The Mysterious Lodgers

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Its quite a bright idea to lodge oneself in a house when the owner is away by breaking open the lock, provided you do not get caught.You could stay there till your mission is complete, at least it saves you from hotel charges.

A mutual exchange of rogues

There used to be a regular history of groups sneaking in and out from the bordering countries temporarily in quest of greener pastures, as their resources for a take home lay in varied prospects, legitimate and the contrary, the latter being mainly small burglaries and thefts.

Gardens and greenery

Now, the setting requires an introduction.
It was a sprawling housing society with bungalows quite spaced apart, each quite insulated from one another by lanes and loads of pumpkins, petunias and greenery. The lady believed in being self sufficient and did not like the idea of having someone to look after her all day, save for a trustworthy part timer who washed and cleaned.

A rigmarole.

Stepping warily into the house, the first thing she noticed was family photographs and albums yanked out of the showcase and strewn all over.Why of all the things they were interested in photographs is amusing and annoying too. The next room had another dose of surprise. The harmonium, was out of the box and lay on the divan in the living room.
Adjacent to the living room was the kitchen; the sink was clogged with tea leaves, and tea cups all over. It thus proceeded to become a kind of a tour, an exploration of ruins from one room to another with an alarm ringing about what next.

It was a back breaking ordeal

There were three wash rooms in all, two attached ones and the third one was a tiny one and considered redundant with only two taps and a basin built in, excluding the other fittings and contraptions. It was weirdly used as a storeroom for blankets, quilts and carpets piled up high, just next to the main tap.
All the stuff was dripping wet and utterly destroyed. The tap therefore was left open, out of indifference or purposefully, whatever, until the water tank ran dry. The items that last nearly a lifetime, that have a sumptuously stuffed past present and future in the fibers, had to be sadly hauled out, ruthlessly and discarded.

The Musicians of Bremen recalled

The news, quite stale by then, spread around and the neighbors were really unaware of all this, but they said they did hear some continuous uproar and music for a couple of days, in the evenings, guessing it to be some musical gatherings in the lady’s house.

It could be Worse

If the neighbors had the presence of mind to gauge the distance of Bremen,a good seven seas away from there, this tragedy cum comedy could duly be avoided. I use the word comedy, because the lockers and cupboards were left untouched, the only silver lining in this true incident, about a number of years ago.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting share though costly for the owner. It is always useful to have neighbors who keep an eye when one is away - siva

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author avatar wonder
29th Mar 2014 (#)

Truly, it was such a waste. Thanks.

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author avatar Kingwell
29th Mar 2014 (#)


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author avatar wonder
30th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks Kingwell.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
31st Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar wonder
1st Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
3rd Apr 2014 (#)

Very well organized article..

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author avatar wonder
3rd Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks Karim.

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