"The Mona Lisa Smile" - A Horror Story

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Mona Lisa - A Painting associated with eternal beauty and its smile has puzzled everyone. Can The mystery behind a beautiful portrait be so scary and dark as to scare you to Death. Read this horror story but at your Own Risk


Tariq, a young boy of 22, lived in the National Capital Region of Delhi in India with his cousion and his friends. It was the month of june and everyone on their flat was going home except for tariq who had to do his internship. Before leaving, Tariq's cousin gifted him a picture of Mona Lisa which almost looked like a real portrait. Tariq took the portrait in his room and hung it in his room.

Chapter 1 : Voice From the Painting

The first night, Tariq lay in bed and stared at the painting for a long time. The longer he stared at it, the eerier her smile became—her smile seemed to widen. He gasped in horror when he saw it. He quickly placed a pillow over his head and began to pray. He prayed until he fell asleep.

Every night, he faced the Mona Lisa while sleeping; the wall was just few feet from the foot of the bed. Slowly he got used to her and her eerie smile, and soon was able to sleep soundly even with her staring. But one particular night, things changed- He heard something. There were words coming out of the painting. “Love My Love.” It said. Tariq's eyes just opened wide, and he felt a cold tingle going through his body. He quickly rushed out of bed and ran out of the room. He sat on the sofa in the living room and had a glass of water. He then thought about the words that he heard in the room and convinced himself that they were his own imagination. Slowly, he walked back to his room and jumped into bed without looking at the Mona Lisa. He pulled the sheets up and covered his face and soon slept.

Chapter 2 : Bedazzled by the Painting

When he looked again at the picture, resting on an easy chair, in the solitude of his own room, Strangely, the picture seemed to him much more beautiful than before. Apparently it was a portrait of a real girl - a girl eighteen or nineteen years old; and every little detail in the painting of the black hair, blue eyes, red lips, eyelashes, mouth, had been executed with a delicacy and a truth beyond praise. The Monalisa seemed “like a flower in full bloom, her lips “like the smile of a red rose”; the whole young face was inexpressibly sweet, If the real girl had been equally lovely, no man could have looked upon her without losing his heart. And Tariq believed that she must have been thus lovely;—for the figure seemed alive,—ready to reply to anybody who might speak to her. Gradually, as he continued to gaze at the picture, he felt himself bewitched by the charm of it. “Can there really have been in this world,” Tariq murmured to himself, “so beautiful a creature? How gladly would I give my life— to hold her in my arms even for a moment! Day by day, this hopeless passion grew upon him. He could not eat; he could not sleep: neither could he occupy his mind with his internship.

Chapter 3 : A Sad Face

On the full moon night when tariq was sleeping, he heard some whispers as if someone was calling out his name. He looked towards the painting, but it shocked him. Instead of the beautiful smile, now the girl had a sad face- a face which made the whole environment depressing. Tariq became really sad after this and decided to bring smile back on her face.

For this he came to me telling me his problem. I still regret why i listened to him on that day and often wonder how life would have turned had i not listened to him. But fate had something different in store for us!!

Chapter 4 : Cup of Blood

Together we set out to solve the mystery. We traced the seller of the painting and he happened to be an old man with an antiques shop. He told her that picture was painted from life. The girl is not now in the world. But it is said that her mind as well as her spirit lives in the picture.

“You must give her a name,” the old man continued;—”and you must sit besides her picture every day, and keep your thoughts constantly fixed upon her, and call her gently by the name which you have given her."

“She will Answer me!” exclaimed tariq, in breathless amazement.

“Oh, yes,” the old man responded, “she will certainly answer you. But you must also give something in return

“I will give her my life!” cried Tariq.

“No,” said the old man;—”you will present her with a cup of your own blood everyday from which she will gain her strength and her beauty. Then only she will accept you. With these words the old man went away. His advice aroused Tariq from despair. At once he seated himself before the picture, and called it by the name of a girl. I was however alarmed and warned him but of no avail. So finally we decided to go ahead.

Chapter 5 : The Smile Returns

We arranged for proper medical instruments to draw blood from tariq's veins. I was surprised to see his resolute. Tariq decided to call her 'Mona' short for Monalisa. Every night for 14 days he sat in front of the picture and took out a cup of blood from veins.He sat there with the cup in his hands and kept calling her name. He kept saying " Mona! Come and drink my blood! i am here to restore you to your original beauty. Please come and drink this". The blood in the cup when put in front of picture disappeared and day by day smile begin to come on Monalisa's face. Exactly after a fortnight, on the night of new moon- the painting had returned to its original beauty. Tariq, however had become quite week after this ordeal but his spirits were high. Exactly after Midnight something happened which i'll remember for the rest of my life...

