The Miracle Man

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Imagine being paralised with your entire body broken and unable to feel or move and imagine having a burning desire to move...a fictional tale of inspiration

Miracle 1

"Shit!" was the first thing he said as he was driving home from work and he saw it, it was like scene of utter terror happening so fast he barely had a second to react.
It object that had caused this terror was a car that had some how collided on the other side of the highway and then collided with the low end of a very wedge shaped red sports car causing the vehicle to jump over the protective railings that separated the two directional lanes and caused the vehicle.
A red pick up truck to be sent huling across the air into the oposit lane where cars were driving towards it.
The man had barely any time to react and instincely swurved but his car slammed and rebounded off a car next to him and then with a screeching grind of metal on metal and crushing galss the pick up truck slammed into his car.
It shattered the entire front window in a second flat showering the man in glass that cut deep in into face and flesh.
But this was not the most important thing, as half a second later the front end of the truck slammed hard into his side pinning his arm backwards and snapping it clean in five parts as it was caught between the side of his chair, his side and the truck. The mass weight of the truck slammed into his side and crushed most of the rips on one side of his body and one lung quite litterally burst inside his body sending bloody air up through his mouth.
Somehow the trucks force was pushed downwards towards his stomach and slean and he felt his internal organs quite litteraly pop inside him and flurried of agonising and paralising pain rushed through him.
A strange smell flooded his nose and senses as his body was flooded with pain endorphins. His one eye had a shard of glass in it and his vision blured on the left side of him where the truck was while white ooze poured down his face and cheeks.
But this was just part one of the agony he would endure as the sheer momentum of the hit caused his vehicle to spin, it felt like the entire world was spinning in a moment of agony and a symphony of screetching cars outside.
His car would be forced by momentum across three lanes and slammed into cars which were forcably pushed aside. The lucky ones were pushed into the sides of the road and suffered minor injuries.
But there was far worse in store for the man as the car span it hit another vehicle which spun and its rear end slammed into the side of his car and indented the driver side door and crushed his free hand between the side of the seat and the door.
Another flurry of agonising pain flushed into the mans body as his fingers and bones were quite litterally crushed and crashed nearly a hundred times, the side of his hand burst and blood flowed down his leg.
He was well enough to see the vehicle next to him be hit head on by another vehicle which was moving at over a hundred miles an hour and by the terrible screetching sound had applied the brakes but too late.
The two cars hit each other head on as one had been spun around and the second vehicle was quite litterally flipped as its rear momentum forced the rear up and over the first and with a deafaning explosion of metal and glass two behicles crashed top on.
There was another judder as something hard slammed into them from behind and forced the car around.
As they spun the man saw something that braught terror to him, it was a truck filled with hundreds of metal poles, each several inches wide and as a moterbike spun out in front of it the truck driver swurved and the back side spun awkwardly as a vehicle screetched and slammed into it.
The trucks payload was sent flying into the air and they flew and sliced into many cars...
One then sliced through the mans car and he managed to move his head to the side just as the pole slide right in front of his neck missing his throught my milimetres.
The man had been lucky it had not cut his throat and killed him instantly...but his luck was short lived as another car flipped and slammed into the roof of his car and slammed his head down onto the pole and in that instant crushed his larinx and broke his neck...all the pain he was a head connected to a body he could not feel...

His wife was at work when she received the call and her heart broke and she dropped the phone and started to wheep. One the way out she had happened to see the television and what she saw she would never forget...

It was dark by the time they had gotten to him. His vehicle had been at the centre of the twenty car pile up and more then twenty five people had died.... his conciousness had faded in and out in that time and when light had come from a torch it was his wet eyes and the slighten blink that had shown he had survived....somehow... he had lived and something inside told him not to give up, as they cut him out peace by peace he never stopped staring into medics eyes and he never once closed his eyes and accepted defeat

Miracle 2

The first thing he awoke to the next day was his wife standing over him, it had been a blur getting to the hospital and was not sure all that had happened, he remembered an operating table, sounds of panic and someone telling him that he would never walk.

