The Mouse and The Lion

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A mouse and a Lion formed a bonded frienship when the tiny mouse freed the Lion from a web set by hunters to trap him.

The Mouse and The Lion

A mouse one day was eating crumbs
When a Lion happened by
he put his paw upon the mouse
and the tiny mouse did cry
“Oh Mr. Lion don’t kill me,
my life I beg you spare,
for I might do for you some day
what you do for me here.”

The Lion smiled and let him go
and went merrily on his way
The Mouse help me the Lion thought
well that’ll be the day
As he wandered thru the woods that day
in a net he was entwined
he must break free of this tangled web
the Lion was inclined

The more he struggled to get free
The cords then tighter drew
With hunters coming in the morn
there’s nothing he could do
He knew they’d surely kill him
and a trophy he would be
mounted on some strangers wall
no this was not to be

The Lion roared in anguish
and the mouse ran to his aid
he said “don’t fear, I’ll set you free
you need not be afraid.”
The Lion .lay completely still
as the mouse chewed off the rope
he shortly set the Lion Free
and renewed in him new Hope


Chewed, Entwined, Paw, Roared, Rope, Tangled Web, The Mouse And The Lion

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I was born and raised in Bryants Cove, Newfoundland, Canada, in 1957
I enjoy writing Poetry, short stories, and creating videos with Music. My website can be found at

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
24th Oct 2011 (#)

Wonderfully retold story in a wonderful poem!

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author avatar NLTreasures
21st Jan 2012 (#)


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