The Murdock Files: Entry Nineteen - Your Propensity For Waging Wars!

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Captain Jeremiah Murdock goes ballistic, as it were (and no pun intended) at the never-ending tendency of world leaders to declare war against each other, more often their weaker neighbors on no other pretext imaginable than self-interest, not to mention greed. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

" ... How many times have we asked you to mend your ways? Drop the bombs no more! Fire pistols no more! But now it is too late, for your people are not subjects save that of being subject to more brutality while sons fight sons in the battlegrounds comprising also of the streets, and children pick up guns in Africa killing the nearest adults and other children next to them. This is what you call ‘sacrifice of the fittest!’ You are losers in your own incarnations! ... "Captain Jeremiah Murdock

March 1, 2014 4:00 pm

3:44 pm

“Captain is aboard in five minutes, Captain Uthrania, Sir.” – Commander J.P. Stilton

Uthrania: Thank you, Commander. I will be on standby.

Commander J.P. Stilton: “Aye, Sir. (Pause) Captain on the bridge, Sir! Be on main deck aft in three more minutes.” (The Commander stands at salute in anticipation of the bridge doors opening. – Rania)

4:49 pm

(Captain Jeremiah Murdock enters the bridge with high top lustered brown boots covering a navy blue pant, thick like the jacket. Brown swirls on the Commander’s black patent brimmed hat glorifies his recent destination of which is still quite unknown to the crew. In a round-a-bout did Captain Murdock dry-dock himself for the fourth time this month. In a suit and tie accompanies the Captain a Naval Officer off some frigate down on the sea waves. Both men take chairs, and Captain Jeremiah Murdock motions me to begin. – Rania)

Commander J.P. Stilton: (The Commander waves at me to commence early. With a nod of my head I turn to the Captain. – Rania)

3:52 pm

Captain Jeremiah Murdock: “Well, little duck, are we finally ready to begin? (Captain Murdock turns to his guest and proceeds with an introduction. – Rania)

“Captain Uthrania, may I introduce and for the sake of security, could we say, Officer ‘Clarkson.’”

Uthrania: Good Day to you, Sir.

(Captain ‘Clarkson’ nods with a slight smile extending his own greeting back. So now we are surely ready to begin. Smiles. – Rania)

Breaking News!

Captain Jeremiah Murdock: “Tripoli is a conscionable level of aggravation for all troops of the American and North-Western French acquisition. There never seems to be much time to stabilize anything since the African nations South and South-West and East of Tripoli still are somehow expecting Colonel Qadaffi’s water system for the preservation of their land and people.

But who could have thought that today of all days the rampid would begin and be over for decades to come. Not all is quiet these days in North-Western Tripoli, and many fine men and woman of the cloth of all Naval Express person themselves ‘off’ the waters and back into the depths of the oceanic tide with pirates, as they call the poor occupied people, ne’re have a grip on themselves as far as the French pastries are concerned. Pretty French maids should have stayed safe at home instead of luxoming it out for tent camps to please just so many men, hey?!

“What happened in Chicago, Illinois, and Kentucky is a far sight greater tragedy than even what occurred in Afghanistan this past last March. So watch the news, for all headlines tend to become ‘eclipsed’ in the mode of ‘firing line’ for all who enter back into reporting the ‘gauge-clip’ of one of Blackwater’s finest sniper rifles!

The Never-Ending Conflict

“Around the world in sixty days - or was it eighty by schooner - hey, Ross? Now, my furthest most bandit friend from Parliament Hill out of the Topedo Forest: that hunk of a man who fired on the President of Iran was not hired by Blackwater’s handlers at all but was a ‘fish out of the waters of Minnesota, U.S. of America.’ So down with the grating news that the die-hards of Washington’s Georgetown University – College just fired up the old slave-days and marched once again on Tiananmen Square, for the Chinese just don’t give a darn how many are on Tiananmen Square, but for safety’s sake not one marching should even be in that country.

“Penticton, B.C. Ah, here runs the calibre of indigestion as the figs on the trees, and don’t tell me there are no ‘figs’ – use your heads boys and girls - for Ireland, Poland, and North-East Afghanistan have all but seen the rule of the day where Israel’s own foresooth proximity to the Iranian border actually skirts well around Lebanese territory, and with Syria in the flank, hey Jamie, do the well wishers of all so-called Christian-Jewish authority pipe the waters ‘underneath’ the ‘well’ of Siberia.

