The Mancharians' "Gems Of Oneness" (Book 5, Part 4): Running Round The Karmic Wheel

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Light and darkness are disparate concepts yet the two invade each other's domain in such a way that the enlightened cast their glow on the unenlightened and the latter cast their gloom on the former... and therefore have the most cycles of (re)incarnation. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


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The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

February 17, 2014 3:30 pm

Good Evening, my readers. It is our style to always notify our people when we are on board, as you so accustomly say in your rather idyllic antiquated speech. However, whenever the tune of the dial of the clock weathers its orchestrated piano music in alarm mythology, we will set the dial and tone to suit ourselves and our non-scheduled appliances.

We are the Mancharians, and our home is with you. Feathering Heights far above your own rationalities is a given fact where we ones are concerned. So here we go again, and today do we factualize upon Andromeda Three and move on contrarily to Alphus Four and the Forested Region of Alphus Four indicatively.

We will try and keep it simple. Please put ‘Andromeda Three’ in bracket type format, little one, and place it as some kind of… next, please.

(Andromeda Three)

This place or sphere is a conglomeration of three types of planetary moons and one strong light source which is kept from radiating the planet itself. Unlike your earthen proverb of Angorius, Andromeda, the world itself is likened more to Jupiter, and Mars before nuclear reaction on one, and asteroid destruction of the other took its places away.

The moons asteroid conglomerated into little fixed parcels of human compliance, and because all the good of Neptune came out of what you perceive as complete darkness, Hermes, the god of something or another, depicted in your Greek mythology, decided to formulate another so-called myth upon your earth, and that is to take a wife to himself in order to begin to repopulate the earth up above in order that others may come and follow in his footsteps.

On The Worship Of God And The Karmic Wheel

You earthen people mix up many-a-time the whereabouts of your creationary ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses,’ and laced with utter and foremost prejudice do you think to yourselves that to feed your young and vulnerable with a tablespoon of truth mixed with satire, your young will grow intellectually strong and subservient to no man or woman in adulthood, when in fact you weaken their very souls with malnourishment, and that only causes calamity and confusion. And is that from the ‘devil,’ ye ones who read the ‘Bible?’

No, much of the confusion comes from you, the parents of your own offspring. And when you reincarnate back into the very same DNA of yourselves, that is, when confusion is merely fed back into your own souls. And those sitting over you training you up in parental status are the very ones you, yourselves, taught in the previous incarnation.

Well, around and around on the wheel of never getting off, hey? Well, indeed, you will one day come to bear witness of our love for you, for we also go around each of your incarnations, sending our people to drag you back out of the darkened ages of which are ‘each’ (bold please, Jamie, lad) of your modern ages or life’s experiences.

Now, on to Alphus Four and the Forested Region which lies northeast of Sparrow Village. Please enter as regular subtitle this once, Uthrania Seila, and good girl, be wise in all you do. (The Mancharians’ smile. Felt their smile rather than saw with these Creators. – Rania)

Alphus Four And The Forested Region

Now, this little place is situation ‘within’ (important word there) a ‘temporal’ (another important word there) mountain climax, which means that the temporal lobe of the area is situated half way down the interior forested region betwixt one side area and the other. The Alps could not do better.

At the bottom of the cataclysmic occurrence lies a sweet little alcove where the inhabitants are mostly villagers with a tweak of one ear toward the Church bell steeples and the orator at the helm of the Pontiff for his good word toward all God’s Creators, big and small.

(The Mancharians’ sigh. – Rania) Now, Billy Meier has often quipped, and we have heard him, how well the saucers fly all around the unbelievers, and yet they still cannot see them for the wood in their eye.

We Have Chosen Three

Well, maybe he spoke not so much of not seeing saucers, but rather not recognizing them as the Light of Truth, those aboard the saucers whom are in the Light of Truth forums, and not those abbreviated ones who in fact still remain in darkness much as many of you are, even though your technology is somewhat becoming elevated in your own standard.

Not recognizing truth, which actually in observance of universal law and principle, which works for you to catapult you onward you so-called Christian soldiers, and not detain you for another round or two, or more, of incarnational barriers just because you could not recognize any longer that ‘God’ (Put in brackets, Jamie) and the ‘Goddess’ (leave out of closed brackets, please, Jamie, lad) were actually One in all universal prodigy, ethics, and awareness.

Now, we of the Mancharian faction knew just what the human race needed, but when it came to the fruitation of all things good and small in mind, intellect, and experience, we chose three personages, and through these three we have come to you to work.

State Of Prostration From Worship

Good Day for this portion, and Jamie, put this on subsequently with your idyllic pictures of no more storm fronts, and we will continue on in the morrow. Lots of pictures will make the words long, and of this are we most pleased.

Sign off for us also on this one, Uthrania, not, for Jamie is our own as you are, and in doing his work we continue in ritualizing the tie-off, as you call it, and this pleases us greatly.

We are the Mancharians, and we are elevated to such a place as Normandy of the days of your old-age would and could never have imagined such beauty of body, soul, and standard.

Ours is the universal standard, Stella McIntire, and of this, since your reincarnational loop has survived, we come once again to you since the fire, and we notice you are not always awake at the helm but bequeath unto yourself that ‘God’ must make ‘his’ way to your bedroom as your knees are now too tired to bow.

Thank goodness for this, because we do not wish to be worshipped, and no sane ‘God’ would wish such absolution of his own character IF he were working within the full consensus of universal law, principle, and reality. So it is time for all the children/adults that you are supposed to have grown into at this time round to straightened up your belts and ties and begin to act as true Human beings. Good Day, and Good Night. Mancharians out!

Jamie: Tying off for the Mancharians at telepathic wave frequency Viscount 6 and Pavlov 41. Private 2nd Class Airman, Captain-in-training, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8, signing out 4:05 pm. (Tie-off scribed by Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: The Mancharians' "Gems Of Oneness" (Book 5, Part 3): "Piercing The Solid Space!"

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