The Meeting: Love at First Sight

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Victoria Harper spent 5 years in an online dating relationship with Matthew McHenry. But after a torturous time waiting to meet, the time had finally come for the two star-crossed lovers to meet. Will their first meeting be the love that couldn’t wait, or a big waste of time?


Victoria Harper spent 5 years in an online dating relationship with Matthew McHenry. But after a torturous time waiting to meet, the time had finally come for the two star-crossed lovers to meet. Will their first meeting be the love that couldn’t wait, or a big waste of time?

Chapter 1

Victoria woke up on pins and needles in happy but anxious. Today was the day she was finally to meet the man she had been in an online relationship for 5 torturous years. She thought they would never meet. She went through various stages trying to have hope and faith that they would finally meet.

Victoria got out of bed and picked out the clothing she would meet Mr. Matthew McHenry for the first time face-to-face. It would be a light pink skirt and pink sweater with the necklace that Matthew had sent her—a heart pendant—the kind with two halves wear that couples in love wear. She had one half and Matthew had the other half, to match up when they finally did meet.

After getting dressed, Victoria was too excited and nervous to eat, but instead made breakfast for one for her 20-year-old son, AJ, before he went to work as cashier at the local supermarket. Victoria couldn’t believe that AJ would finally get to meet his soon-to-be-step-brother, Brandon, Matthew’s 16-year-old son.

After AJ left for work, Victoria finished getting ready for her meeting with Matthew. A text came through on her cell: “Just 30 more minutes and we will finally meet each other. Luv you baby! Matt”

The closer it came to finally meeting, the more nervous Victoria got. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach fluttering inside her.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to go somewhere. To calm herself before meeting Matthew.

Matthew text back and told her not to meet at the airport like they planned. Instead she was to go to the lake in her town. Matthew said he wanted a romantic place for their first meeting; not a crowded airport.

So Victoria drove to the lake and waited. Waited for Matthew to arrive.

Matthew drove to a motel in Victoria’s town and with the help of Brandon, managed to get their bags out of the shuttle bus. Then he got himself ready to meet Victoria at the lake where he had told her to wait. Brandon turned on the television in the motel and flipped through the channels searching for something good to watch, finally coming to the cartoon channel that was showing his favorite cartoon, a “Scooby Doo” marathon.

After Matthew got ready, he said good bye to Brandon, who, enthralled with his television show, ignored his father’s good bye. So after googling the best route to the lake, walked to the City Beach after discovering it was nearby the motel he and Brandon were staying at.

Victoria sat sitting on some rocks when Matthew finally arrived. She was more beautiful than he imagined—sitting on the bench alone—waiting—for him. He watched her for a few minutes before announcing his arrival.

“Victoria?” Matthew said, as he walked closer to her.

Victoria was in shock, nearly fainting when she saw him for the first time. Matthew ran to catch her before she fell to the ground, as he held her in his arms.
“I feel so stupid.” Victoria said awkwardly.

“Don’t be.” Matthew assured her as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Not wanting to waste a minute more, Matthew couldn’t wait to take her in his arms and kiss her. Despite the promise he made that they would talk first, Matthew wanted her. Wanted her bad. He had to have her and he didn’t want to talk, at least not now.

It had been way to long—waiting to be with her. Matthew kissed Victoria hard on the lips. Overwhelmed by what was going on between them, Victoria pushed Matthew away and ran away, sending Matthew into a frenzy and running after her.

After following Victoria for five miles at the lake, Matthew finally caught up to Victoria, finding her at a secluded part on the lake as he found her sitting on a bench looking onto the lake.

“Go away.” Victoria told him.

“Please, don’t do this, Vick.” Matthew pleaded.

“You promised.” She said confused. “No sex until we talked first.”

“I’m sorry, Vick. I was taken aback when I saw you for the first time.” Matthew apologized. “I just couldn’t help myself. I want you despite the promise I made to you.”

Victoria motioned for Matthew to come sit next to her as she pointed to the spot next to the bench she was sitting on. Eagerly, Matthew went and sat down next to her, holding her hand in his as they held each other and looked at the view of the lake.

Chapter 2

The lake was gorgeous on for a beautiful summer day, despite how hot it was—a whopping 89˚F.—hot for Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Matthew took Victoria’s hand as the two took a walk along the lake side.

But the walk didn’t last long, when Victoria’s cell rang. It was her son, AJ, “Mom, we have a problem?”

“What is it?”

“Brandon fell and hurt his leg.”

“Okay, Matthew and I are on our way back.”

Victoria hung up and told Matthew about his son hurting his leg. By the time the two of them got to Victoria’s apartment, Brandon was crying from the pain. Matthew scooped Brian up in his arms and placed him in the back seat of the car where Matthew and Victoria drove Brandon to the hospital to have his leg checked.

AJ stayed behind and chatted with friends, waiting to hear how Brandon’s leg was. Matthew and Victoria waited vigil in the hospital waiting room outside the ER as the doctor took Brandon to examine his leg.

After about 30 minutes, the doctor came out with Brandon on crutches and told Matthew and Victoria that Brandon’s leg was only sprained and was to keep it on ice for a day. The doctor wrote Brandon a prescription for pain killers if the pain persisted.

After leaving the ER, Matthew and Victoria went home and picked up AJ and took the boys out to dinner for pizza and wings. While it wasn’t the ideal date, it was time to spend with their family together.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Aug 2018 (#)

Glad I am not into all of this. It is always a temptation for people when they meet casually of the opposite sex to get into a relationship mode. Vowed never to go into that side again. But had my friends who accepted me the way I am.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Aug 2018 (#)

Just platonic friends.

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