The Mysterious Tombs of Chawkandi Graveyard

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The Chowkandi graveyard is among the very few places that keeps its presence even after 700 years ago and it is Pakistan's heritage.
It is located 35 kilometers from Karachi at National Highway.

The Chowkandi Graveyard and its Mysteries

If you arrive at the cemetery, you will get involved in watching the beauty all over. But one thing to look for is the curse and the black magic.
At specific days,these devilish acts are performed by the sorcerers and it is believed that they worship the hell reaper and with help of him, they bring the dark energies. These sort of things are usually done to terrorize innocent people

What are People's Claims About the Heppenings ?

People who stay here till the night have witnessed stone throwing to them and screaming and shouting sounds and shadows apparition as well.
Nobody dares to spend life there after sunset as majority of people are very afraid of unusual/paranormal type of activities. Overall the Chowkandi Graveyard has its aroma with history and beauty that attracts people of all ages, races and religion.But no human being alive can dare to visit the tombs after the sunset.

The Incident with the Family

One of the most tragic incident happened to the family who were outing in this place. They kept their two children in a car.
When they reached there after some minutes walk, the children were not present and still they are not back at their homes. This is the real and a terrifying as well as saddening incident. That mishap was the recklessness of the parents who remained there even at night, and left their children.

The Legend

There is a tragic story attached behind the history of these beautiful Tombs. Mostly, these Tombs belong to the elite classes. However, there are some graves of poor to middle classes.
The story is dated back to 600-700 years ago when the two prominent tribes namely Kalhoran and Jokhio had war because of the daughter of Jokhio tribe was fallen in love of the boy among Kalhoran tribe. As a result, both those tribes had bloody war and so many people were killed who are buried there.
According to the residual energy concept in which I also believe, our environment has the power to absorb the negative events on the stones, walls and ground and those doomed events are absorbed inside that graveyard and they are replayed time to time especially at night. I


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