Chapter 6: She Came Alive

The frame of painting collapsed and the girl stepped from the canvas , and walked upon the matting of the room, and knelt to take the cup from Tariq’s hand, asking, with a delicious smile: “How could you love me so much?” Holding her in his hands, he brushed the beautiful black velvet tresses from her face and whispered to her- " I love you, i have always loved you and i will love u forever. She was a maiden of rarest beauty and whose beauty would make even cleopatra shy in comparison. Tariq was on the top of the world and thought that he was luckiest man alive in the whole world. However he cannot be more wrong. Neither was he lucky nor was he going to be alive for very long.....

Chapter 7 : The Unexpected Happened

As soon as moonlight fell on her, i saw the thing which sent a shiver down my spine. In the arms of tariq, there indeed was a girl but unlike no other girl. She looked like nothing more than a very pale and fragiel girl and her clothes seemed tattered and very old. But Dear god, what were patches of white all over it? they were bones, bare bones where the flesh had been torn away. Her eyes bulged from their half eaten sockets. White Bones gleamed through a huge wound in her side! The sounds coming from Tariq were barely Human! All reason had left thim. He fell on the ground and sat there motionless.. I saw a cricket bat lying there and hit her with it! The creature staggered backwards, whimpering and then sobbing, her mouth making a grimace,teeth bared. The ragged clothes covering had been torn from one shoulder and strips of fabric falling with her each step. My heart kicked against my chest, my mouth dry, my stomach churning and my palms sweating as I squeezed the polymer grip on the cricket bat and hit a thunderous blow on her head! This time it fell on the ground!! Now i turned my attention towards tariq who was still not in his senses! i helped him get on his feet and we both ran out of the door!

Chapter 8 : Confrontation with the Old Man

We quickly went to the old man's house and confronted him. He just sat on his sofa, smoking cigar, told us that we are going to die a death much more painful than the death itself!
She is a girl, but not a girl, he said. She’s not dead, but not really alive.She walks without ever actually seeming to move an inch. She has cold, black eyes that weep blood. She cries until she has found a victim after which her haunting yet exceedingly charming smile returns.. This is the Secret of Mona lisa smile. . She stalks her victims like a wild animal, pursuing them across rivers and valleys, trailing them back to their homes. You are never really aware that she is following you, until you hear her knock upon your door. Once you know the secret of Monalisa smile, she is going to kill you. I am spared because i helped her come out of the painting which was her prision. As soon as he finished these words, we heard a knock on the door! The sound of the knock was unbearably loud! The old man was laughing and kept on saying " you are dead now " We quickly went towards the backdoor of the house! But instantly at the moment, the old man opened the door letting her in. She instantly pounced on him. She knocked him first for his skin, which she used to patch her own decaying flesh. Then for his bones, which she fashioned into clubs. Then she went for his heart, which she tore out of his chest. Then she plucked his eyes out one by one.This was getting too much for us and Tariq fainted!! I helped him and carried him back to my hostel...

Chapter 9 : Conclusion

As I sit here in my house, beside my friend, both of us listening to that hideous knocking growing ever louder, I wish a lot of things. I wish she had killed my friend before she reached my house. If he had never been able to tell me about her, I wouldn’t be in danger now. I’m sorry I ever met him.

And I’m sorry for you too. I’m sorry I made you read this story. I’m sorry I ever told you about the secret of Mona Lisa Smile. Because now that you know about her, she’ll be coming for you next. Best of Luck and Beware of that Hideous Knock...
Knock Knock Knock...

(╯︵╰,) © Shaunak
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author avatar ShaneCold
5th Jun 2012 (#)

wow - i loved that - chills up and down my spine - excellent - i was hooked on every sentence! i love a good bit of bloody and gore - can't beat it! One of the best pieces i have read here and beautifully presented too. Thanks for Sharing

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author avatar Cnwriter
5th Jun 2012 (#)

some piece Shaunak...love it...

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author avatar Haylie
5th Jun 2012 (#)

Oh My God, i love this, so much detail (which i love).
But its also sad, poor tariq, why was he there? he loved her so much and what did he got in the end,
anyway, good job :)

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author avatar Sukriti
6th Jun 2012 (#)

Oh my god. that is the only way I can describe this you have a real talent and this has got to be one of the best things i have ever read in my whole entire life keep writing its your talent you are gifted

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
15th Jun 2012 (#)

Hello, Shaunak. I'm back and so pleased to have read your "Mona Lisa" story. You write with wonderful descriptions and the pictures are so conpelling, I was competely absorbed. You write so well with exceptional story-telling ability. Your star is so well earned.

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author avatar Samridhi55
24th Aug 2012 (#)

Nice story

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author avatar Freakyboii
11th Jun 2014 (#)

Hey, I loved this story. Hope mona shit will come search of me bcz a big surprise is waiting for her!!!!!

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author avatar Freakyboii
11th Jun 2014 (#)

By reading this story, confirmed that she is a zombie!!! LOL XD

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author avatar Ihuyoo
20th Jul 2014 (#)

not real nothing like this

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author avatar RoyBoy
12th Jun 2017 (#)

Oh my Gosh, I'm never answering the door again after reading this! haha good job!

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