The Marlin Man's Creed

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An extreme fishing adventure in tournament Marlin fishing. Read it, feel it, live it and enjoy it! Not for the faint of heart. As close as you can get without getting wet or fishy. Enjoy!

The Marlin Man's Creed

‘Twas ere the night, the Sun sank low. Water was spraying as the bow did bough.

There was a strong Nor’easter and time was running out. The swells grew larger and they tossed us about.

Then the right rigger went down and the reel started to sing. What we hooked was a large one, a monstrous thing.

The reel was most empty before we could start to give chase. The tourney almost over, the clock we did race.

The fish charged us quickly, right up our stern. Then jumped almost on us and that’s when we learned......

‘Twas a Marlin, a big one, long, lit and lean. Had to be a grander and it surly looked mean.

The Captain, the Angler, the Mate, and the Boat... All attention was fixed on the reel’s one long note.

Time and time and time again..... She leaped from the water at the long thin line’s end.

We could see old lines dangle from the sides of her jaw, and imagined the anglers she’d done left in awe.

Finally after hours we started to gain. The rod was bent double, the angler in pain.

The tourney was over but we just kept on fightin’. With each pump of the rod, the line it did lighten.

With the fight almost over, the fish almost through..... She came up along side us, lit up fluorescent green, purple and blue.

The Mate grabbed the leader and he gave it a heave… As our hearts pounded loudly ‘cause we couldn't believe.

She was a fine healthy beauty, 1200 or more. She’d tested us thoroughly, to the bone we’d been wore.

Then we couldn't believe it, as fast as it started. She jumped up behind us and the line simply parted.

So if you go fishing, let me tell you my friend.....
She’s still big and she’s out there waiting to fight once again.

By Dan Dawson Sr.


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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
Dan Dawson Sr is a Native South Floridian and a very diverse writer. He has a love for poetry, outdoor, spiritual, health, design and fiction.

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
14th Dec 2013 (#)

Hey Guys,
Thank you for reading, sharing and following!
I am really just getting started at this, so you all are very important to me and my family.
Our life has really been changed since our accident. Thank you again!
I have a compilation of fishing related pieces in an eBook on amazon called “Fast Casts” for $2.99
It is also set uo as a “Share” file.
It was our first. I will be rereleasing a newer version as soon as I can with more pieces, on more sites and better format & editing.
I’d also love to work with artists and maybe even photographers to enhance things.
If you get it, please give a review and share.
It is a huge help to us!
And…It will help me write more!
I eventually want to provide audio files.
Thanks again!!!
Only the best,

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