The Moon Rises Full

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Sometimes when everything is going so right we should expect that it cannot last as was for me Saturday morning when I had to close my sister's eyes.

The Moon Rises Full (one poem)

The Moon Rises Full

She lies on her dying bed
And when her work is through
I reach to close her eyes
And her heart speaks to me
From the shadows.

My life was like the wind
She says,
It stains me skin to skin.
I slept in the dust,
My bed post was darkness
And my trust
Was like a spider’s web
For with it I have measured the night.
I know how long the night lives
For the night is my loneliness,
And the light of stars my companions,
And the songs of the mourning moon
Sing through my empty window
As a comforter to me,
And yet there is hope.

The Roses and the Lillies

There is hope in the splintered tree
That it will sprout again in spring
There is hope in the green things of the field
The rose and the lilies.
And there is sun light kissing the moon and stars
And still I hide my sorrows under my arms
And I keep close my secrets
Until at long last the night has past.
The rocks and stones removed

And the water in mine eyes
Washes away the dust of time.

Above the Rocks and the Stones

Now the moon shines full in its blackness
As my mourning rises up to fill the sky,
Rises up above the rocks and stones,
Above the mountain’s green wetness,
The roses and the lilies,
Above the desolate places I called home,
And still it climbs
Above the whiteness of my bones.

I Walk on Clouds

Now I come alive again in their pain,
But I hear not the oppressor’s voice
That pours out over the rivers and lakes,
The green fields and the desert’s dryness
For it calls me not. I walk on clouds,
For my feeble knees have been strengthened,
And my weakened body straightened
And the rocks and stones removed from the field.

Oh remember me my brother.
My life is on the wind of God
And you know
How the wind can blow
So swiftly, my brother?

Through My Empty Window

Pardon my transgressions, oh Lord.
Take away my inequities
Until I can no longer feel my sin
For I am Yours, my Lord,
Wrap me in your arms of love, my Lord

For I have night as my loneliness,
And the pale light of star’s as friends,
And the song the mourning moon sang
Through my empty window
As my only comfort.

Oh yes, yes, I am Yours my Lord
Take me home with You oh Lord
Where I may sing again with my mother,
Hold her within my arms of new,
Kiss her lips with glad tidings
Knowing my trials are over,
My pain is through
And at long last my Lord
At long last through my travels
I am home.
I am home.

The Sharpened Eye

Is it for men to be strangers in the land?
She asks.
To rub each other’s shoulders
And never know it?
For men are miserable comforters
When tears fall,
Feeling like ever eye is sharpened upon them.
Their faces grow foul with weeping.
Can they not let their wetness fall in heaven?
Can they not let their records be held on high?

Oh my sons and daughter, my brother and sisters
You must not hide from understanding,
Thinking the night might change into day
Thinking your rest may turn into dust.
Do not tear yourselves and point blame on the earth
As the rocks and stones remain still and frozen in their fields.

The Splintered Darkness

You must not let your strength fail you
In your hunger time,
But rather reach into the clouds
And pluck the sunshine.

And neither should you let your sorrows
Be but stubble in the wind,
As even now God softens your hearts
And His breath removes your rocks and stones,
Your splinters of darkness
And with His light you will once again
Walk without fear or regret
And we all will know the love of heaven
Forever and ever
And Amen.

Poetry and photos by uTAH jAY

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Nov 2014 (#)

Inspirational poetry covering the entire gamut of feelings and faith - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th Nov 2014 (#)

Beautiful poem Utah!

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author avatar Utah Jay
14th Nov 2014 (#)

Thanks Sivar, sorry it took me so long to answer, but I have kinda down since my sister passed.

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author avatar Utah Jay
14th Nov 2014 (#)

Thanks vern.

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