The Ideology Of Conquest

“So, we all learn to share after all, do we? Well, we would say its high about time for that to transpire because actually we of the Starship Brigade or ‘Command’ are becoming quite tired and fed up to the brim with people whose ideology fits no more intelligence than that of a sour dog.

“Transpiring down the Thames River, lads and ladies, are the Aeronauts, and these fine gents and, yes, even ladies in the wing, all think that to reach the moon and other fine places, maybe Hollywood, was not such a bad idea after all. (Captain Murdock smiles. – Rania)

“Gargoyles I see are still the Knights Templar’s main meal within their idolized little temple they have long ago built for themselves before finishing their Queen’s tour of duty in Lebanon those many years past. But ‘so what’ you might say, ‘for that is old history.’

Your Children Are Being Led to Slaughter!

“Well, let me tell you, you feather-brained of the least of the manufacturing of old scull-caps and brine-making: We of the actual Troubadours have pasted inside each of our waistcoats the letters Y and Z(ee) and that is for the precociousness of the elite bastards who take you to the cleaners every single day of your lives. And entwined within the flotsam and cotton of your brains within your dull and hardened somewhat craniums ‘we have decided to enlist your children to fight our capricious wars,’ they tell you, whilst the even of you raise your hands in your Vatican and churches singing praises to the lord of something or another while the mothers at home sign the death warrant in Christian blood as they wave away their children they bore to the battleground of the ones who have enslaved you for eons.

“Clever are they not? But what about all of you? How sensible are you when the rallying comes on the tenement street bearing gifts of beautiful flowers to put over your children’s graves!

When are you people ever going to wake up? It is comprehensible to us, alone that the sasquatch people made sad by Blinkensop Maneuvering out of Maryland, D.C., have more in their stitchings than any one of you who bear sons and daughters and sacrifice them in your churches on the altar of blood and then send them off to war to fight for the riches of the land.

Born And Reborn To Wage War!

“You fools! You complete idiots! How many times have we asked you to mend your ways? Drop the bombs no more! Fire pistols no more! But now it is too late, for your people are not subjects save that of being subject to more brutality while sons fight sons in the battlegrounds comprising also of the streets, and children pick up guns in Africa killing the nearest adults and other children next to them. This is what you call ‘sacrifice of the fittest!’ You are losers in your own incarnations!

“So follow our design for your truce to the Tophands, and hold no more desire to war for any known reason, but DO PROTECT YOUR OWN, and lay down no more as sheep to the slaughter, but BE WISE AND BEGIN FOR YOUR ‘GODS’ SAKE TO THINK, CONTEMPLATE, AND STOP BEING IDIOTS BEFORE YOU MISS YOUR OWN EVACUATION!!


One Last Chance

“Will that be soon enough to protect you from the flagging-down of more barricades contributing to the forest-wide hullabaloo of “BY GODS, THERE IS OUR SHIPS! LET US NOT MISS THEM THIS TIME!”

“Commander Jeremiah Murdock. Sign out for us please, little dove, this time, and Jamie, my son, put this on this week. Finish all projects for Commander Herman Griffith in the meantime. You have a few more days, the both of you. Good Night. Driftwood 10.4 out.”

Uthrania: Tying off channel frequency at 17.4 Poloroid 19 7 and 12. Leave Luzon open for Admiral Frank Herman Grifford. In Penticton B.C. Ulta-wave Bia-frequency Dupont 12.2. Signing out for Captain Jeremiah Murdock at High Command Hemmingway channel 4. Captain Surveyor of the Fireflies and Melots of the Galiac Team, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez. 4:34 pm.

Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: The Murdock Files: Entry Eighteen - Our Teachings Do Bear Repeating!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
6th Mar 2014 (#)

wow how powerful is this...thank you my friends..
Last eve I saw The Rise of An Empire...more fighting etc at the time of Xerxes and the Greeks..bloody brutal and just cannot stop warring!!!!!

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6th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you, dear friend Carolina of ours, for being the first to appreciate the significance of the file. Rania is under the weather as I speak and she will be in tiptop shape, no doubt, tomorrow.

Thank you so much, Johnny, for the moderation and the star, as always!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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