She looked at him as his eyes opened and her eyes were red, tears lines her face and she was holding something which at first he did not recognise was a part of his body. It was his hand, somehow his left hand was not so badly injured compared to the right which was bound up.
But it was if she was holding the hand of someone else because he could not feel it, he had no sense of that object over there, it might have been the hand of some dead man stitched to him for all the lack of touch he felt from that thing.
He stared at her for the longest moment as she weapt and said something but he was semi deaf and could barely understand what she was saying. She came close and kissed his cheek and the feeling was there it was something real and suprisingly invigorating dispite the fact that it was not as full as it should be. It is hard to discribe but it was almost like his skin was numb.
'aaa...iii...' he tried to groan something, he needed to speek but all that he felt was agony from his crushed throat and he realised that he had not actually made a sound but instead made his throat vibrate.
She kissed his lips and said something about him being paralised. The very words themselves broke her heart and his too. She knew somehow he could not hear her and so she spoke loudly and explained that he had survived a terrible accident and he was relient on a heart and lunge machine to keep him alive and he would never breath on his own again let alone walk or talk agin.
She explained how he had survived somehow and how they would make it through together and she explained how she would always love him and most importantly that they would survive this together...
By the end the tears overwhelmed her and she simply sat in the chair and cried, she cried for many minutes here hair covering her face as she cried and her tears bringing agony to him and he wished more then anything he could get up and comfort her but he could not move...he was just a head that could not even would not be this...he could not do this to her...
Strangely the man felt a surge of confidence fill him and he almost wished that he could at least smile and laugh at each of these people telling him what he could and could not do again...he had once been and orphan on the streets and with his will became a millionair tycoon on wallstreet and this...this was no different.

Months would go by before his body had healed enough so he resembled something near human, his right hand had healed though there was a strange lump in it from the crash.
His left eye had been fifty fifty if it would see again and luckily it had healed and he had two fully functional eyes. His body which had once looked bloated from the severe injury and every muscle in his body being broken had healed enough to look his old preportions though he had lost alot of weight.
His wife visited him every day and they had long winded conversations with few words as he had to spell every sentence out with eye blinks instead of sound which took long.
Outside he seemed to not be healing but inside he was working, his mind constantly thinking of his body pure and perfect and able to walk and something inside said to breath deep and he did and then one night a nerse was comming by and she noticed that he was breathing on his own again...something they said he would never do without a machine.
Then the nurse happened to see a peace of paper from his conversation earlier that day and on it was written "I will walk out of here"

Miracle 3

Free from that cursed machine, somehow he had managed to get his lunges working and both were fully operational. He was breathing now and the doctors said it was a miracle. In the hospital he was called the miracle man.
But this was nothing for he was determined to walk out of the hospital. Every moment of every day, every waking second he was alive he focused his entire mind on one thing, walking out of the hospital on his own two legs.
He visualised being free and able to walk, having touch and feeling and making love to his wife. His wife had seen his determination and had known him for many years and knew he was a man of his word.
She supported him and read him self help books, she serounded him with joyful things and every day told a joke until one day he laughed uncontrolably and soon after he was speaking. It was not long after his wife came to visit him in the morning and she saw he was standing with the aid of a nurse who was astounded at his recovery.

A week later with the aid of crutches he walked out of the hospital on his own two feet...

One year later...

An ordience of one hundred thousand stood before the man, known world over as the Miracle man his story had been shown on the news, he had been interviewed on Lary King and even Opera gave him a televised interview.
He was even recognised in people magazine and he had traversed the world and become a favorate life coach and author having written a book called The man and the will, he became a legend in humanity and would go on to share his inspirational story with the world...

If he could do it, a cripple with no sense of touch and every bone broken...then compared to him any situation you are in pales in comparison...use some will and keep going until you succeed...never give up

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9th Mar 2012 (#)

oh oh oh Kalegan...I too believe in miracles...a most interesting piece...

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10th Mar 2012 (#)

very interesting writing . Keep going .

well written

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