauty which we once instilled in them in their very souls which were created out of our own very essence, very being.

There Was Neither Predator Nor Prey

Dear ones, please understand that when we created the animal, whether it be plant, fish life, anemones, lion, tiger, tulip, trees, winnows, mushrooms, the hare, the tortoise, the Franken monster (a small token of a lively anemone – smiles), they were happily created in harmony with all other of creation. There is no-thing which we have created which did not fit hand in glove with the harmonics, Jamie, Rania, Reni, of the universe in which we live. Twelve hundred million years, and we are still in the process of not retiring the instinctive work of multi-creation.

Now that is an important word, Jamie, so please bold. Quotations around it for immediate bold, please Rania, and then Jamie may erase. Thank you both for your most conscientious effort.

The animal, sea anemone kingdom are one of a kind. Seal, whale, dolphin, and rat, are all amphibious at their onset and have been squalled and changed not by the hand of man but rather by the instigation of the darkened forces whom took the rat and made it evil and struck the dolphin upon the fin so that amphibious it could no longer be and was resigned to the waterland of attributes.

Creation With Harmonious Design

And why would we have bothered to make the whale, seal, and dolphin amphibious, both able to breath on top of land and under the seabed itself with the ability to burrow deep into the sea-shelf for protective covering against the blast at times of nature, dear ones?

Simply due to the fact that we had propelled ourselves once again into the distant past and future to ensure our endrils would capsulate all data of our work through ‘instamatic’ time dwarf of insisting to the higher-ups in the Mancharians’ work, our forefathers and foremothers that indeed have we kept up with our monitoring work of our creative possibilities.

So, dear Jamie, Reni, and Rania, have we never up-ended the cultivation of our species until it was time to aright all which have preceded the distinctive apprehensive diagram of how we manage and brought all of creation to the world, as well as many others, though our creative ability which eschewed starships galore in line with the commanders and crews of such throughout the firmament, and of ourselves can we be most proud and comforted, when we created the majority of you with our tongue and breath for living a good and holy which is moral and ethical life upon one or another of these planes, or worlds.

Now what is your question, little one? Jamie, please proceed.

Should Man Eat Animal Meat?

Jamie: Dear Mancharians, could you please relay to our readers if it is proper to feast on animal meat? Thank you.

Mancharians: Abhorrence, is it, then? With the mere thought of obtaining the flesh and blood as in blood sausage of animal meat just because they are there? Jamie, love, please place in the question and answer on this out of our book and we will wait, and then proceed.

So what exactly happens when one feasts, as you put it, on the flesh and blood of animal meat, because not all blood is ever drained out, otherwise the flesh of the animal would not remain in the stores a rich reddish brown, so think of that which you eat, please, dear ones, one and all who are reading this volume for the informative quality back you once well knew, into your souls!

You are in fact, eating your own flesh and drinking along with it your own blood. How rare are you in humankind endeavors doing this act within the overall temperance of the universe, eh?

You once felt you were rats or sea anemones, or monkeys, or apes or the like. Well, we can assure you that such nonsense of presence of mind is in escaping from the truth of your own highly developed essence which is us and only us.

Goodness gracious, but how you have grown in scientific theology and rune expression of the dice and the cards in other self proclamation of what is worthy to know and of that which is NOT. And yet you still are like enfants who cannot tell the difference between a dwarf plant of Astrocius and the harmonic tree of all distant calling!

A great group of fools many of you turned out to be indeed.

So think upon the animal kingdom as being verily ENTWINED in all areas of life with yourselves. You are them. They are you. You have the flesh and bone, and spark of lifeblood and they have too.

Should Man Eat Plants?

But what if you eat the plants then, you might ask? Good question, for plants too abhor the typlification that they obtain not an inth of good consciousness from us as well. Well, they do in fact, for the run-up of all conscious observance coming from our camp, so to speak, is most literally true.

But should you eat them, the plants, knowing that they too, perform a most conscious endeavor to that of the same status of the rest of creation?

Is an ant no less than a soul evolving into the larger status one day of a ground rat? But an insect is one who will, unlike the human, evolve into a species of insect, and larger, to a small quail or snake, and will in its evolvement rise to the higher level of beingness, not being more than another, but being just as important.

So, you might ask of us: “Dear Mancharians,’ our creators, how does this benefit us eating the crops who also maintain a universal consciousness within the outworking of all of your creation, dear souls, belonging rightfully so, to us?”

We would simply say that what you feed yourselves with will only join your bodies. In other words, flesh to flesh, blood to blood, it all goes the same way in that it joins one another back into the same stream of beingness. So what you should ask is why other cultures of the Zodiac, for instance, abhor eating animal meat, and why we, in our first Question and Answer book, advise against eating your brother or sister just because they happen to be standing next to you?

The answer as usual, is simple, and here it is:

Rightfully so, should you abstain from “hurting” another living creature just because you surmise it is less intelligent than you are, yet not less instinctive? You are a callous bunch, the most of you, and want for nothing, are grateful for nothing, and see murder as your own right.

Have we not created that which you take to your table as your own feast? (Jamie, lad, please bold ‘feast.’ Thank you, our son. )

Treat Animals As You Want To Be Treated!

Have you earned the right of spontaneous creation without the assistance of the dark forces? May haps not many of you have.

So, to close off this special portion, we would simply remind you that should you cohabitate with meat of your own flesh and blood, be thankful that nobody decides to turn around and eat you, for you are the source of their nourishment in churches who flank their best to see you ingest in purgatory, I might add, of ourselves, that unfruitful diabolic blessing of the food and the wine, to ingest the parishioners with diabolic ritual, and that is all we say about that.

So be warned then, that food you eat must be appreciated, and by storm must you offer back to the animal kingdom your appreciation and love. And cruelly do you not treat them, but in a most merciful manner must you ‘kill’ them, and if you do that perhaps you will just not find yourselves amidst war where you become the mighty sacrifice of them ALL!

Please close off this portion, Jamie, our lad, and Rania, you both get some well deserved sleep at this time while we keep Reni busy with other itinerary!

Good Night! And Good Day to you, our readers of the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Adieu, as Captain James Galiac Sananda would say. Mancharians out.

Please listen for our frequency, Jamie, and sign off as we would from now on mainly have you to do – in our holy Name. Salu! (Smiles). 4:24 pm

Jamie: Tying off telepathic wave frequency at coordinates Polaris 2.4. Signing off at 4:27 pm. Out!

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez


The Mancharians' "Gems Of Oneness" (Book 5, Part 9): Wicked Distortion Of Divine Creation
The Mancharians' Special Review Question and Answer May 2014

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