The Murdock Files: Entry Seven - Western Interference, Religious Beliefs, and The Crucifixtion

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The article touches on the undue interference by the West in other cultures and domestic affairs and on the persistent religious beliefs by most nations, as in the crucifixion, held on tenaciously despite the truth being posited to the contrary by highly-evolved humans from the starships. - James Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, Reni Sentana-Ries, James Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

Captain Murdock is the newest member of our team. His writs are similar to those of Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn but are delivered in a little different manner. This is his sixth File. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Dated (seventh entry): April 7, 2013 @ 2:09 pm

“Well, Seila m’lass, thank you for coming so quickly to the keyboard, darling. Captain “Jessie” Murdock at the beginning of a brand new writ, so to most “pronouncedly” speak.

“So, our sojourn goes on, each one of us, long and arduous for some, but not for others. Goodness gracious, look at what time it is! Well then, no more of this tarrying around, let us get down to subject matter, and today we will just will-o-the-wisp touch on this one and that one issue until our hearts’ content. Ahem. We will begin.

“The Jordan river is a river which one does not soon forget; and why do I say this and even bring it up? It is because the ‘fruitfulness’ of the juncture does in no wise win respect from its southern neighbours outside of Iraq.

“Well, what do the historians say? Another place, or this one, and what does it matter anyway, because the soul is taken up at ‘death’ and placed in another lifestream which will guarantee it to continue in working out its own karma.

“So just take a breath of fresh air and think about this, fixating your thoughts on the ‘reality’ and not the fable which so many ‘preachers’ and ‘preachers’ sons’ wish you to firmly believe in order to keep their clasps upon your haunches and their fingers upon your pocketbooks.

The Crucifixion: Fact Or Fiction?

“’Blasphemy!’ you say with an immediate scowl upon your faces! Well let me tell you this: if a fable be believed before the truth and a fact, then when ye ones resurface back into the next life journey, you will be ill equipped to free yourself from the next round of lies and fables.

“However, for all those who do believe the crucifixion fable, just tune in to the next radio broadcaste and honour all those fablers who continually feed mush into the very depth and seat of your brains!

“Now, let us go into a dialogue about Turkey, and look at what they seem or not seem to be doing.

“Ah, bulrushes on either side and the swamp land of malarkey against the very fine troops of Northern Syria, leave the lesser ones, those who are the scavengers of life outside of Syria proper, just continue in leaving their homes to the wild beasts of the west who think their only goal is to concede victory to themselves and not to a lesser man or rabbit who spawns the fish in the tank as though it were her own.

“Oh, goodness gracious! There is that clock again, away ticking its own doom, for the United States of all once popularity among the world population is going to its final end when the barium picks up its choicest and runs with the barometer all the way back to Frankenstein where the end will be their saviour from a present destiny which would see the sores upon their backs fry in the noonday sun at precisely 2:00 pm, and the cockroaches leer at the gulls in the gulf, picking their stomachs in the most horrible way while the machine guns roar through the distance in a mocking of their own final end, and the Arabs in their own way prefer the peace which they once had, and that without the West gunning in upon their nations, picking them off, one by one.

“’Allah!’ they yell! “Where is the one who would save us from pirates from the east, the west, the north, and the south?! Where is our one and only ‘savior?’ Do we need save ourselves? But what then, for paradise is for youth and we are young and vibrant at heart!

The Messengers Of Truth

“’So what the Sentana-Ries’ have long written when they wrote on our side is not dung of the bullock after all, but presented a long-lost truth, and the starships and the commanders they spoke about hence are the guardians for all men alike, and if we don’t get ourselves together with the image of the woman circumspect we might just as well land in paradise without any of them at all!’

“Well, m’lads and m’layds, that will be all for this section today.

“Captain Jeremiah Murdock, signing off from Tripoli on this one fine articulate piece of writ. Good Day and Good Night to the most of ye. Ruttex out for Captain Murdock who found himself at a great disadvantage and had to leave the writ to myself in the latter part of the piece. Good Day. Sign off on frequency …..oh, well, just sign us off.” 2:36 pm

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

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