The Mango Express

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The first few scene-setting paragraphs from my published short story "The Mango Express". FREE book downloads for the first five people to private message me!

Chapter One

It was a beautiful day in paradise, the early August sun warmed the air over the ocean sending fluffy white clouds rising into an otherwise clear azure sky. Although it was officially hurricane season in the tropics and Caribbean there was only a light breeze blowing at the airport which was located just yards away from the ocean.
Thirty thousand feet up and still over an hour from touchdown, Guy and Susan looked down onto the clouds. They squeezed each others hands and looked at each other, smiling. They both were somewhat teary-eyed because of not just the stunning view out of the small round plane window, but also because they knew they were starting a new life together after several years of planning.
They had sold virtually everything they owned back home, all their belongings were stowed in the hold of the plane in three suitcases and in two carry-on bags in the locker above their head. One hundred and fifty pounds in weight was all they had to start their new life with, and a booking in a rental apartment in the beachfront community where they intended to settle.
Guy squeezed Susan’s hand again as he looked over her shoulder at the lush green island visible through the clouds. “We’re doing the right thing babe, I just know it.”
“I knew it the moment I found the Island on the internet darling. Just as I knew the moment I first met you, some things are meant to be.” Susan said with a lump in her throat.
She placed a tender kiss on the back of his hand and they both settled back into their seats, lost in their own, private thoughts.
Guy cast his mind back to the day Susan had excitedly called him into the spare room where they kept the computer and showed him a series of pictures of the Island. On that bleak winter evening they huddled around the computer in the drafty room for hours, viewing page after page of information and opinion about the Island. To their eyes it was a tropical paradise, in stark contrast to the dreary northern industrial town where they lived.
It had taken six years and two holidays on the Island for them to arrive at this point. Throughout that time they had taken extra work and forgone luxuries to make their plan, they didn’t consider it a dream, come to fruition.
He was jolted back into the now by the plane hitting a pocket of turbulence as it passed near a huge thundercloud. The plane was starting its descent. Guy and Susan tightened their seatbelts and stared out of the window at their new home.
They watched as plane emerged from the clouds into bright sunlight. It banked to the left and they glimpsed the coastline, blue-green sea speckled with white horses just visible, melting into golden sand then green sugar cane plantations.
The plane leveled and began the final descent. The nose dipped then rose and with a small bump the wheels touched down on the bumpy concrete runway.
Guy kissed his wife. “We’re home babe!”
They passed through Baggage Claim and Customs and were met at Arrivals by Elvira, the European real estate agent who had arranged an apartment for them to rent while they looked for a more permanent home. She was a waspish woman of advancing years, Guy guessed nearing sixty, who had the leathery skin of a long-term sun-worshipping expat, and an obvious aversion to wearing any kind of support under her clothes.


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author avatar sivarevu
7th May 2013 (#)

I would really love to read more of this short story .

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author avatar Marcus Foot
7th May 2013 (#)

Thank you sivarevu!
The book is available at Smashwords - just follow the link :-)

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author avatar Miranda Joyce King
14th Dec 2013 (#)

I've got to find out what happens to this couple!

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author avatar Marcus Foot
15th Dec 2013 (#)

Well Miranda I cannot say too much, but it proved to be an daventure for them ;)

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author avatar Nadine May
20th Jan 2014 (#)

Very tempted to read your story. is it on the kindle?

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author avatar Marcus Foot
21st Jan 2014 (#)

Nadine, it is available in mobi format at Smashwords :-)

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