The Mystery of Blue Color

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Do you know that primary colors can never be made by mixing any other colors, Just like any other primary colors blue is not exceptional.Here is an in depth look to the components of blue color.

How Many Colors that male Blue

The blue color is one of the primary colors. The aspect of the color wheel that relates different colors to their specific components exactly shows that blue color like other primary colors cannot be obtained from mixing any other primary colors i.e. red and yellow. This may sound magical to many people and the availability of the blue color may be questioned, it may be taken to be beyond human scope, where does the blue color come from? The answer is unique.
Believe it or not the blue color is available in plenty and many companies are manufacturing this unique component of the color wheel. The only thing that seems to outweigh them is on how to explain the question of how many colors make blue color. It is true that you cannot get blue color by mixing any of the primary colors; the secondary colors can neither make the blue color. Then it is good to know that this color does not exist by chance. The blue color according to the recent analysis can be made by mixing two special components, but however not colors. These components include; the pigments of ultramarine and turquoise. These are the mystery vital pigments that make up the blue color.
Does this sound normal to you? Whatever may be your answer, the blue color is not so special that cannot be explained with the recent sky rocketing researches in the color industry. People have taken their time to come with exceptional ideas that never existed in the past. Many people have entirely taken their time to come with the idea of explaining the component of the blue color. This has not lead to any further innovations so far. However this issue is under thorough scrutiny by leading world scientists, trying to come up with the possibility from the impossibilities. This has lead to tireless work day and night by the scientists and education oriented people in the various labs of the world.
But let us take into consideration the truth that will remain forever. We know that under no circumstances that a primary color can be made from mixing either other primary colors or the secondary colors. And this is just a mare waste of time and resources by these scientists that should in turn be used to implement other viable projects that may help propel the status of technology across the globe.


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9th Apr 2011 (#)

Blue is my favorite color. After reading your piece I'm leaning toward black. Amazing what a color may mean!

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